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200 + weight loss buddies

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Hello, I'm looking for others trying to lose a lot of weight, to keep each other motivated threw our bad days and cheer us on on our great days! to keep each other going threw out the week by staying in touch. I want people who want to reach there goals! who's with me?!?!



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Welcome Martoon,

This is a great group of supportive people who have all BEEN THERE and DONE THAT!  And you are certainly NOT mad.  I'm the same way with my family.  What you need to realize, wether they do or not, is that you will always be "still doing it" because it's a new way of life. Again, welcome!

And to everyone else I hope you're having a good weekend.  I'm going to try to steer clear of the superbowl snacks today.  good luck to you all!

Hi everyone!

Hope all the football fans are enjoying the Super Bowl.  After the Giants being in it last year (and WINNING!!), this year the Super Bowl seems like a real let down for us New Yorkers.  Last year I was at a super bowl party screaming & shouting, this year I'm just relaxing getting ready for work...not even watching the game.

Welcome Martoon, I think you'll find this site very helpful. 

Jodi - the work challenge is going okay.  I lost another 2 pds at last Monday's weight in.  However, then during last week I hit a bit of a road block with my eating plan for a couple of days and made some bad food choices.  I know you said you dealt with a binge experience recently too and got right back on track…congrats on getting back on track so quickly.  I've been back on track now too for the last few days, but I'm worried about what the scale will show tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted. 

Talk to everyone soon! 


Went for my weekly weigh in at the local boots the chemist today, 3lbs down. Woop woop. The strange thing was my bodyfat was UP!? That didnt really make sense... I am not sure if the machine was just wrong if because ive not had an appetite the last couple of days my body has maybe gone into starvation mode? Im happy with that though, thats half a stone in two weeks. Ill be a skinny mini in no time...

But no, in all seriousness I know its going to slow down after this week/next week as I start to build muscle rather than just fat burn (so ive heard).

Target this week: Try and eat more... I didnt have the appetit last week because my shifts at work were all messed up so it was hard to fit in meals. Ill eat little and often this week and see how that goes.

P.S on a side note, I went to glasgow today to meet up with a mate. It was snowing so badly! I loved it. HeHE We had such a good time. I had Lasagne for lunch, with a pudding - naughty... hehe I did some fat busting when I got home though :D


WARNING LONG LONG, IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE I HAVE REALLY MESS. ALL OF YOU THOUGHT I WOULD TRY TO GO BACK AND REPLY TO SOME. BEAR WITH ME.... Jodi.  I love the idea that you celebrate what you body can do for you each day,and that you will exercise for the joy of feeling the body grow stronger-- also the eating when you are hungery and resting when you are tired and.. surrounding yourself with the people that remind you of your inner strength and  beauty.WELL PUT..  I WILL FOLLOW YOUR LEAD.  I have went to the extent a while ago to try to keep the people around me the ones that have a good outlook on life, life is too short to wallow in self pity. I feel for people and try to help them, but if they won't help themselves there isn't much that you can do.     GRACIE AND JODI about the boots, I too used to have trouble with boots that were suppoesed to come up on the calfs of the legs. they would have to kind of bunch down.  since using the ankle weights for over 9 months I have lost 1 1/2 inches on my calves and all my boots fit. yaaay.  It hasn't changed in  months, but my calves are the most muscled uppart of my body.   so strap on those ankles weights ( I also use wrist weights) and get to walking for those beautiful calves.   Prissy   sorry the hubby doesn't think he wants to do the life change.  Mine is eating the same thing I am, but just  more of it.  most of the things I eat are reg. food but I have just learned real portion size. maybe if you are just cooking more healthy, he will be eating on the plan and not reailze it. then if he snacks some besides, well ok, but he will be eating mostly healthy if he eats what you do and whatever you cook for supper is healthy. it doesn't have to be rabbit food or boring to be healthy.  we just don't eat hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza( very often). maybe you will get him on board without him knowing it. worth a try.    sammygirl   when I get to 199 I am going to throw a party, alright maybe a small one, just hubby and I, but a party just the same. It will be a long time coming!!!  you get that new dress when you get there, you deserve it!!!maybe we can all throw a party at the same time.   I am glad the treadmill story got a chuckle. it was pretty funny.

