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Anyone else have a negative blood type and has given birth?

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My blood type is A negative and I am concerned about what will happen when I get pregnant. According to things I have read, there are potential problems since 90% of babies are born with positive blood. FYI I had an abortion 10 years ago and they also say that may effect the antigens or something. I hope to have a regular pregnancy and birth in the future. Any other moms have negative blood?
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Haven't been through it myself but very close with 2 women that have (one gave birth to her second child in December, the other friend due in 10 weeks).

My understanding is that the danger is that your (the mothers) blood could mix with the babies, if that happened then your body would abort the foetus. There may be different procedures but bothof my friends had to have 3 injections; one at about 6 weeks after conception, one 6 weeks before the due date and one straight after the birth.  Both friends and babies have been fine.

It isn't a big deal, you'll just get several rhogam injections through out your pregnancy and birth.  Just be sure you remind your doctor and any hospital staff every chance you get.
Hi, I am A- and I have three children.My first husband was O- so I did not need a rhogram shot with my first two children.  My current husband has a positive blood type and I did  receive three rhogram shots two during the pregnancy and one after delivery. All my children are fine,crazy-making but fine. The important thing to remember is that even if you miscarry you still need to have a rhogram shot unless you know your partners blood type.I hope that helps. All my best ,C.
I am AB - .  I just had to have a shot partway through my pregnancies.  I was also told that if the babies ended up being anything other than AB- that I would need a second shot after the birth.  Both kids are very happy and healthy.  They ended up with my blood type.
I am an RN and i used to work L&D.  You will just need to get Rhogam shots.  The doctors and nurses will be very aware of it. 
As long as the rhogam is given, the risk is minimal, mostly the possibility of jaundice which is easily treated

My mom's A negative and has had 6 children including me. I asked and they gave her the Rhogam shot every time except when she gave birth to me. She's had no problem's whatsoever :). It's been years since her last child and she's very healthy.

Yup, I've got four. You just get your Rhogam shots (here in Canada it is called WinRho) and you'll be fine. Your doctors or midwives will stay on top of it. No worries.

They will give you a Rhogam shot at about 5 or 6 months. Earlier if you want, and they will keep a really close eye on you. I'm also A- and my oldest boy is O+ and my youngest is A-.


My mom was AB neg, and I don't think she had any shots.  I was an RH baby (I'm AB +), and since we lived in a little town, they took me via police car to a large hospital a few hours after I was born in case I needed a transfusion.  Turned out I was just fine and 2 days later they brought me home.   Neither my Mom or myself ever had any problems from it. 

That's cool that there are so many AB- people here! I thought it was supposed to be a "rare" blood-type  =)   (I'm also AB-)  Both of my babies have positive RH factors. I had Rhogam shots midway through and after both pregnancies, and both of my babies had jaundice, but they got over it quickly and it wasn't a very big deal.  Just make sure to tell your dr about your previous abortion, just in case you need an extra shot or something, and it should turn out fine!  Good luck!

I am A- my husband is A+... it is no big deal.... The Rhogam Shots suck... but if it means healthy baby totally worth it.

We have had 3 totally, healthy, beautiful babies.

Good Luck! Don't sweat the small stuff... this is very common.

I am also A-.  All of my children were O+ or A+ -- three of them.  One thing you need to note with A- blood is that even if you get the RH shots, which you definitely should, the babies often after the first baby can get what is called physiologic jaundice.  It's not a serious thing, but something you do have to look for because it needs to be watched.  All I had to do with my 2nd and third baby was to sit them in the family room with the curtains open and let the sunlight shine on them, which I usually did while they were napping in their carrier.  It doesn't last long, and that was all I had to do.  My 2nd child though did sleep through the night at first and we thought wow, this is great, but it was actually because she was pretty jaundiced and she would fall asleep during feedings.  I had to tickle her to keep her awake long enough to get enough nutrition at night.  She looked like a cute little Indian baby, and I was hoping she would keep that skin tone, but alas she has our pale skin which will never tan.  I tell you that because that was basically the first sign that she was jaundiced was her skin coloring.  So you can watch for that and bring it to the doc's attention on well-baby checks.  No offense meant to all us pale creatures out there, but you know what I mean by never getting a tan.  =)

My mom is A- and she had 3 children, including me, who are RH positive. She did not get any shots and we were born perfectly healthy but like the last poster mentioned, we did suffer from jaundice.

