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why is there no place to add vitamins?  im always in the red in certain areas.  I went to creat a meal put in all info, then it went back to blank when i submitted it.

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I just created my own food item and then put all the information in...then if you save it as a favorite you won't have to put that all in again

Yes... just take the specs from your favorite vitamins and save it as a favorite I post mine under "other"... of course some supplements have no "nutritional label" because they haven't been proven to provide any benefit or contain enough of any one vitamin either.

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I have been searching everywhere in my log and can not find the "other" spot to log my vitamins. Can someone help me out?

In your food log... you have your meals - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Other

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That's where I've been looking. Mine doesn't say other. It says "breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack". "/
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