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Has anyone tried to lose weight before first pregnancy to prepare for baby weight gain?

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I've been trying to lose 5-10 pounds before my husband and I try for our first pregnancy.  Is this a pointless idea?  We are thinking about trying in 6-8 months and I thought that it might help to lose a few pounds first so that when I gain all of the baby weight, I might be 5-10 pounds ahead (and have that much less to lose after the baby comes).  Does that make any sense?  Has anyone tried this?  

Any feedback would be a huge help because if my idea is pointless I'm not going to worry about it as much.  Thanks! 
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I can't speak from experience, but it seems to me like whether or not that would be a good idea would depend most on whether or not you are currently at a healthy weight. 

If you could lose 5-10 pounds and still be in a healthy range, then why not?  However, if you're already very slim, don't lose weight just to be able to get skinny again after your pregnancy.  It might hurt your chances at getting pregnant, and not be good for your baby while you are pregnant.  If you're a bit overweight, it's actually a really good idea to lose weight before your pregnancy - being overweight (even by a little bit) can make your pregnancy more difficult, and I think it increases your risk of having gestational diabetes. 

I wouldn't call it pointless.  What are your current stats? 

My gut reaction is that if you are in a healthy weight range now, you'd be better off just keeping an eye on your pregnancy weight gain.  If you drop 5-10 pounds you might feel like it's okay to gain an extra 5-10-15-20 pounds.  You will be pregnant after all, right?  The thing is that excessive weight gain in pregnancy can put you and the baby at increased risk for all sorts of complications.

I say this as a person who gained an excessive amount of weight with my first pregnancy.  I was so happy to be pregnant.  It got out of hand.  Luckily, I didn't suffer any negative repercussions.

OTOH, if you are seriously overweight (which you don't appear to be from your pic) dropping extra weight can actually help you conceive.  I can probably link you to some information on why this can be the case.  It has to do with the fat cell's ability to hold or excrete Estrogen.

What you should definitely be doing is getting good nutrition and enough folic acid.

Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback!  I'm 26 years old, 5'8", and weigh about 138.  I am at a really healthy weight (and would still be if I lost a few), but I am heavier than I have ever been.  I would be really happy at 130-135.  I feel like a little weight loss before the pregnancy might help me get back to the 138 that I have been at for the past year rather than 145ish.  Of course, if I do lose the 5-10 pounds before pregnancy, it sure would be great to get back to that weight after the baby comes Smile.

I will keep a close eye on my pregnancy weight gain.  That's a good tip about not feeling like I can gain an extra 5-10 because that's how much I lost pre- pregnancy.  I will keep that in mind.  


I lost a decent amount of weight before I had my son and it seemed pointless while I was PG because I did gain some weight and was over the weight that I had been at before.  Every women is different.  I know women who've lost weight during pregnancy (which is NOT reccomended) but she was SO sick from morning sickness she didn't gain an ounce with her 1st daughter.  And after she had her she lost even more while breast feeding.  You really have to take into account your body type and how you eat while you're pregnant.  And get into great eating habits ater baby then you'll be all set.

With both my daughters I weighed less after their birth than before getting pregnant.  I had watched a friend of mine gain 80+ lbs during her pregnancy, and was determined not to let that happen to me.  So, being a veteran of the war on weight all my life, I asked my ob if it was okay to follow a low-cal plan while pregnant.  He assured me that it would be great, as long as I was getting the proper nutrition (no starvation, pills, etc.)  Don't ever let anyone tell you you're eating for two now.  Yeesh!

I agree with the advice you have received.  I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth.  Before I got pg, I knew I had gained weight, but never considered myself fat, at 5ft 4inch, I was close to 140 when I got pg.  I gained than gained the recommended 25-30 during the pregnancy.  After my daughter's birth, I was breastfeeding, and I dropped down to 112 before I stopped nursing at a year.  I have put back on a few pounds, as I didn't feel healthy at that low of a weight. 

Whatever you decide, just remember the healthier you are before you get pg the better off you and the baby will be.


If you are eating well now, as long as you don't have real problems, you should not gain an extreme amount of weight during your pregnancy.  My first pregnancy I gained well over 40 pounds.  When I was done nursing I had to go on a 1200 calorie a day diet for 6 months to lose the last 20 pounds.  By the time I did it, I had learned a whole new way of eating.  So, during the 2nd pregnancy I only gained 22 lbs.  By the time I stopped nursing daughter #2, half of it was gone.  So, why am I here?  (Oh, yes, I got distracted while chasing children and gained the weight back...)  I've just about reorganized my eating habits now.

I am in a similiar position. In July of 2007, I went to my gyn and told her that we were planning on starting a family in the next year and she told me that my pregnancy would go smoother and I would (probably) have fewer complications if I lost 50 pounds! That was not the best news I've ever heard, but it is what it took me to begin to develop a healthier lifestyle and loose weight. Last July I weighed 202 pounds in her office (I am 5'3.5" medium/large framed). So, I set my goal to loose 70 pounds before we started trying. Today, I am 146 and we are hoping to start trying around the first of the year. I am SOOO excited for my gyn appointment later this month...she'll probably be very proud of me.

