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Quit Smoking and now can't stop eating!

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I just joined CC today, and so far the website seems pretty user friendly.  I am not totally new to the weight loss journey.  I lost 57 lbs before my wedding in October, and when I returned from my honeymoon I quit smoking.  Well since then, I've gained 12 lbs back!!!  I've been doing Weight Watchers Online for almost 2 years, but I was finding that I just wasn't losing anymore with them.  Maybe I just wasn't following the plan 100% - but I think I need to be more conscious of calories and not "points" anymore.  Something different to shake things up I think,  So here I am.  Since I quit smoking, I cannot stop eating though, sugar and carbs ESPECIALLY.  Chocolate - heck yeah, especially now that I don't smoke - it's turned into a replacement for cigarettes. 

Any advice from those in the same boat as me?  I want to nip this in the bud before I gain all the weight back I lost before my wedding.  I still have another 40 lbs I want to lose too.  I'd like to lose 40 lbs by August.....but with the way my sugar cravings and munching, I don't see that happening!   I am hoping CC can get me over the hump and back to losing again!


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Congratulations on quitting smoking!  That's fantastic and tough to do.  I joined CC yesterday looking for some support and new ideas, too.

I quit smoking at the end of October and have gained 25 pounds.   However, I am probably older than you and attribute part of my massive gain to my age.   Still, I am now officially considered overweight and don't want to keep gaining like this.   Like you, I cannot stop eating sugar and carbs.  My body craves them.  I will fill up on vegetables and lean meat then an hour later will eat 6 cookies or a piece of cake.  I'm not really hungry, I just have to have it.  Yesterday, I skipped my morning oatmeal because I ate so many cookies.  That is not how I want to do this but am at a loss with this craving.

Hopefully someone with experience will jump in here with advice or suggestions.

Ok ladies I am new to this site as well. I am 48 which is no fun in more ways than trying to lose weight but anyway I have been on Nutrisystem since Dec and have lost 23 lbs so far but am also trying to quit smoking and am afraid I will gain the weight back instead of continue losing!!! I am 5'5 and now at 143 and want to get to 130-135 before SHORTS AND SWIMSUITS!!!!! So I have went from 1 1/2 packs to 1/2 a pack a day and like my weight I am stuck so maybe we can help eachother somehow!!!! Good luck to you!
I hope you both don't mind that I just added you to my friends list!

Hello- I quit smoking on Jan. 7th, I was taking the Chantix for 2 1/2 weeks, but didn't like it because it made me sick to my stomach.  So I stopped taking it, and to my surprise - I still stayed quit - I am at over 60 days of being a non-smoker now!  Kudos to me!  Not bad after 20 years of being a smoker.

Now - I gained 12 lbs while I was quitting.  Trying to quit AND diet at the same time is a LOT of pressure to put on oneself.  I know, I tried quitting and dieting at the same time before - it always ended in disaster - I'd gain weight and still be smoking!  So, my best advice would have to be - try to pick low calorie 'snacks' to help curb your 'need' to have the hand to mouth (woman's worst enemy).  Try licorice, popcorn, lollipops, mints - always have something good at your fingertips for when the urge hits, don't have potato chips, cookies etc. 

Don't beat yourself up over 12 lbs, the benefits of being able to walk further, sleep better, this summer will outweigh the 12 lbs, which, will probably come right back off as soon as the weather breaks anyway! 

I quit smoking at the end of last March (almost a year ago!!!) after smoking for ~30 years. I did gain a bit of weight at first. Probably about 10 pounds. But, it's gone now.

As a bonus, I think quitting smoking has changed my taste for certain foods. Greasy foods and salty foods are no longer as appealing to me since I quit smoking. No proof, but my husband agrees and without trying I think we were eating healthier after we quit.

It also helps a lot with exercise of course. I can do a lot more without feeling out of breath.


Edit:  What I meant to say was, don't give up hope.  It took several months for me to get past the addiction/cravings.  But it was well worth it.  Try going for a walk when you feel that craving.  Just getting up and moving around would often do the trick for me.   

