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Working out and the Sith code.

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I have found a new motivation for my work out. It's the Sith code, from Star Wars. WAIT!! don't push the back button yet. Hear me out! The Sith code goes like this:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion
Through Passion, I gain strength

Through strength,  I gain power

through power, i gain victory

through victory, my chains are broken, 

The Force will set me free.



I mean... think about it.

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion"

What that means in this context is that you'll NEVER be at peace with your body and your weight. It's a never ending battle and you can never stop working out. So that's why you need the PASSION

"Through passion, I gain strenght"

It is only your passion for achieving  your goals that gives you the strength to go on.

"Through strength, I gain power"

If you apply your newly found strength thanks to your passion, you will gain the power to accomplish anything that has to do with your work out.

"Through power, I gain victory"

With that power, you're winning the neverending war. Everyday is a battle and everyday you work out is winning that battle.

"Through victory, my chains are broken"

Here, the chains represent the "Old" you, the one you didn't like, the one that was fat. When you break those chains, you feel so good.

"The Force will set me free"

Well... Since the Force doesn't exist I guess you can't apply that line to real life. But the rest, I find, is very motivating and I've also applied it to my addiction and it helped me get out of it and get back to the real life and to working out. Give it a try :-)

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I always did like the bad guys better. The Sith code definitely will help with this challenge as opposed to the Jedi code. I have the Jedi code taped to my desk, only cuz i'm a big nerd - but yah, it really doesn't apply here! :) Thanks for this post. As a Star Wars junkie, i LOVE it. Kris

Yes! I love it.

I'm glad you do. I was worried I would get bashed on for bringing that up lol. Cause, you know, Star Wars is for kids. But anyway, it works for me, and it should work for others. Not everybody of course, but some people.

Very thoughtful and reflective! I like the critical thought you put into the application of the code. We find our inspiration where we need to, Star Wars is a fable meant to teach us just as much as Aesop.

Thank you for sharing!

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