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join me in encouraging and supporting one another.

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I am looking to establish a group of men and woman who believe that they can do all things through Christ. I would like it If we can all support one another in our spiritual walks as well as in our fitness/weight loss goals. Please join me if you are interested.
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Hi! I would like to join you and others in serving our Lord by looking after ourselves (physically and spiritually), so that we may be his hands and feet! MariePauline.
I would absolutely love to join....Nothing better than sharing Jesus with others.....I'm new to the site, so please be patient with me....Thanks Angel
Hi I would like to join u as well... I'm new to the site today...
I would also like be able to be a part of your group. Psalm 40:8 is tattooed on my wrist as a daily reminder of what it is to have that personal relationship with my Heavenly Father.
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I would like to join. I am new to this site today and need all the support I can get..

You might want to check out this group: st-g184

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