Original Post by karozel:

I quit smoking at the end of last March (almost a year ago!!!) after smoking for ~30 years. I did gain a bit of weight at first. Probably about 10 pounds. But, it's gone now.

As a bonus, I think quitting smoking has changed my taste for certain foods. Greasy foods and salty foods are no longer as appealing to me since I quit smoking. No proof, but my husband agrees and without trying I think we were eating healthier after we quit.

It also helps a lot with exercise of course. I can do a lot more without feeling out of breath.


Edit: What I meant to say was, don't give up hope. It took several months for me to get past the addiction/cravings. But it was well worth it. Try going for a walk when you feel that craving. Just getting up and moving around would often do the trick for me.

 Absolutely!  After dinner in the evenings were the worst for me - I took a walk!  Prolly why I gained 12 instead of 22 lbs!

hey, i'm trying to quit smoking and it is definitely affecting my progress in weight loss. I'm 38, 150 pounds, and i have been trying to lose weight for the last two years, and making a solid effeort for at least 4 months, same time trying to stop smoking.    i have lost nothing, maybe 2 pounds. It's an addiction and you end up replacing one addiction with another. Food is conveniently accessible.

i'm down to 2 smokes a day and haven't gained any extra weight, so i think thats an accomplishment... i don't use sweets to replace smokes,but now i use coffee or tea. It really works for me  as i don't take sugar in my coffee or tea, so that makes it really easy to keep it low calories.

My advice is to find something that you really like that you can replace a smoke with, that doesn't do the damage of sugar and carbs. Find a low sugar / carb treat, like maybe sugar free popsicles.

i still need lots of help with my weight loss plan. i'm new on this site. i have lost weight twice before. The first time i was working out 4 days a week, eating right. then my arthritis blew my knee out, (no more working out) and have endometriosis too so that effects how much i can go to the gym. i gained it all back (30 pounds). Last year i tried Diet Wise system - it was a 1200 cal / day system. i lost 10 pounds, and have since gained 5 back, sitting at 150.

i'm going to quit smoking, and still am limited in exercise. Focus on replacing the cravings with something you would think of as a "treat" that is lower in sugar or carbs, and drinking alot of water does help.

good luck, Gwen

Hi ladies, I'm a new member as well. I am 47 yrs old and have always been active my whole life. But, I have smoked for 30 yrs 2 packs a day. I just recently quit this passed March and I have never felt SOOOO good!  What got me to quit was a few things. My breathing was very poor, I didn't sleep well, and my cough was sooo bad that I would piddle my pants, Yup it's true.  Anyways I had gained 20lbs and I wanted to get it gone, so a friend of mine took me to her Kick boxing class! Yup! kick boxing at my I lost 12lbs in 1 month and was feeling Great, but the smoking was really getting in the way. So March 16th 2011 4pm in the afternoon was my last smoke. So now it summer and I can't aford both camping every week-end and kick boxing so I choose camping and now I have gain the 12 lbs back plus more...So I hate to say it but bring Winter on so I can get back to Kick boxing!  Anyways gaining a few pounds apposed to smoking, I'll take gaining a few pounds.  So keep your heads up say away from the cancer sticks and you will find that the weight will come off with a little exercise and healthy eating....Good luck all ex smokers as well as those who want to be ex smokers...

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First of all I would like to congratulate you on quitting smoking. I too had the same problem as you so I know where you are coming from. When I quit, I put on a bit of weight. I started to smoke again and was soon introduced by a friend to electronic cigarettes which I found to be really helpful and helped me to quit once again. I have now been smoke free for nearly two years and I haven’t had a single craving. The best part is I also didn’t see any weight fluctuation like when I went cold turkey. I know this might not be a solution to you barb1979 but anyone else who smokes and wants to quit I would recommend you to try a electronic cigarette. They use something called e liquid which is what you smoke...or should I say vape as it is called which comes in a variety of different flavours - you can even buy ones with no nicotine in. I don’t know if it would work for everyone reading this but all I would say is if you are having problems smoking give it a go, and again I don’t know if it was just me but I didn’t get the same cravings for food having quit after using it.

