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If it weren't for (insert food here), I'd probably be slimmer.

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Doesn't anyone here have one specific food that acts as a barrier to their weight loss since they love eating it so much?


Peanut butter for me, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I could go on and on about how much delicious food combinations and recipes include peanut butter. Every time I try to make a sandwich, I end up taking at least one spoonful straight into my mouth.


Almonds and cashews are just as bad. There's been several occurrences of me munching through a full 16 oz bag of trail mix. Nuts are like dessert for me.

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For me I'd say chocolate and pudding. There is no way I could live without chocolate. I tried to cut it out of my diet several times, but no longlasting results :)


Pudding is the other thing. I can live without it, but when it's there I WANT MORE and more! :)

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For me, this is a no brainer- chocolate. It is the undoing of me and controls me. I block out all my resolutions and ambitions when I feel it's pull. It's like a drug. I can't understand why. I really need to learn to say no to myself and to take comfort in something else besides chocolate as well as find a substitute snack and reward. Otherwise it will become the death of me!
KFC. I work there so I get free food.


I'm going to say fast food. Growing up we got it sooo much. Now in the last month that i've been getting healthier i've had legit fast food (mcd's,etc) Maybe twice?? It's amazing. I've gotten rid of a lot of stomach issues too.

Another one is Soda. Again, i've had maybe 4-5 sodas in a month now instead of daily.

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Definitely alcohol for me! Happy hour is my favorite time of the day. And also I have a weakness for red velvet cupcakes from a local cupcake shop. My cravings got so bad at one point that I would eat four full size cupcakes in a day. Thankfully that's under control now but if not for alcohol and past cupcake indulgences I'd probably be 5-10lbs lighter.

Nuts, icecream, pasta, any sort of junk food that's in a large container. (Because I couldn't just stop at one, right?)

I did buy some chocolate mint cookies this week. Had one, found it yummy yet very filling. Only had my one cookie o_O

Red wine... and any kind of nut.

pasta and wine

Beer and wine.

For me it has to be cheese. I sometimes just have to eat chunks of it on its own Embarassed

I adore it in all its forms and love love love it. I cannot cut it out completely so I just have to limit myself to the healthier versions or just smaller amounts.

Candy---not chocolate--just good old starburst, skittles, taffy.

Pop---it is all I drank all day everyday for years on end.

mmm for me I would say Wine, Pizza, Pasta, Chocolate, Biscuits, Crisps

Crisps being a big problem, I live in Greece and they only seem to sell BIG bags here not the one portion bags we'd get in the UK so I would eat the big ones 500+ calories !!!!

But I am still eating all of the above just this time in moderation :)

It amazing how logging food stops you eating it just the thought of havong to log a HUGE bag of crisps and a chocolate bar stops me eating it !!!

Oh, it's the candy.  All kinds - chocolate, sour gummies, hard candy - but my worst trouble area is Sweet Tarts.  I love them so much and can eat a whole roll of them in a sitting if I'm not careful.  I think my candy issues were always there, but I got into the habit of eating a lot more candy when I quit smoking a while ago.  Now I must break the candy addiction!

Also cheese and wine.  And every once in a great while I simply MUST have a Classic Coke.  It soothes my stomach and can sometimes help stop a migraine.  Yes, this is weird.  I know.

If it wasn't for boredom, I'd probably be slimmer

Carbs.  Pasta, bread, cake, etc.  I love them and it's so hard to limit but I'm doing what I can.


Hot pockets and dr. Pepper.

Has to be candy for me or really, anything sweet. 

Chips. They're so salty an delicious haha
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