Bertha welcome to the thread. I am so sorry to hear about you hubby's heart attack, and heart problems.  It does give you both the motivation to stick with this thing for life.  this is a wonderful group. very supportive and understanding. my all time high was 280, I was about 250 when I joined cc. and am now about 205ish. you can do this. it just takes determination and sticktoitiveness. falling off, get back on, splurging one day, no worries get back on tomorrow. the goal is to become healthier stronger eat better and take weight off healthily to make ourserlves healthier and happier.  It is not a race or a sprint, it will take time, but it will be worth it. about your kids, I would explain to them that you don't want them to have to deal with the health problems that mom and dad are having to deal with. If you buy all the food in the house, with you money, just bring on healthy stuff in, treats within reason are ok if ok'd by your diet etc. If you don't give them any other choice but healthy maybe they will do it. healthy does not have to be boring or not tasty. I make alot of healthy spicy stuff. I just try to steer clear of fast food, and such like that, and candy bars  etc.  I hope that all of you can do this together. hopefully you  and your hubby for sure can get your health issues under control.  earthmom, glad you got a pillow for your bike. hope it works out good for you. oh and red shoes, the bomb... I am glad I still have my 15 yr old ones as I don't like anything out now.  jwg_333 welcome to the thread.  this group is very supportive. hope you find it the same as I do.     welcome kSTAR69, KAREN,  JUST JUMP ON IN.  We are all here for each other. this is the best thread.   WE ROCK!!!!

Hi Martoon, Welcome, guys are welcome here too!!! seems like haven't been many hanging around lately, but all are welcome. I don't know anything about the stone measurements, I hear them mention it on some of the BBC shows I watch occasionally on sat. tv.  Are you in England?  6'4"  wow. you are tall.  You can so do this. you certainly have your age on your side. It will take motivation which is the key for this ever working. learning good habits now will so benefit you in you life from now on.  learning that you don't have to deprive yourself, just learn moderation and serving sizes etc. Just eating more healthily all around.  support is also key.I attriubute part of my succsess to the friends I have made on cc. esspecially on this thread. they have all been so supportive of me. at first I was so afraid I would fail again, I was afraid to tell anyone what I was doing. thank good ness for me cc friends being there for me. I have lost 75 lbs from 280 lbs down to 205.  I  5'4 1/2".  I was in some 4XXXX clothes and now am in 1X or some lg shirts.  you can do it. congrats on getting out on your own too. It is good to see a young person motivated to do something for themselves. so many nowadays seem to have to no motivation at all. kudos for all you are doing!!! congrats on the 3 lbs down.  yaaay you.   went to glasgow to see a friend.. Now I am jealous. glasgow.  I have always wanted to go there.  maybe  someday we will get across the pond.  I am in
East Texas  USA.  again...... welcome to the thread. hang in there.

Good Morning Gang!

I've finally seen a little movement on the scale.  I lost 1lb so far this week.  Technically my "weigh in" is on Thursday so I still have time to drop a little more before I post on the biggest loser challenge!

Leelee, 2lbs is awesome.  And congrats for getting back on track.  I think it's one of the hardest things in this whole journey!  We have to learn to forgive ourselves!

Martoon, congrats on the 3lbs.  Sounds like you had a blast in glasgow.  It sounds so exotic to us Americans.  I'm lucky if I get out of Connecticut more than a couple times a year.  And even then I never go father than New York City.

Penny, great to hear from you!  Sounds like we're still neck n' neck.  I'm at 206 this morning.  I may have to pick up a pair of those ankle weights.  I can't even imagine being able to fit into boots!  I never have...just lucky that the sweater boots were in style in high school.  Come to think of it I think they're back in this winter too!

