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wife loses weight, kicks butt

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Just thought since this forum for motivation I'd share.  The wifester packed on lbs after we tied the knot.  I'm 5'10 and 194 and she said she easily weighed more than me at her heaviest.  She's 5'7 and was wearing a size 20. 

Well one day she said enough and decided to start biking to lose weight.  From there she competed in her 1st cycling event.  The competition sparked her to start jogging as well, and she did a 5k event.  She took it more and more seriously and in less than 2 years she's dropped down to a size 12 and has competed in numerous events, including 2 triathlons and 2 half-marathons.

Then theres the little competitive side we both have.  Over the years shes managed to crush me at just about every boardgame you could think of.  With her losing alot of weight, somehow we got into a debate late last summer in a "who would win" scenario.  Of course I might not be a swimmer, cycler, or runner but I thought since I'm 9 years younger (I'm 33 and she's 42) I could just hop off the couch any day and beat her.  Wrong. 

We did a triathlon together last september.  1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run.  It was her 2nd and my 1st.  I had no idea what I was in for, and she ended up beating me by 13 minutes.     She thought that was pretty funny so we decided on a rematch in the form of a 1/2 marathon.  That was a couple of weeks ago and she ended up victorious again as my legs turned to noodles at mile 10 and she finished a couple minutes ahead.

Anyways, its good to see her healthier and happier but admittedly its been murder on my ego hehe.

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Good for you recognizing and giving public acclimation to your wife's accomplishments!!!  Obvioulsy you are proud of her and pleased with all she has done for herself and your relationship. 

+1 - you sound like a great husband to her.

Love this story! Its so nice to see how proud you are of her!

Thank You!

it is so nice to see how apriciative of her efforts and her work  you are!!!

You sound like a great support for her :)


Great post!!  Not sure if you realize how much your support means to your wife, but I'm sure a lot of her motivation is you.  Keep supporting her, and challenging her.  My husband and I work out together and we push each other with our competative spirits, but in a healthy way.

Happines to both of you.

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Thanks for the kind words folks.  I thought some of you might appreciate the story. 

I actually asked her recently if she thinks its bad that I can't beat her in these physical challenges (like makes me less of a man). 

She laughed and said of course not.  She said she actually expects to win at this point given all her training and hard work.  She also said she thinks its cute that I have underestimated her and found myself at a loss.  She goes, "I think the short answer is: women rule so deal with it" EmbarassedSurprised 

You two are a riot - what a great success story for marriage!!!  Congratulations!!

Sonic77 I think it makes you more of a man to be able to compliment your wife for her achievements.  I know a lot of men who would not be able to acknowledge to others that their wife was consistently winning when competing against them.  Now it's time for you to let her know that you're going to start challenging her more by doing your own training and "expecting to win".  Let the games begin!  Fun, fun, fun while you both are looking and feeling good!  

This made me chuckle. :) well done both of you! :)

Great motivation to couples and families. Challenging each other to strive to new heights. This is a testament to a good marriage. I wish you many more years of happiness and challenges!

Sounds like you guys have a healthy competition going.  It's wonderful to hear how much you support your wife and appreciate her achievements.  Doing fun stuff together is so important for your relationship and really helps with motivation. 

I am nine years older than my husband, too and we've been married for 10 years.  I went through the same weight slump after we got married.  My weight has been up and down and having a baby at 44 made it even more challenging.  But recently my husband decided that he needed to take better care of himself and has been using "my" eliptical every day - now it's ours.  He's really encouraged me to take care of myself.  We all bike and go hiking together.  He's gotten on board with all the changes I have made to our diets. 

It really means a lot when you work as a team. 

you sound like an awesome husband! I hope your wife gets to read this post and see all the positive comments from all the members! Tell her she is a total inspiration to a random girl online, because I now am signing up for my first 5 k. (it's about time i do!) i have wanted to run one for like 2 years, and i'm perfectly healthy and definitley fit enough to do it..but reading this sparks my interest in it even more. 

congrats to u n your wife!

You guys are great!  It is so nice to see a hubby writing about his hot wife... I am 20 years older than my husband. I am 52 and he is 32, so I know a lot about your issues. We've been together for 11 of the best years of our lives. I am 40 pounds overweight but I am lucky as my height 5ft 9 in helps hide most of it. I can see it though!!!!!   and I am determined to loose it all.

I have been on the web site for 2 weeks and have lost almost 8 lbs and already am feeling it in my clothing... Calorie Counter has helped me do this in an organized way, that is fun, and fast, and fits into my day.

Hope I have a success story to tell you guys soon.....

I want to loose at least another 10 lbs before going to Acapulco on the 27th and another 10 for New York for my birthday at the end of June.


Take care!!!

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lol we did a 65 mile loop race a couple days ago.  It was hell.  She finished 45 min ahead of me.  Embarassed

Then to rub salt in the wounds she reminded me how i  kinda have chicken legs and her legs a little bigger than mine.... and that is probably because she trains alot more than me... ouch lol  SurprisedEmbarassed

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