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What kind of music do you workout to? Why did you chose that music? Do you prefer to workout with your IPOD or just whatever music they are playing in the gym? Does your running music differ from your gym music?

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There's a thread around here somewhere that has some good stuff.  I've recently taken up jogging and have started doing the Couch to 5K program.  Starts with 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of jogging.  I've taken my favorite MP3s and shaved them down to 60 and 90 seconds and found the ones that have the right Beats Per Minute that I like to run to.  I don't even have to look at the clock.  I just change when the music changes.

I'm 41 and I'm still hooked on my 80's rock.  I'm from Texas and I'm hooked on Texas country music.  There is a lot of good 60's rock.  AND, I'm discovering a few current great songs (Foo Fighters) that are very motivational.


Right now, my favorites are:

Recent songs:  Foo Fighters - Bridge Burning, Long Road to Ruin, Walk, Adriana, White Limo.  Anberlin - Impossible.  Kings of Leon - Use Somebody and Sex on Fire.

80's Rock - Y&T - Forever and Don't Stop Runnin (not mainstream, but great music).  Van Halen - Why Can't This Be Love.  U2 - Beautiful Day, I Will Follow, Desire.  Cheap Trick - She's Tight.   ACDC - Thunderstruck.  (There's soooo many good 80's rock songs)

Texas Country - Radney Foster - Revival.   Casey Donahew Band - Rocket Ship and Alabama Slammer.  Charlie Robison - Nothing Better to Do.   Pat Green - Carry On and Run.

ipod, and it has to be something techno/dancy with a strong beat. I like laroux, tiesto, oakenfold, timbaland, madonna's hard candy CD. ETC 

Love Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, ACDC when working out. I like upbeat. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Gretchen Wilson, Heart, Huey Lewis, Bruce Springstein, Elton John, Billy Idol, Laura Bell Bundy, Kool and the Gang, Cher, Madonna, Paul Simon, Prince. I could go on and on Laughing

for cardio it has to be music i can dance to like; earth wind and fire, old janet jackson, spice girls, stevie wonder, donna summer.

i like more rock for weight lifting; led zeppelin, stones, beastie boys, patti smith

I've found that Daft Punk gets me psyched to run, and if I shuffle the songs around a little, it fits my interval training pretty well.  Big fan of the Alive (Tokyo) album, as well as Discovery.

one thing I have learned is good work out music is not something you necessarily like

it is not listening music

for example I am not a Miley Cyris fan at all but some of her faster music I have on my mp3 player because it is good to work out to

I have everything from Aretha Franklin to Notorious B.I.G.

lady gaga, stevie wonder, madonna, justin timberlake, CCR, black eyed peas, kesha

Since im Latin i love to workout with latin music: Zamba, Reguee, Merengue and salsa... im also trying the zumba workouts at home and its great!

Believe it or not, I find working out to hard alternative music like korn, slipknot, rammstein helps me get the blood pumping.  Maybe the music is subconsciously causing the aggression to come out making me work harder.  Either way its working lol.  

I like rock mostly, but I have a few pop songs. Most of my gym playlist is Flogging Molly, Op Ivy, Queens of the Stone Age, and Andrew WK is AWESOME for the gym.

My gym playlist used to be the same as my running playlist, but lately I've been running without my mp3 player, or listening to podcasts. That won't work for the gym though :)

Original Post by domimomi:

Believe it or not, I find working out to hard alternative music like korn, slipknot, rammstein helps me get the blood pumping.  Maybe the music is subconsciously causing the aggression to come out making me work harder.  Either way its working lol.  

Nothing gets me in the mood to sprint like some good metal :)

I don’t do music when I work out. My workouts are mostly passive. I take long walks (An hour or more) and docontrolled stretching. My workout time is filled with introspection,discovering beauty in nature, and day planning. I find that music for me will inhibit this. Maybe I am incapable of multitasking (smile). Don’t get me wrong,
I love music from rock, country, pop, to the classics all while relaxing,
dancing, or just enjoying life. Workout time for me is precious and silence can
be scary, huh?

I found a site,, that has lots of music at different beats per minute (BPM) (both fixed and varialbe). I use it for both jogging, running and the stair master.

I also got a program that will look at your itunes music and will list the BPM of all your songs. I then will create playlists around a cetain BPM.

Right now for my exercise I have been taking long fast walks, and I like to have my phone on in case of an emergency; I found an app called Pandora that you can put in your favorite band. It plays mostly the music of that band plus others that are the same type of music.

I put as my choice Black Eyed Peas because I feel that I really get into the beat of their music as I walk. It is dangerous though because I sometimes feel like dancing while I'm walking! lol

My walking/jogging music is Turisas - The Verengian Way!  Great, epic songs, wonderful vocals and perfect beat.

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I like to listen to podcasts that I download for free.  I have learned many interesting things.  I know that some folks enjoy listening to books.

I love the two CD's by Biggest Loser.  I put them on my ipod and they keep a good steady beat for running or an elliptical machine.

Pandora , I created an Adam Lambert (of American Idol fame) channel. I just love it!

I am a big fan of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).  Each week when I get the chance to work out I listen to Trance mixes from Djs like Armin Van Buuren, M.I.K.E, Sied Van Riel, and John O'Callaghan.  Its the kind of music that motivates you and makes your body move with the beats.

I am addicted to novels.  I only listen to them when running so I never miss a run! 

I prefer working out with my ipod. haha the gym's music usually sucks.  For workout music I'll listen to just about anything (Hip Hop,Rock,Metal,Dubstep,Instrumentals,Motivati onal Speeches)

As long as it pumps me up!

Here's a playlist of some of my favourite workout songs!


As for running, I don't do it much haha.  But when I do i prefer EDM (Electronic Dance Music)  Something with high beats per minute so i can sorta run to the beat.

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