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Appetite control while breastfeeding

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I need advice on how to curb cravings / hunger. I had my fifth baby Dec 29th, and have around 12lbs to lose. I am just hungry all the time. Any advice?

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Eat when you need to and give yourself the treats.  Dont rush the weight loss feed your baby and yourself.  Remember it takes 9 months to make a baby.  give yourself 6 months to lose the weight

Remember that while pregnant you only needed about 300 extra calories - and those were to lay down fat stores and take care of baby. While breastfeeding you will need at least an extra 500 calories just to produce milk and maintain supply - you also will BURN calories just breastfeeding. An exclusively breastfeeding mom can easily burn 800 calories a day feeding a 4mo infant, as they get older they demand more supply and you in turn burn more calories. If you are not exclusively breastfeeding on demand you'll more likely burn in the 600 cal range at that time. - As any metabolism change-up if you are not adequately feeding yourself your body goes into starvation mode. If you are not losing (although 12lbs isn't something to scoff at) you're probably under-eating, due to your increased need for calories.

You can use breastfeeding to LOSE weight, IF you eat enough. Just remember to stop enjoying so much of the lovely fats and sugars in your diet once your baby weans ;)

I sure would like if my problem is under eating... It would be nice to be able to eat more. I will give it a try and see what happens. I have been eating between 1800 and 2000 calories. I am breastfeeding exclusively.

I am a nursing mom as well. Everything I have read and been advised is to consume at least 1800 calories per day.  I've also been told to up your water intake a huge amount and try to drink around 12 cups a day. I noticed the more water I drank the more quickly I was losing. I think that's a good rule in general though! Good luck

I breast fed twins and did not lose any weight, in fact I put it on.  I gained no weight in pregnancy and was sick throughout.  I was pretty disappointed I put on weight whilst others around me lost it.  I had the most insane appetite that calmed down a bit when the boys started to wean. Snacking on oatcakes was a favourite replacement of cake for me (I did go overboard on food!).  Little meals more often worked best and I stopped gaining.  I still have the weight to lose but I am on top of things now. And I can proudly say I fed them until they were 11months. 

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My little lady is 5 weeks old and I am exclusively breast feeding. I am currently spending life feeling like I could eat a scabby pony! Lol
I have an 11 week old and I too am exclusively breastfeeding. I feel your pain; I feel hungry all day every day! Good luck!
I am also mommy of five I noticed that when I gave birth 3 months ago I dropped weight quick now that I hv started to cut back on calories I hv stopped losing weight. I went down to 1000 calorie a day. I even started to gain. I breastfeed only. My body has bn put in starvation mode. So I too will try to see If eating more helps. I would love more energy too.
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Same here! I have an 11 month old who is EBF and I am constantly hungry! I am hanging onto 10 lbs, have to do something about this weight!

I think the sleep deprivation plays a role, especially with respect to carb cravings.

I tried switching said carb cravings to fats (nuts, high fat yogurt). Made me feel less hungry, with fewer calories. However, it took the start of weaning to make real loss happen. Hormonal hunger is so difficult! If you're not prepared to go hungry while you stress your self with lack of sleep and the demands of a baby, you won't see permanent change.
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