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Weight loss increment rewards - any ideas?

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Hello all!! I just recently started my weight loss journey. I started at 5'6 and 177lb. I'm currently at 170lb and dropping!  Cool

Of course, my main goal is to become a healthier woman. Unfortunately, this doesn't exactly propel me out of bed for my morning spinning class. I'm thinking that I'll reward myself at each 10lb lost.

I am due for a manicure, so I think that getting my nails done will be my first 10lb celebration. Any better ideas?

Also, I'd love a CC buddy!! I'm a pre-med college student, 5'6 and 170lb. My goal is around 140lb. Send me a message!

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i think thats a great idea - but i would have to treat myself more often...every 10 lbs isnt enough for me :)

i usually allow myself a calorie reward about once every 1-2 weeks. bigger non-food rewards probably once or twice a month. whatever you find works best for you i say go for it.

haha I know what you mean!! At the beginning I was thinking, "man, is a manicure really worth all this exercise?" haha

I initially started with just exercise, but I'm just now getting into calorie counting. The calorie reward sounds great! Maybe I'll let myself have some sort of dessert weekly or something like that.

well we are all wired different so you just got to figure out what works for you

for me its beer - always tring to sneak one of those in if i can afford the calories - usually that means after a particularly intense cardio workout.

sometimes its all about the little things...

pre-med? thats cool. my daughter is considering pre-med now...just finished her first year and is trying to figure out her path.

Heygirl, Congrats on chosing a slimmer and healthier you! Here are a couple of ideas for rewards on short term goals: New hair cut, style, color, whichever you prefer. Th movies, even if that means PPV on cable and eating low cal popcorn because you can't go to the theater without getting something; Mani Pedi is one of my favs. New shoes (flip flops, my preference, I plan to own a pair in every color by maintanence!)

As of yesterday, I have lost a little over 20% of the weight I plan to lose so I tried on a bathing suit I bought last year, but didn't fit. However, today, it fit! So cool, and to reward myself I was going to have some fig newtons, but when I walked in the kitchen and realized I had some leftover salad, I opted for that. I figured "Why blow today? I have done so well!" My next goal is after this week's vacation up in Tahoe, if I don't gain any weight I am going to reward myself with a new pair of sweats to take my walks in. Mine are getting a little big for me.

All those little sacrifies we make on a daily basis is well worth the feeling I got today in my new/old suit! That is now my driving force (but just thinking about a pair of flip flops in every color of the rainbow, comes in a close second place!)

Good luck, there is lots of support here. Stick around and remember This is not an all or nothing thing! It's ok to blow it on occasion, just so you forgive yourself and start again!

Personally (and this is just me, do whatever works for you) I'm trying to break that thing in my head that equates a job well done (or a hard day, feeling sad, whatever) with food. So calorie rewards DEFINATELY NOT for me!

I'd go with nails, hair, NEW CLOTHES are probably the best because you can show off your fab new figure in a smaller size than you could wear before!

I am also not rewarding myself for weight loss with calorie rewards -- although I squeeze in little treats if my daily total allows it.  I don't think of the odd glass of wine with dinner when I have some discretionary calories as a reward for losing weight, more as a part of a sustainable lifestyle change.

For rewards I tend towards frivolous clothes, maybe some pretty underwear or a nightgown that I wouldn't otherwise buy, and that will see me through a few mini-goals.  Or a piece of cheap jewelry that I like.

Or, a toy for the house or garden that I wouldn't buy otherwise.  I have a pretty French watering can on order for my next "reward" --something I don't "need" but will enjoy is what I look for.

Cut flowers or a houseplant is another treat I really enjoy that has no calories.

I used to want to reward myself with food... my trainer tried to talk me out of it but I told her "But food is what I like the most! It's the best reward!" but I realized .. if I'm doing well, why "reward" myself by screwing up my calories that day? It's silly. It's like an alcoholic having a beer to celebrate being sober for however long.

Clothes, makeup, haircut, shoes, new purse... that's the kind of stuff I had planned as my rewards.  I'm not really doing the rewards anymore though, because looking and feeling better and knowing that I'm losing weight is really more of a reward for me than spending my hard earned money on a mani/pedi that'll look good for a week (instead I just did it myself at home :] )

wow, thanks for all the great ideas!!

leslazz- congrats on all the weight you've lost! Thanks for the encouragement.

misscherry- New clothes is a great idea! I absolutely LOVE clothes shopping, and I'm sure I'll love it even more as my size gets smaller.

I do agree with hayley- feeling better about my body is definitely the best reward. However, I sure would love some material help along the way :)

Thanks again!

Rewards are good.  keep them small.  If you get your nails done reg. opt for them adding a flower to the ring finger.  an anklet is nice to show off your legs.  Those are my next  two.  I have some Lindt chili dark chocolate that I allow myself 1 square a week.(when the kids have smores)  1 square = 50 cal.  and because it is rich and full of complex flavor it's enough.   I don't use normal clothes for rewards because I'm a SAHM so I only get what I need. But a purse Oh I love those.

My big goal is being in photos with my kids.  I hide from the camera.  and the final reward is the tattoo I want.  I drew it myself and it sympols all 3 kids, it's little so not to pricey. 

I feel like my rewards are awesome.  Ever since going on the path to a new "healthy me" I have noticed that most of my clothes have been MUCH too loose for me.

So for every ten pounds, I have been buying that much more in clothes at Goodwill/Salvation Army/Thrift.  Who needs to spend a lot of money on clothes if you know you're not going to fit into them in a few months?  So here's how it goes:

10 pounds lost = $10 at Goodwill/Salvation Army/Thrift
20 pounds lost = $20 at Goodwill/Salvation Army/Thrift
30 pounds lost = $30 at etc.

And after 30, $30 worth of clothes is plenty, so I am going to keep spending $30 per 10 pounds until I get to my goal weight, which is 138. (that will be 40 pounds down since I restarted CC last month).  So far, it's much slower going than when I was here last year, but I'm looking forward to 168 in a few weeks.

Good luck to you all!

I bought myself two pretty dresses after I crossed the 1st 10 lb mark. For the next 10 lb - maybe a new pair of trainers.

my reward is looking in the mirror and being less disgusted

In my group someone suggested making rewards and what fun I had filling it out. Now I know exactly what's coming my way. On Saturday my sis and I went to do some shopping and I found shoes that I love, but I can't wear them till I lose another 3 pounds!! So now they are sitting on my dresser as a big reminder to stay on board and keep losing. Food rewards are not a big thing for me, they only make the next reward that further off. But clothes or a day off work... now you're talking. :)

10 lbs new sandals (need them badly)

20 lbs dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant

30 lbs some new clothes

40 lbs a day off to do what I want

45 lbs a little get away with my man

50 lbs the $2 per pound my husband promised me

I reward myself every five pounds (because I am lighter than you are and already in my healthy weight zone so it is harder to lose weight.) but at 120lb I am buying myself new shoes (that's twelve pounds lighter than the start). 125 I am thinking of buying new nail polish and a coloring book.

Even if it's something little it definitely does help. c:


i'm so glad you posted... i think i may be ur ideal buddy!  i'm 5'6 and currently weigh 171lbs... i'll race you to a bmi of 25!


I am kinda worried that I losing weight like I was. I am eating healthy, and I am doing my exercises. What is guys advice
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