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Im new to all this and need advice, iv been exercising/working on my feet, and I'm burning around 2600-3600 a day I have been eating 1500 and iv lost 7lbs in total but seem to be Maintaining this week and last I'm confused as to what to eat some say to have a 500 deficit which would b 2100-3100 or should I stick with the 1500? I'm so confused!! Please any advice would help!
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you may want to post your stats, (age, height, and weight), and your goals.

But to lose, going for a 500 deficit sounds right, although anytime you are eating over your daily calorie need based on sedentary, you need to be careful you are recording your activities correctly.  I myself started out for the first 3 months never eating over my sedentary daily calorie need, so some days I would have 1000-2000 deficits, and was averaging over 1000 deficits, and I was losing average 2lbs per week, then I decided to slow that down a bit, and am trying for the 500 daily deficit, and it's working, my loss has slowed, but I am learning more and more.

My stats are male 37 5'8'' started at 193lbs in Nov, down to 164 now, goal is 152lbs.  CC suggested 1500 calories, but from the start I went with 1900 (just below the Daily Caloric Expenditure as calculated by CC tools), I work a desk job, so add my activity via biking, gym, sports, etc.  The whole 1lb loss for each 3500 calorie deficit was very accurate in my case.

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Sorry I'm 29. started at 180 now 172 and I'm 5,5. I'm in my feet all day at work walking and lifting but do extra exercise also still not shifting any weight the last 2 weeks

Remeber that although in theory 3500 means 1 lb itr is not that linear. things like where you are in cycle make a ton of difference

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I'm trying to loss 40lbs but my first goal is 20lbs. Do u think I'd b best try for a calories intake of between 1500-2000 on the days I'm higher in exercise?!
I always eat about half of my activity calories....losing 1-2 pounds a week and losing lots of inches, if hungry def eat!
Hi, I'm 5'3; 27 year old female and weigh 158. I'm on my feet almost all day even after work chasing my 2 year old around. I took in 1400 cals today and jogged/walked for 20 minutes burning 270 cals. I want to lose 20-30 pounds. Any suggestions on how to get there quicker?
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I'm 5'8" and 184. My goal is continued wt loss. The app shows where I should be taking in 1900 calories,but there is no way I can eat that much. I do workout intensely, so the app then shows I should eat 2300 cal on my weight lifting days. I am losing and show a 400-500 cal deficit each day. Down 3 pounds in 4 days. When I started this I was at a plateau, down from 267 pounds. I realized I was only taking in 700-900 calories eating very low carb. I bumped it up, mastering how to get in extra calories through whole food sources, and the numbers in the scale finally began to move again. My body was in starvation mode!! Weird how eating more will actually make you lose the fat quicker. I need to know the nuts and bolts of this app and how to keep the loss going. Any guidance would be much appreciated ;0)
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