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Just thought I would tell you all I've lost 14 pounds so far!  AGAIN!! Over my life time I must have lost about 3000 pounds. This time it's staying off because I have everyone's help at C-C!!!!   Thank you all!!!
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YIPPEEE! (Smiling at you now)

I do like your words of wisdom that are tagged onto your name my friend.

You are on your way!  CONGRATULATIONS! 

Well congrats Ms CL2K! Ain't it fun falling from a plateau?
That's great!  We couldn't do it without our friends and their good advice and encouragement!  I'm like you - a veteran yo-yo dieter.  I always gave up when I hit a plateau because I'd try to eat less and less to break it, and that doesn't work.  Soon, I'd be so starved I'd just throw up my hands and believe that there was no way to lose. 

This time is so different.  We have our wonderful cc friends who have lost weight successfully cheering us on.  I was surprised that the way off my plateau was to eat more!!!  I couldn't believe it.  Now I'm ready for the level spots on the journey down to a healthy weight.
What do I do to get off the plateu cycle?  I am 4.5 ponuds away from being under two hundred pounds again.  The plateua has gone into week two
Congrats!  Fantastic! 
Prettyslim- This is going to sound weird but I tell you it works. If you are already eating a low amount of calories. Take one day and eat 500-700 on top of that. Than go back to your regular diet. It somehow gives your metabilism a boost. Good luck!

You were right I am down 35 pounds thanks to the wonderful advice!  I did what you said and it worked!
Coffeelover, God Bless you and your weight loss. Keep up the good work. You are giving those boys the best gift ever. A healthy foster Mom is the best. + Alie :)
I just don't get how a plateau can go on for more than a day or two.  You eat less calories than you need. You have to be burning something to stay awake if nothing else.  Even if you don't have that extra-calorie "boost" day, surely you will lose weight/fat if you refuse to eat more than your dietary allowance.
Hey, Good Job! That must feel really good to have that new loss and be back on the losin streak!

I agree with kettir though, how do plateaus happen? If a person is eating the recommended amount of cals for the weight they want to lose and they are still working out and everything, why does it work sometimes and not others?

hmmmm... says the girl who is up a coupla today and is hoping that it is due to all the weight lifting she is doing...
feeling reeeeeeaaaal goood!  finally left the 190's and now down to 188 and feeling real good about the changes i notice and so does my husband.  the weightloss is all about me but so are the compliments!  feeling real good about my progress!  thanks for all the support.  i look foward to reading everyone's comments.  finally im not alone in this.  i enjoy having support from people who encourage and not criticize thanks gang!
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