Anyway, enough about me. I really don't think there is a problem with you loosing 5 to 10 pounds before you get pregnant. The advice you received from a few here is spot on - you are NOT eating for two, don't use the "I lost ten pounds before I got pregnant" excuse to gain an extra ten pounds during your pregnancy, et cetera. Besides, it is best to develop your healthy eating habits now before you get pregnant rather then after you deliver while you are exhausted and learning about your new baby and Motherhood. 

Best of Luck!



I lost 80 pound before I started trying.  But I was about 210 when I got pregnant.  I had asked my doctor if it was a ok weigh to start trying.  I thought that  I was a little big to try but she didn't seem to have a problem with it.  So we tried and got pregnant on the 3rd month.  I still wish I was a little smaller.  But your doctors going to know about your general health and at over 200 I'm a low risk pregnancy.  I don't think that the last 5 to 10 pounds is that big of a deal.  I think it's more important to have a proper weight gain during the pregnancy.

daciakaiser sounds just like me but I knew I wanted to loose weight before trying to have kids so my doctor didn't have to tell me. 1 year later, I am 60 lbs lighter. It did feel great to go back to my gyn and be a whole new person.

I am also eating much better and exercising. I feel confident (if I can control my cravings) I will maintain proper weight gain and be able to get it off after.

I have also read that if you start a great exercise program with weights well before your pregnancy that you are more likely to loose the weight quicker after the baby comes.

Hi Cassrd05-- I'm very similarly in your boat. I'm 5'8" and 134 lbs. I'd like to lose about 5 lbs. and am planning to start a family as well.  =)  We should be each other's buddies in this weightloss, family starting journey. 


Hi Dacia!!! Remember me from the brides forum?  Did you get married yet?  You lost a lot of weight, good job!!!!  We should all start a forum for TTC and losing weight.  =) 


good luck ladies!

That would be great brianneo!  You ARE in a very similar boat :)!  I'm new to this cc thing, so I don't know how to create my profile or add friends yet.  Can anyone help me with that? 

Really, 5-10 lbs isn't going to make much difference. You might concieve the first try, or have to try for months. I think that the main thing you try and concentrate on is continuing to eat healthy and having an active lifestyle. This might help with the conception process.

You're probably right.  I'm going to try to lose the extra weight to get healthier and to adapt to a healthier lifestyle that I can share with my husband and future baby.  I've already quit smoking (months ago) and have started a pretty good excercise routine with my husband to tone up and get my heart and lungs back in shape.  I'm feeling great!  It makes me feel good to prepare for our first child! 

I talked to a friend over the weekend (she had her first baby a couple months ago).  She told me that she wishes that she had GAINED weight before the pregnancy so that her skin would have been a little more stretched out to avoid strechmarks (she was pretty thin).  It made me think, but I'm going to stick to my original idea.  I think it would be dangerous for me to try and gain weight because I may like eating too much :). 

Brianneo - I definately remember you from the brides forum. No, we haven't got married yet. My weight loss is taking precidence. Besides, we both know what we want for our wedding and it should only take six to twelve weeks to put together (small intimate wedding at our home and unless I change my mind I already have my dress...just need to fit into it).

Cassrd05 - It looks like you already have your profile set up. This is done through the community / people tabs and you would edit the page (beneath your picture) to customize your profile. To add buddies click on the picture of the person you want to add - this will bring you to their profile page. Directly across (to the left) of the persons screen name click on the add buddy link.



Cassrd05 -- looks like you got your profile up.  =)  You'll get the hang of the CC profile thing over time.  The best part about this is the access to the forum and the ability to journal and read other friends' journals. 

Thanks Brianneo and Dacia!  I finally got my profile set up and even uploaded a few pictures.  I love CC so far!  I spend hours a day on here when I'm having a slow day at work...which happens a lot!  Looking forward to chatting with everyone more!  Have a great weekend!

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Hi, I am new here and would like to lose around 5-8 pounds before ttc #2.

My weight is great but since I went on vacation, I gained a few pounds. Id like to lose it while I start ttc next month. I dont want to have a tough diet, but Id  like to montior my food and exercise, and stop all those yummy sweets. lol Even if i do get pregnant I still want to control my diet. Last time I gained 40 pounds, even though I lost it and more, I dont want to gain that much.

So I do understand what you are saying, even though you are at a healthy weight, its more than what you are used to. My clothes are bit tight on me now, and Id like to wear them the first few months of pregnancy. So good luck and keep us posted.

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I think it's a great idea. I did something similar, not necessarily so I wouldn't gain as much weight but so I would be a little healthier. I started walking as often as I could and eating healthier. I gained 27lbs. during my pregnancy, from 118 to 145. I am still at 145 :) but ironically, I am happier with my body image now than before I was pregnant.

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Honestly you should see your Gynecologist. They recommend you go in for a check-up before you are TTC and you can ask your doctor if it would be a good idea to lose some weight before getting pregnant.  If you are on the low end of the healthy weight you could lose weight and make it harder to get pregnant and then go to the Doc after several months of no positive test just to have the doc tell you to gain some weight.

Also don't worry too much I lost weight in the beginning of each one of my pregnancies from morning sickness.

I would recommend instead of focusing on your weight focus on your eating habits and exercise. Those are going to be the two things that help you not gain excessive weight while you are pregnant.  Don't let your mother/grandmother who are of the old school persuasion tell you that you can't exercise during pregnancy- you can. There are entire magazines devoted to it (i.e. Fit Pregnancy)

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