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New with a question!

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Hi yall!

My name is Johanna and I live in West Virginia. I'm trying to lose around 30 pounds. I've recently started playing rugby and I walk EVERYWHERE. I'm 5'3" with a bigger boned, muscular build.

Okay so my question is this... everything seems to be in kg is there away to change it to pounds? Cause I know nothing about metric!

Also how do you change the time on your account?


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Welcome, Johanna -- hope we are able to help you.  For the first question, I will refer you to the help file:


General : Changing weight units (FAQs)

The choice of weight units (metric versus imperial) can be changed, but it requires resetting of your account. This will have an impact on your weight log, whereas your food and activity logs, as well as your posts, journals, friends network, recipes, and other community related content won't be affected.

To initiate this change, please contact us.

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I think the times are standardized to Eastern (either standard or daylight savings depending on the time of year)

Okay, I figured out the timezone thing!

Thanks for the e-mail address I sent them a note!

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