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Weight Loss Goal of 100 lbs +

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How many here are looking to lose over 100 lbs?  I started on January 04th watching my calorie intake.  I am 35 yrs old, 5'7" and weighed in at 298 lbs.

This has been my max weight for MANY years sometimes losing but inevitably ending back at that dreaded 298 lb mark.

I've decided I'm tired of this, I'm tired of feeling bloated, of being out of breath, of feeling my clothes get tight on me.  I'm tired of being lazy and gorging on food out of sheer boredom.

Are you with me?  I have set my first MAJOR goal of 100 lbs in 1 years time.  I plan on celebrating minor goals of 10% body mass loss along the way for mini victories.

Is there anyone else in the same boat who wants to join in this topic?  We can help motivate each other each week with our own personal victories on this long journey to shed 100 lbs.  Whether you have lost or are proud that you didn't succumb to temptation, all victories in this journey should be celebrated!

I hope that you will join me on this thread and we can motivate each other!

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I started about the same time and need to lose 100 lbs too.  I just turned 46, am 5'4", and weighed in at my max on New Years at 241.  I think I may have been a little heavier a few years ago, but that is pretty much my max weight. 

I feel the same way, but I am nervous to think of 100 lbs all at once.  I am just trying to reach 10 lb increments or make it day by day.  I was a little nervous to reply as I have had so little success over the past few years, but I am determined that something needs to change in my life.  I love the idea of 10% body mass goals.

I would be happy to join a journey with you!  I hope there may be others out there with the same need for help with struggles and celebrations.

Hi all,

I just wanted those of you who are interested in losing 100 pounds or more to know that your goal IS reachable. I lost 158 pounds in 20 months and have kept it off for a year and a half now. I'm just an average guy who hated the fat obese person I had become and did something about it. Look at food as fuel and remember that it likely took most of us years to gain all of our weight so if it takes a year or more to lose it, that's okay. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. It's a time to create new eating and exercise habits that will last a lifetime. Get angry about being fat and get to work and remember that nothing tastes as good as fit feels! Best of luck and if I can be of any help, just met me know.


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Good to know!  That is exactly what I need to hear.  I've been inspired by a woman who lost 212 pounds in two years and kept it off for a long time now.  There is hope!

Week 2 and I've lost another pound.  Down 5 lbs so far, not bad.

But where I do feel a difference is in my jeans, they aren't so tight anymore and I can breathe in them.

Also noticed last night while going up stairs in the house that I didn't feel like I was dragging my feet all the way up, I didn't feel so tired.

Started Yoga class last night at the community centre (once a week) and I've been doing the Wii Fit, so at least I'm doing something...

I am 37 and my goal is to loose 130 lbs before I turn 40. This is week 3 for me.. I only weigh myself on Tuesdays and I take measurements. The first week I went down 2lbs and down 3 inches. Then I  went up 1lb and down 4.5 inches and this past weigh in I went down 4 inches. So, for me I am not stressing on the number of lbs and focus on toning and exercise daily to keep myself going. I don't count calories to the T but I do make sure I eat the right foods that give me my daily allotment of protein, carbs, calcium, vitamin c, iron, etc.... I would like to find a text buddy who is in the same boat I am in, someone who I can have support and encouragement from along with be there for them.

 Best of luck with success!


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