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I am A neg and while stationed in the Army I gave bith to 3 boys, now ages 22, 21 & 16. All healthy all 8lbs, my middle son 8lbs 8oz, and the other two were 8lbs 4oz. I was given Rhogam shots during the course of my pregnancy and after I delivered. Rhogam is to eliminate the risk of jaundice, hypotonia, and motomental retardation from Rh imcompatibility between mother and fetus. The Rh- mothers blood will react against the Rh+ blood of the fetus and attack it with antibodies. The Rhogam shots stops the mother's immune system from responding to the Rh positive blood of her child as a foreign threat and attacking it with antibodies.   Your physician will be more than happy to explain all this to you I am sure.

I found out I was A neg when I was pregnant. The doctors keep track of your white blood count to make sure it doesn't raise. I had one rhogam shot at 7 months to lower my white blood count. I had one after I had my son because he is A pos, which my doctor told me could be just as bad. Having a baby who is pos can cause RH+ antigens to remain in your body, which my doctor told me could also cause my body to attack and, very rarely, turn on myself. I have had two more shots since then due to having two DNC's. I know one or two women that did not have to have the shot while pregnant, but after they did. A neg isn't the rarest negative blood type, so you could probably find people in your community that have the same type, I have. I wouldn't worry, I have been pregnant 3 times. You have to worry more about bacterial infections, urinary tract infections and so on, which can be more serious if not treated properly.

i am totally devastated daughter of 28 years was 22 weeks pregnant and gave birth......our beautiful baby boy only lived for one daughter had an abortion at 16............i never knew my daughter was a negative blood carrier and it was never mentioned to my daughter (who had been bleeding since the first month of  conception) until after a 3rd trip to the e/r..w/ a f/up to her obgyn who sent her to the hospital as she had dialated to 3.5....they were attempting to stop the labor...when my daughter was admitted she was advised she would need this shot due to her blood type.....after the loss of the baby my daughter and i were in the room when the nurse came to give her the shot...i asked they confirm her blood type (i just assumed she was a positive) , , , , the nurse explained about each pregnancy and the affects on future pregnancies..she advised she was aware of the prior abortion; it was in the records...i began asking a lot of questions and she stated she would be back shortly..she came back and said she had talked to the dr...and the rh factor would not have been a problem because the prior pregnancy had not reached 20 weeks..i feel like the OBGYN is soley responsible for the death of my grandson......can anyone clarify any of this for  me please?

I am O- and had to get Rhogam shots when I had a miscarriage in October. They say that if both the mother and father are the same blood type is makes things easier.

I am O neg and I got at my first pregency the RH shots and after had my 2nd baby I got one after I gave birth to him,so it won't affect future babies.

Its no big deal as long you take the shots if the doctor says you have too.My 2nd oldest sister and me are neg blood type and my younger sister is not.

she has to get the shot only with first born and not 2nd born baby.If you had a prior abortion there is a risk you might have torn something just go to a OB and get a ultra sound to make sure it's safe to get preggo.

You had the abortion bc,you wanted to imagine how old your kid would be now? I am pro life and your blood type has NOTHING,NOTHING to do with you bareing children.Thats a fact.

It's your life and choice,but remember that life you killed.


Maybe your daughter thought it was not your business is sad people do this to themselves if they don't want babies than take birthcontrol pills.Maybe you should taught her about BIRTHCONTROL,is not your fault and it was her CHOICE.I am pro life but,everyone makes a choice and that was hers.You just have to move on w/your life and think that in the future she TRUST you enough to let you KNOW what is going on with her life.

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