I hope everyone has a good day!  Jodi


Good morning everyone! 

Martoon, welcome!  And congratulations on the 3lb loss.  That's great.  I think you'll like this site, very motivating and supportive. 

Leelee, great job on the 2lbs!  Hope everything went well at the weigh in for you.  They are starting a walking challenge here where I work and I am thinking of joining.  You don't have to all get together, it can be independent.  You just track how far you walk or bike each day and the team that reaches the destination first wins.  I don't care so much about winning, but I think being on a team will motivate me to keep walking every day.  We'll see. 

Penny, good to hear from you again.  Thanks for the tip about the ankle weights.  I might give that a try.  My goal right now is to keep walking my usual routine in the morning unless the weather dips back down into the 30s.  Then, I would like to add riding the stationary bike in the evening.  Wonder if I could wear the ankle weights while riding the bike too??

Jodi, glad the scale is moving for you again.  Mine moves a pound and then just sticks for a while.  It's very frustrating. 

I so want to get into the 250's by the end of this month.  We are going to a concert and although I know that is still big, it would just make me feel better.  I don't know why.  My first mini goal is to get below 250 and I guess if I were in the 250's I could believe my goal was in reach. 

I have a stupid question for all of you.  I have seen this asked in other threads but never was sure of the answer.  I have my activity level set as slightly active (or whatever the term is) instead of sedentary.  However, I log my walking and biking in addition to that.  In my job, I do sit at a desk for 8 hours, but I have made an effort to get up and move more often.  I take the stairs in the garage and whenever I take a break, I try to do some modified jumping jacks (with my office door closed so no one can see) or some squats, at least 50 a day.  Does that make me slightly active or should I go back to sedentary?  Just wondering.  I don't want to overestimate my calories burned. 

Hope everyone has a great day!



yes Jodi, neck and neck. but I am not showing much change. the ankle weights are great for after  you have been walking a while and want to ramp it up some, start with 1 lb though( everyone) don't try to go straight to 2 or 3 or you might injure,and we don't want that. it took me a while to work up to 3 lbs, and it is alot heavier than you think. the wrist weights help to build up the arms to esspecially if you swing and lift as you walk. ( I like to everything I can to get the best work out while I am doing it ) you can also use the weights with pilates, the arms and legs will get a good work out. most sports supply places will have them.  gracie I would be careful trying to use them on the bike though, I don't know how that would work out. don't think it would help on the arms on the bike though. talk to you all later. have missed you all. Lee lee great job on the 3 lbs.  way to go. 

Great to catch up with everyone! You make me want to start exercising...esp. Penny. I'm glad those wrist & ankle weights work for you. Gracie, she sounds right about the bike, tho. Doesn't sound like a good idea.

There are some terrific fitness guru's on this site, qualified experts. There's the exercise plan by Paige Waehner: /exercise_plan

and there's always "ask Mary" she answers exercise & fitness questions as well as diet & weight loss. Gracie, I switched back and forth from "sedentary" because I sit at a desk, too, and "lightly active"--because I mean to exercise every day. But honestly assessing my activity and the different calorie burn results, I finally decided on sedentary. I would rather underestimate the burn and burn more, than overestimate it and consistently eat too many calories.

Jodi: congrats on the loss! I hope Thursday rolls around and your're down again.

Martoon, welcome. This is a terrific site, and this thread is so very supportive and encouraging.

I'm feeling some better today, but still pretty tired. Feeling ill hasn't curbed my appetite one bit. I just hope I'm healing...and not gaining. Just sticking to the plan, exercising again when I can.

hello all!

I've recently weighed myself and found that i have lost 4 lbs!  so now i am 216....still more to go but happy with the progress.  because i want to keep it off i've promised myself no more than losing 5-7lbs per month.  a few questions...

