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How do I make my name capitalized?

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It's really bugging me. >_< You know how my name right now is just "havengraced"? Well I was wondering how one could make it "HavenGraced" or even "Haven_Graced" or even EVEN "Haven Graced" instead? :] Thank you! <3

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i'll be honest, I don't recall seeing capitalized user names... regardless, the only way to change your user name is to send a message to the contact desk and request it -- you will have to give them three options


Oh. :O Okay thanks for replying! Maybe it's just my computer.. hmm. I swear though, a lot of usernames to me look capitalized and I thought that maybe I was missing something haha. :]

No, you're right -- there are some with capitals -- I just never noticed it before; I would say more than 98% of those on the forums are not capitalized

Aha so I'm not the only one! Phew lol. :P Now I wonder what they did to make their names capitalized... think think think.

My impression was that it was only recently that people started being able to capitalize their names. It might have been a coding error that allowed them to, and it has now been corrected? Just guessing.

That could be it. :\ But I just made my account literally yesterday, and I didn't have that option so maybe your right and it is a coding error. :] I guess I'll have to wait until the tech. people reply to my email to find out fore sure!

They capitalized it! :O

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