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Weight loss charm bracelet!

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I heard this idea from someone on CC like a year ago (my first dieting stint) and have just gotten my own and I am SO excited!!!

Here's the basic idea:  You decide on an interval of weight (mine is 5 lbs) and then you get a charm for every milestone you hit.  I've lost 24 lbs so far so I've got 4 and 1 on the way.  I ordered a bunch of charms at once to save on shipping and I can't tell you how proud I feel to look at the little charms I've earned!

I got ones that represent all of my driving forces- basically, my friends and family.  I've been getting mine from Timeless Charms  because theirs are pretty cheap and they have a HUGE selection.  I've put a pic in my profile so you can see mine... I encourage others to join me!  It's like your own little trophy :)

If anyone's curious, this is what my charms so far represent:
Pine cone:  my mom's side of the family, who used to all vacation in the woods in New Hampshire
Pretzel:  my dad's side of the family, who eat pretzels in their ice cream (yummy!)
Thimble:  my mom, a quilter
Thinker:  my dad, one of the smartest people I know

next comes my brother!  1 pound to go!
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That is such a great idea.  Thanks for sharing and congrats on the 5 charms.
Thanks!  (Your quilts are beautiful!)
i love that idea, however, i dont think i could really do it because i only have 15 pounds or less to go.(unless i had increments of like 2 pounds or so)but i think that would be so motivating and rewarding.
I really like those. I think I might make myself some charms out of polymer clay in healthy foods shapes in order to remind myself to eat right.
I was thinking about that last night.  I've seen the cutest little sushi polymer clay charms out there...  I bet you could make something awesome!
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Oh wow, I should consider that, but more for total inches or milestones in excercise as I want to avoid losing much more weight. Only issue wouldbe the expense of it... My dream charm bracelet is from Swarovski and the charms go from $55-$200 ish haha!
I'm totally going to do this!  I'll do increments of 10 lbs.  So I can buy 4 right off the bat.  What a cute idea.  And I was just thinking about how I never wear jewelry.  Two birds, one stone.
Cute idea! Makes me think that this could be done for other goals and accomplishments in life, too! I'm proud of you!

This is a great idea......Keep up the good work ...... you are off to a good start.

In TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly - we use charms as rewards for many different things.....In fact how I got here today I was looking for a charm to use for a contest I am doing in my chapter, called "2009, 5 lbs at a time" focusing on setting small goals that are obtainable.  Every time a member looses 5 pounds they write there name on the big board and I want to give them a charm......I am the chapter leader....and an Area Captain for TOPS.... 

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