1. does everyone here follow their allowable calories for the day?  i find that i keep on going over.  i'm not too distressed...should i be?  i keep on thinking that the quality of food i'm eating kinda cancels it out.  plus i'm moving alot more (walking 30-45 minutes / 3-4 days a week).

2.  any tips on how to combat nightime munchies?  i can eat a full days worth of healthy meals and snacks, down my 2 litres of water, but come 9:30pm  i'm famished! 





jwg_333.  congrats on the 4 lbs. It is better to take the weight off slowly than to try to slam yourself down on the calories.  also exercise is key. I know I know... I hated exercise too, before, but now that I realize how much better I feel after a yr of doing it, I will do it from now on. I exercise everyday. 1- 1 1/2 hrs, but I worked up to this. it took a while.  going over the calories a little a few days a week is ok, but if you do it everyday it will stop your weight loss or drastically slow it down. try sticking to it at least 5 days, strictly, and then have one cheat day, where you eat something you want, but do not get terribly carried away with it.  counting the calories is key because even our healthy food eating does not cancel out the caloric value of things. I had to  learn that right off. pinto beans was the one that got me 1/2 cup 110 or more calories. a bowl like we were eating would be 400 calories before rice or cornbread or anything and we would eat 2 for one meal ( about a reg. cereal bowl. that was enough calories for one day time you add some starch or something.  learning portion size was key for me. of course at first I was so hungry, both mentally and physically.  when your stomach is used to a huge amt. of food,( and believe me no one realizes how much they are eating until it is laid all out on a table in front of them) it takes a while to get it used to a smaller amt of food. in the ol days maybe a month, this time it took over 2 months.  sometimes you also get mentally hungry, when you are nervous, excited bored or whatever and want to binge. that is usually at night for most of us.   I keep my raw veggies now, radishes, celery, baby or reg. carrots, broccoli ( if on sale also cauliflour if on sale)ready for the late night raid. at least it is healthy and filling. if I just have to have a treat with it I will have ranch dressing a couple of Tbsp. on the side. also for something sweet, animal crackers are 120 cal. for about 16, a pretty good serving, and cheap and sweet.  about exercise, another thing I try to do now is park all the way out in the lot at wally world, or groc. store or anywhere I go. I call that my free exercise. you will be surprised how many steps that will add to your day.  when you think about it just add some steps.(plus your car doesn't get dinged way out the in no man's land. haha)

Hey Gang.  Good News!  The scale is finally moving again!!!  I guess after 3 weeks of jogging 3x a week my body finally accepted the new routine and started dropping the weight.  I'm down 2.2lbs this week!  205.4!  Only 6lbs to ONEDERLAND!  I may finally get there!

Gracie, no stupid questions here.  Here's my take on it.  If you religiously do all those extra things during the day (kudos for doing them - in the office no less!) keep doing what you're doing (light + logging more strenuous activity).  Otherwise, do sedentary and log all those little office exercising on the days you do them.  Also, I second Penny's suggestion.  Park farther away, walk the long way around the mall, take the stairs.  It all adds up!  I know you'll hit 250 soon!

Penny, too bad we're so far away from eachother, we could have a ONDERLAND party together in a few weeks!  I'm aiming to be there my mid march.  We'll see!

Earthmom, glad to hear your feeling a little better.  ISn't it funny how our stomachs don't know we're sick and still want to eat!  That's when I know I'm REALLY ill is when i DON"T want to eat.  Which almost never happens...ha ha!

jwg, congrats on the 4lbs!  I'm with you...I aim for an AVERAGE of 5lbs a month.  It's realistic.  And sure there are some months where I lose more, but others that I lose less.  But it works out and helps me make realistic goals for myself.  As for late night munchies I'm a big fan of popcorn.  I used to eat the whole bag of smartpop which satified my need for crunch and munch, but I found out there's over 200 calories in the bag and it's full of preservatives and stuff. So instead now I put 3 tbsp of plain popping corn in a brown paper lunch bag and eat all 6 cups of popped corn for only 90 calories.  I generally add a little spray butter (fake stuff) and salt. But it's still under 100 cals for just as much munch!

