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What's a normal weight for an 18 year old girl?

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Whose height is around 167cm.


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Hi there,

You can use the BMI calculator to figure out a healthy range for someone with your height. Just insert your current weight and height then push CALCULATE. It should come up with your BMI as well as the healthy range for your height. Adjust the weight accordingly to find your healthy weight.


Hope this helps!

The tools on this site are designed for 21+ in general. Under that age you can use this tool to see how your weight compares to other people your age and if it is within a healthy range. ng/weight_height.html#a_BMI_Calculator

A "normal" weight for an 18 year old girl is whatever looks and feels good on you.  Bone structure, height, etc can all factor into what your natural weight should be.  Don't worry about what other girls your age weigh--just focus on you and try to be the healthiest you possible.  You look gorgeous--so if you're not happy with your body, I would suggest weight training.  It's the best way to feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Coming from a girl who was always devastated in high school because I weighed about 150 and I felt so fat compared to all my girlfriends who weighed anywhere from 105 to 120---and then as an adult, realized that 150 is what looks best on me because of my bone structure.  I look at pictures, and I was skinny--I just wasn't toned. 

Hope that helps!

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