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carb, fat, and protein goals ?

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Hi.. I'm a new member. How are carb, fat, and protein goals set? It seems like my carb goal is quite high, since I usually try to avoid them for maximum weight loss. My plan has me trying to eat more carbs than anything else. Can anyone explain?
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Depending on your exercise routine eat more protein..if possible. I keep my diet 33-33-33 if possible and only get my carbs from natural sources vegetables..not bread or pasta...they will kill your diet!

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Thanks!!! I thought more protein too!! Just didn't understand how calorie count figured it... Is there a way to change the target goals to the 33-33-33?

its hard but i do like an egg white veggie omelet for breakfast, add about 40grams of lite tofu ...lunch salad with a half can of tuna or low soduim or low soduim canned chicken..dinner can be a veggie burger, no bread salad, mushrooms bok choy, broccili rabe ...spinach....get your low carb vege list off an atkins website...almond 100 calorie packs..for snacls , special k 90 calorie bars....u can allow yourself a cheat day.. if u like i use a food scale measureing cup its alot of work....fat fre fast food portion control...if u need starches sweet potato, use Mrs. dash a no soduim seasoning.i also snack on a table spoon of almond butter or peanut butter..with a half an apple...and of course do your cardio! weight will come right off ..i only use this sight to maintian a healthy lifestyle i have never been overweight ! I am 5'7 and 111lbs works for me!

A common guideline is 50/35/15 of carbs/protein/fat.


If you're up for some very informative, but a bit long, reads on carbs and their effect on weight loss check out: /is-sugar-fattening.html


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