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I'm back and I missed you all!

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Hello!! I am so happy to be back- but scared and sad of what has become of me!! I was a religious member of this site up until July of last year, and lost all of the weight I wanted to. I felt like a million dollars, then I moved home, and was put on some medication that gave me the worst cravings ever. Fortunately I am almost done with the meds, and am on a way low dose compared to last winter (I have really bad athsma/lung issues) So, here I am again, with all 45 lbs to lose- but I can do it again!! I do have a free gym at work that I will put to use, and a closet full of clothes that I desperately want to fit into again!! So hello to everyone- and together, we CAN do this!!
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Welcome back!

well, i'm pretty brand new myself, but welcome (back)!

Thank you Coach K, and welcome yourself Mimi!! We all can do this, and I totally know I can, since I did it before!! Support and good ol' fashion calorie counting is the way to go!! Oh and that exercise thing too :)

Argh I hate when that happens! I once lost 40 lbs and put it all back on over 3 years (and some more!)!! Now I gotta lose it all again!

Good luck to ya ;)  

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