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Hello from Canada

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Hello everyone. I hope this is a start of great things together. The past few weeks have been unbearable and I think it's time I lose some fat, so here I am. ttyl

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I'm new too.  Good luck to you.

Iv'e ben here for hours, I'm a vet,.

Hi guys!!


Nice to meet you both and good luck to you!!



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I am in Alberta. I am on Weight Watchers but i don't like the progress I am making or the lack there of. So I thought I would see how else I could monitor all my in take and this seems to have everything I was looking for. I hope we all have great success.


I'm in Toronto. I've been on here since end of April/beginning of May this year and have lost 41lbs so far by tracking calories and working out. This site is AWESOME!

iamjuls - I've tried Weight Watchers in the past ( 2x ) and have lost more weight using CC than I've lost combined on both attempts at weight watchers. I'd be interested in hearing how you find it compares.

Welcome and good luck!

hi welcome to  community i am also new

Welcome to the group! I'm also a newbie as well. I'm from NS

Welcome =)

I'm from Québec, been on CC for 6 months. This site is really great to help you keep motivated. So far it worked for me, I lost 20 pounds ;)

Good luck!

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