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water makes you lose weight??

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I have always heard that drinking 2 liters of water per day does make you lose weight , is that true?

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It actually makes you gain weight. Water has a density of 1.0 kg/L, so the 2 L will bring your weight up by 2 kg (~4.4 lbs). Of course you'll pee and sweat some of it out so in reality you won't gain 4.4 net lbs but still it won't make you lose weight.

Won't make you lose weight but it's important to drink plenty of it....the more you drink the better your body functions. You'll per more too so you shouldn't retain water weight if you drink enough.

And drinking lots of water may curb your appetite a bit, perhaps leading to less over eating :)

When I started CC 12 weeks ago, I hadn't been drinking nearly enough water. Now I am easily drinking 2L per day (I also include iced herbal tea in that measure). My initial weight loss was very quick, and in doing some reading as to the causes, a number of people mentioned that increasing water intake can help you quickly lose weight initially until you reach equilibrium.The reasoning is that if you don't drink enough water, your body retains it just in case. When you start drinking enough, your body begins to flush excess retained water leading to weight loss. This is why many people report having to use the bathroom constantly when they start drinking enough water but that it normalizes after 3-4 weeks.

To be fair, I don't know the validity of this from a scientific perspective, but it seems to have played out in my own journey. I hope others with more knowledge can weigh in.

Good luck!


If you drink it at the expense of higher-calorie drinks (soda, "energy water", sports drinks, sweet tea or coffee, etc.), the drop in caloric intake might allow you to lose a little weight, but there is nothing special about water and weight loss.

drinking plenty of water helps you to replenish your body and flush excess water and waste your body doesn't need.  If you don't get plenty of water or drink caffeinated beverages you will find yourself retaining liquid.

Kind of hilarious. The lastest Biggest Loser episode showed a Britta commercial while talking about the benefits of water, and at the bottom was the text "Water has not shown to decrease appetite in ages between 20-55". Couldn't stop laughing.

I find that drinking more water helps keep my weight more stable, I don't see the large fluctuations that I did before I started drinking more.  

from my experience ..hell no it does not help in losing weight....I was told  to drink a bottle of water before I eat.and during the day the total of 8 bottles.i stopped because not only my weight increased dramatically my stomach was bloated and tight all the time.very clothes started not to fit very fast.i wasn't peeing as much as I was drinking. they call it water weight.well water weight on top of fat does not look or feel nice and it makes me sluggish .I have to exercise twice as hard just to loose the water .i would like to know now how to loose the water weight.




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