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What are your weight loss goal rewards?

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I am trying to set a list of rewards for meeting specific goals like every 5 pounds or 10 pounds lost I reward myself but I am having a hard time coming up with things. What are everyone else's?

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I get a pedicure every 5 lbs.

I get new clothes in 20 lbs.

Still trying to come up with others. I haven't gotten one pedicure yet. :(


I try to be kind to myself daily.  In the beginning I would reward every ten pounds with a massage or something.  The clothes came when I grew out of things. 

I just rewarded myself last night w/ another massage....pure heaven.

Skydiving.  Well, I am looking at going next weekend again (2nd time) but I would definitely reward myself with that once I drop my 21 lbs. 

I got a pedicure after 20lb, and a haircut when I reached my goal.

The new clothes were a necessity, more than reward, but I didn't mind too much.

I feel rewarded every time I see the scale drop. 

Maybe I am an odd ball - but to me having a reward above that is rather like saying to yourself on the get go "this is hard so I have to bribe myself".

That kind of sends a mixed message to the brain.  Like losing weight is a punishment and NOT enjoyable.  Yet everyday we work so hard to get that weight down so that we will have more enjoyment in our lives. 

I try to do things for myself that I wouldn't normally do such as when I reach 140 I'm getting a full-on 70 bucks an hour massage . Ooooh can you say heaven? Or a bottle of perfume that costs way too friggin' much is my treat when I get to 135 which is my ultimate goal.

July 08, I bought a bunch of really cute shirts that were too small, and vowed that I wouldn't try to squeeze into them until I lost enough weight to pull them off. I think I'm about 10lbs away! That's the only reward I need.

I am saving up for my goal weight reached reward, but in the meantime i get a new song or two on Itunes every 5 pounds. It gives me something to work towards bc it's easy to get tired of my workout playlist. I add the songs into my workout so it takes that much longer.

When I reach my goal I'm buying stiletto heels. Wink

My first goal was to be 110 lbs by my friend's wedding, and the reward is the itty bitty dress I bought to wear to said wedding (I haven't worn a dress in about a decade).


The wedding is tomorrow. I'm technically a third of a pound away from my goal, but I'm really bloated (my TOM), so I'm pretty sure I'm actually well under 110.  Yay!


My next goal is 10 more pounds by my birthday (07/18). I haven't decided my reward yet. I can't afford new clothes or anything. Maybe I'll let my mom treat me to a super fancy dinner somewhere.

I use food, lots of people say not to but it keeps me from eating it in between!!

After I lost 18 pounds, I got KFC stayed within my calories for the day and didn't overdo it.

Then I have big benchmarks like...what I weighed in high school, half way, etc.  I like using foods that I can't normally eat a lot like chinese and burger king.  I don't go crazy and I try to stay within my calories for the day.  Works for me.

My reward will definitely be clothes. Even though I buy clothes anyway - when I lose some weight (shrink certain body parts down about Surprised) I'll be able to buy nicer clothes. Clothes that I like now, but cant wear really Embarassed

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Every Tuesday is Weigh In Day for me. So every Tuesday I go and get a manicure. It's my reward for whatever success I have had during the week. I have been consistently losing weight for 13 weeks now, as much as 5 pounds (in the beginning) and as little as .6 pounds. The amount is not as important to me as the fact that I am still going in the right direction. I am making this weight loss journey more about taking care of me than tricking myself into losing weight. :-)

I've also come up with short attainable goals for exercise and when I meet each goal I have a reward I've pre-set so I have something to look forward to. The first goal took 3 weeks to reach and the reward was a pedicure. The second goal (working on it now) is 4 weeks (I'm on the beginning of that 4th week now) and the reward is a massage and the third goal is 5 weeks and will result in a facial, Body Scrub and Vichy Shower.

I also have designated every Friday as Beauty Day. I don't always do the same regimen on Fridays but I always do something that makes me feel beautiful! Mostly it's stuff like using a face mask, body scrub and spending extra time shaving me legs which I normally rush through as quickly as possible. But last Friday I took time out to just read a book for fun - beauty for the mind!

