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New member- Amy the fabulous! :)

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1. Calorie Count Name fitnfine

2. Name you prefer to be called in discussions: Amy

3. Age & Sex: 27 Female

4. General Location: Georgia

5. Married? Single? Serious relationship

6. Kids? Furbabies? One kitty cat named Simba

7. Favorite color? Hunter Green

8. Favorite movie? that's a hard one- the notebook?

9. Hobbies? work out 7 days a week- shopping & cooking

10. Favorite Snack? 100 calorie anything packs! LOL

11. Favorite Beverage? Diet Coke Plus

12. Biggest Obstacle to Getting Healthy? Stopping smoking :(

13. Weight/Fitness Goal? Tone up for spring/summer

14. Least Favorite Household Chore? toilet bowl

15. How did you find Calorie Count? googled

16. Anything Else You'd Like To Share? Need help quiting smoking- wear rubberbands on my wrists, chew on coffee stirrers, and have taken up sewing! lol need a helpful atta girl i guess
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Welcome to Calorie Count!
I hope you are enjoying the site so far.
When you have a chance, you might want to complete your profile.
It's the first place people go to learn a little more about you (since not everyone will see this thread, necessarily :).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Again, welcome!

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Hey Amy - I'm 29 and in South Carolina and am also trying to quit smoking. If you find something that works please let me know!!

Welcome to Amy!

I have been a serious smoker for 18 years and stopped when I became very afraid for my health. My doctor had this power...

From the picture and your comments seems you are a person that cares very much to her body, perhaps you like to dress up, use makeup and perfume... well think about this: smoke SMELLS BAD! Sounds stupid but this is one of the things that keep me from starting again.

 Good luck


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