Also a cup of decaf chai or decaf mint green tea with a little milk and splenda is a sweet treat at the end of the day!

Take care everyone and stick with it!  We can do it!

Thanks guys.

Its very strange... I dont feel like ive lost anything physically, I feel and think I look the same. I have not dropped a size or anything but isnt it funny how if you say 'Im trying to lose weight' people say "I THOUGHT THAT YOU HAD, YOU LOOKED SLIMMER!?"

I dont know if the gradual changes are being missed by myself or these people are just lying!

M x

Martoon, I think many overweight people (including me) have a skewed self-image.  When I look in the mirror I still see me at 250lbs (my weight 2 years ago).  I know that my pants are size 16/18 instead of the 24/26 they once were.  And I see the lower numbers on the scale, but I don't notice it visually like other people do.  My best advice is to take some before photos.  It's the most objectively to "see" yourself.  It really hits home when I look at my before and now photos.  I've posted them on CC so I won't forget where I came from and that I'm never going back!

I keep meaning to do this so I can see the difference but I havent done it yet. Will try and get one in the next couple of days. Thank

jwg Congrats! 4 lbs is great. I agree slow is better...although I'm too slow right now. still, I haven't gained it back!

Martoon, it's funny, sometimes I get those comments (rarely), and I'm not sure they are helpful to me. I think my self-image and self-esteeem are so wacky, that sometimes a comment like that makes we want to go out and binge. Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse. Jodi's suggestion about pix is good. Every time I see pix of me, I wince.

jwg, those evening munchies were one of my worst. For me I believe they come on because I'm tired and just need to go rest--even if I stay awake reading. Usually as I become aware of the craving, I also notice the yawning. I just take my cup of water and go to bed. I've started my "going to bed" rituals earlier in the evening and simply cut myself off from food after 8:30. I go brush my teeth & rinse, get in my jammies and get my book. I'll usually be ready for bed within an hour.

Everyone has different stats, activity levels, etc. Even at my current setting, I'm supposed to reach my goal in about 2 years. When I went to the settings and entered all my stats in the beginning, the suggested calories were 1350! I just laughed. (Of course years ago when my doctor suggested I had a weight problem and needed to go on a 2000-calorie diet, I just laughed.)  Anyhow...I can't say I've been doing wonderful on my 2000 calories. No. I can't say that. I try to exercise more...but I'm inconsistent with that. But at least I can maintain 2000, pretty much. Maybe I should shoot for something lower, 1700 1800. Maybe I should "ask mary"!

I have been planning and logging my food in advance, and that helps me stick to the program. I know what I can eat and when...I don't have to give in to those restless, bored impulses to munch. Plus I actually enjoy more variety and more new recipes since I plan. I love food!

Jodi, you are doing great! I'm happy you are jogging toward Onederland. What a great goal.

Miss Penny, I admire your energy and vitality with all that exercise. And you're right, portion size. I had no idea what a problem that is for me. But I have learned to be satisfied with the "normal" portion, now. It sure makes a big difference in the food log.

Good evening everyone!

Thanks for the answers to my question.  I think I'll put my activity level back to sedentary and just log the biking & walking.  At least that way, I won't overestimate.  Better to burn more than I think than less. 

Penny and Jodi,you guys are doing great!  You will be in the magical Onderland before you know it.  You both have worked so hard, how nice to finally see that hard work pay off.  Good for you!

Earthmom, I am glad you are feeling better.  Unfortunately, when I get sick, I always go for my comfort foods, none of which are healthy.  I remember telling the doctor once when she asked why I had gained weight, that I had been sick and the only thing that made me feel better were Oreos.  She just shook her head. 

jwg, congratulations on the 4lbs!  That is fantastic.  I try to stay within my allowable calories, but sometimes I go over. Not by a lot though.  And I always try to overestimate my calories.  I can't help you with the nighttime munchies.  Luckily that's one of the few problems with eating I don't have.  I just eat a lot at meals and all during the day.  That's not to say that if a bag of oreos were in my house at night I wouldn't devour it.  I just don't keep them here. 