I had a lot of weight to lose.  At the 70 pound, weight-loss mark, I bought myself a fabulous, diamond and ruby ring, real knuckle-buster.  I've always had a thing for rings, maybe because when I hated the way my body looked I could always still "dress" my fingers.  This ring symbolized to me the same as a sports figure would view a  Championship ring. That's not to say I'm finished yet, just getting to the top of my "game".  I still have another 23 pounds to go and am still thinking on what that reward will be.  In smaller increments, I've had massages, new clothes (because of neccessity), day-trips with friends.  I keep track of body measurements at every 20 pound mark and that makes me the proudest.  At 53, I'm looking forward to an older woman's body that "rocks", something I haven't seen in decades. The energy and movement of my new-found size is a daily reward.  People noticing the improvements is a reward in itself, (especially from X-husband who was verbally abusive...I am a woman, afterall, lol).  Just choose whatever makes you happy.

I actually decided after a fell below 200 pounds that I wasn't going to reward myself for weight lost anymore. Because I have started to strength train and can anticipate some possible gain from muscle mass, I decided I would reward myself for practicing healthy habits like strength training three times per week for one month or biking for six miles or running for two miles straight. My rewards are a mix of fitness related, clothing related and indulgences like nice bath products, a stability ball, heart rate monitor, etc. I'm doing a mini-triathlon this summer, so I've decided i'm going to start saying for every goal i reach, I'll put so much money away for a new pair of running shoes.


This way, if I don't see the scale budge, I can still feel like I'm accomplishing something and deserve rewards!

After I hit my first weight loss goal (30 lbs), I bought myself an Ipod Touch.  It was a practical gift for myself, too.  I had been journaling in a notebook what I'd been eating, my weight goal and my daily exercise, but now I keep all that information on an application on the Ipod.  I also use it during exercise and to research calories on restaurant menus.

Clothes are a reward out of necessity, too.  You'll go down a size for every ten pounds you lose. 

The cheapest reward, but perhaps the most rewarding, is being able to tell others that you've hit your weight goal.    Hopefully, you have someone who is helping you through it, and it's great to be able to share your successes!

I've tried different rewards over the years, and the most effective so far is to reward my 10 yr old daughter for keeping me on track with my eating/exercise plan.  I pay her $10 every week if I stick to my plan (minimum of 5 days calorie counting and 5 days of exercise).  She checks up on me and walks with me or talks to me when I'm on the treadmill if it's the weekend and I need more exercise time.  $5 goes to her savings and $5 goes to her.  I'm doing my own '1 yr Weight Loss Experiment' where I don't focus on weight since I can't control what the scale says, but focus on sticking to my eating and exercise plan.  So far, she's earned $120 and I've lost 22 lbs in 3 months while eating healthier and learning how to eat out and still stick to my calorie plan.  I'm loving this 'experiment' more than any other plan or system I've tried and I find it very easy.  I find that I'm more likely to stick to my plan by giving to someone else.  My reward is donning those pants I haven't worn in a couple of years!

Good luck!

My fiance' gave me a certificate to a day at the spa complete with a hair make-over, facial, hour massage, mani/pedicure complete with lunch for my birthday.

I am saving it for my first 10lbs loss with my new personal trainer... I am 2lbs away!!!! 

I have rewarded myself with a bouquet of flowers every week I lost weight.  Another reward is to go shopping in my closet--I have lots of different sizes in my wardrobe and when I think I've dropped a size I go through and try everything on.  This last month I actually fit into the dress I wore at my college graduation over twenty years ago.  Now that was a big boost!

I schedule 1 hour of a favorite video game a week specifically for sticking to an exercise regimin.


Other than that, I first would like to say that I feel GREAT everytime I have to shop for new clothes.

I set up a prize system because I wanted to go from about 150lbs to 125lbs. I get each prize for every 5lbs I lose, and they range from getting a manicure to getting a massage.

Also, at the end of each month, I analyze the month's worth of nutrition info (click the analyze link and plug in the dates). I have an empty tissue box that I put little pieces of paper w/ ideas for ways of treating myself. When I get an A or a B, I draw from the box and treat myself to whatever the piece of paper says. It really feels good to be rewarded!

This is a good thing to do. I hadn't thought about it.  Manicure, pedicure, massage, small gifts for self like perfume, a purse. Jewelry for big losses.

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