Can anyone on here recommend any ways to stay focused on keeping fit as that is now my new problem? I want to get back into shape and take up squash again which I used to play on a regular basis before smoking but got to the stage where I was too unfit to play. I have wrote an exercise schedule which consists of running, sit-ups and healthy eating etc but I just can’t seem to stick to it.

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I see this post is old, I hope by now you have successfully quite and put the "sweet tooth" issue's behind you! I quite smoking once, as I had no choice due to the life changing events in my life. Sadly, stupidly, I picked the habit back - up after 3 years of being smoke free.

Now 10 + years later, I like everyone on this site, am looking to change my lifestyle, eating habits, and quite smoking!!!!! I've searched the net, looking for pointers on how to quite. Without the weight gain or lessening the gain as much as possible. And or without the scripts such as Chantex, etc.  I found an interesting tidbit that you may or may not know?

Here's a small clip of article, and the site I pulled it from. (I hope this isn't a violation of the posting guidelines.)  Sheds some light on the sweet tooth / carb cravings. r.html

"It is not that cigarettes put sugar into your blood stream; it is more of a drug interaction of the stimulant effect of nicotine that affects the blood sugar levels.  Cigarettes cause the body to release its own stores of sugar and fat by a drug type of interaction".

For me, each time I hit the gym working out for 20 minutes and already winded is driving me to quite. Those who are struggling with fitness routines, someone mentioned kickboxing. I highly agree and suggest that everyone tries it. Great way to vent frustration's of the day, great cardio, coordination, to me doesn't feel like I'm exercising.

To better health and a new body!



I quit smoking in august of last year and gained alot of weight. What's been helping me not to eat that much recently is chewing gum. It's helped alot!! Try it.
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I started using Green Smoke e-cigs to help me quit. At first I was really skeptical. I didn't see how this would help. But they give you nicotine and the sensation of smoking- but it doesn't have any of the bad stuff the cigarettes have. I didn't have cravings - for cigarettes or food! They even come in different nicotine strengths so that you can wean yourself from cigarettes completely. 

Good luck!

Hey Barb

Quitting smoking is what brought me here. This is my 3rd attempt ( over several years) 1st time I gained 20lbs. 2nd time I gained 30lbs. None of which I lost when

I started back smoking. So I said can't afford to gain any more, so I'll try both weight control and quitting smokiing at the same time. I'm doing better this go round. I'm trying to make it more about what I do than what I don't.

I resolve to drink a glass of water upon rising. I resolve to play muisc and dance to at least one song before eating any snack. I resolve to eat breakfast everyday and to get up early 7 days a week. I'm compling a steno book and word document of affirmations to help keep me on a positive track, not just for weight loss but for my overall mental health.

2011 was the second worst year of my life. Lots of bad things beyond my control happened. So I figure 2012 has got to be better. I plan to use every tool I know of to give it a good what for on my part to make it so, so today at least I am Hopefull. It's got to get better. I just got to be my own cheerleader. I'm going to work on ridding myself of one bad habit every 90 days.

They say move the bick rocks 1st so Cigarettes and Weight Loss are 1st up. Wish me luck.


I'm using e-cigs which have no nicotine. They give you a vapor and are rechargeable. I paid $5 and change for the intro pack & That was a month ago. I cut down from 2 pks a day to a pack every 3 days and now have smoked 2 cigarettes in 11 days. I'm hoping for a smoke free report soon. I find myself wanting to smoke more when I'm in the car and after sex more than any other times. Then there is that 1st cup of coffee craving in the am. But so far the after meal deal has not been a problem. But I know from past experience the HABIT is harder for me than the nicotine addiction.

Some people have suggested cinnamon sticks..anybody tried that?

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