Martoon, I think people say they think we look slimmer when we tell them we are on a diet to be nice.  I don't think they are lying necessarily but more trying to be encouraging maybe.  It's funny, when I started again in October, I weighed 295.  I am now down to 263, but I still think of myself as weighing 295.  I was doing a BMI calculator the other day and I put in 295, without thinking.  My BMI still isn't good at 263, but it's better than it was.  Some day I hope to just be overweight and not morbidly obese!

I like Jodi's idea of before pictures.  I always tried to stay out of the picture but now I  think I'll take one and hopefully in a year be able to see a great difference. 

Earthmom, that's a good idea about planning your food in advance.  That's what I need to do more of. 

I am proud to say I rode 60 minutes on the stationary bike this morning.  I am going to have to get a bigger pillow though.  I am afraid I have flattened the one I have.  It wasn't much help this morning, but I kept on.  Surely someday my behind will get used to it. 

Have a good night everyone and stay warm. 


congrats on the 2.2 lbs. Jodi  I am sure you are going to get to onderland before me. guess my party will have to come later. I feel like I am on a roller coaster. 206, then today 210, I know there is fluctuations, but golly. I haven't hit below 205  yet.  we will see what the coming weeks bring,. I really need to cut back some on my calories, but I just can't seem to do it. martoon  Like Jodi said,take lots of photos. take some at least once a month so you can see your progression. take some up close of the face and then full body. I was amazed to see how much face and neck and all have changed since aug, sept eventhough the scale hasn't changed much. My weight loss,( scale drop stopped about sept.  I have had quite a few inche measured off though.)  I agree with Jodi about the fact that we have a warped sense of how we look when we have been heavy. sometimes when I put current pics besides those of over a year ago I can't believe I was that heavy.  It took me about 3-4 months to really start to see a difference.  don't forget that exercise guys, It makes all the difference in the world and ramps up that slowed metabolism. you can change your  metabolism through exercise!!!

Penny, you could be right about exercise "ramping up" metabolism. I don't think I was this hungry before I did a few of those "fat burn" routines on my bike. Also, I find I do enjoy using my body, moving it around, doing things that don't hurt but also feel good afterwards. It ramps up my brain, my enjoyment, and my perceived energy.

Gracie, good for you! 60 minutes is a long time. What I had to do was add a stuffed animal (some kind of miracle foam inside it) to the pillow, right there at the back. Still hurts some...the other thing I'm trying to remember to do those Kegel exercises and just some "butt flexing". I just feel as if part of my trouble is my natural padding is giving out--muscle pads better than fat, and my age is having that atrophy effect on my muscles.

I got back on my bike today (7 days off because of this sinus thing) and did 35 minutes. It was achey at first, but I got into my sudoku and forgot about it. I was just peddling today...tomorrow I'll try a fat burn.

Now I know why we don't "ask Mary" so often. Your question needs to be like ten words or less...there are a lot of articles under the "Advice" tab, and following one of those down many links, I finally got to a calorie calculator. on_guide.htm

To lose 1 lb a week, I need to eat 1714 calories--without exercise. Since I want to exercise, I can increase the calories a little. It says I am maintaining when I eat 2240 calories...and I rarely eat that much...but I do come close. So I'm setting my calories back down to around 1780.

Also "grumpyoldman" on this site is successfully losing weight eating 8 times a day (that's a lot of meals). If I break out my 3 meals into 3 meals and 3 snacks (while keeping the food the same, trying to get significant protein every time I eat), that's only 6 meals a day. That's going to have to do. I think this may help, because I have noticed I'm often getting hungry around 10:30. I'm used to eating a huge breakfast...and I can just tote the yogurt & fruit into the office for a mid-morning snack instead.

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