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5'6" Wanting to be 125. How to Lose the last 15 pounds

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I am so stinking motivated to lose weight.  I'm 5'6" and weigh 142.  My goal weight is 125 maybe lower if I feel it's healthy enough.  I just need some helpful advice to one get some weight and inches off my tummy after 2 kids and my "woman" problem areas (hips, thighs, butt).  I jog 4 days a week and try to keep my calorie intake to roughly 1400 - 1600/day, but my downfall is consistency. 

I am focusing on making myself accountable for my actions and binging on "junk food" at least once a week is my weakness.

My motivation is this...if I reach my goal weight, I have $500 to go on a shopping spree courtesy of my husband.  It may not be that big of a deal to some but for me it's HUGE.  Any advice or motivation would be great!
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You can do it!   I think you'll feel pretty comfortable at 125.  I'm 5'5" and I am at my goal weight of 127.  I can see places I want to tone up, but I don't expect the weight to drop off with toning.  I'm betting you won't want to go lower than 125. 

Shopping is great incentive, and you're going to need it!  You can't wear your favorite jeans all baggy and belted forever! 

It's going to be a slow race, so hang in there.  Don't expect to drop 2-3 pounds a week.   You're starting out close to your goal and those are the hardest pounds to shed off.  It only gets harder as you get closer.

Develop a routine that you go thru daily.  Stay on track.  You'll get there!   =)
I too am 5'6 and I weigh 140.  My goal is also 125.  Maybe we can motivate each other a bit. 

125 is hard for me to maintain, but I feel motivated enough to do it right this time. 

I've just started playing tennis with my boyfriend and I'm hoping that will help. 

I wish someone would give me 500 dollars to lose 15 lbs!  I'm here for you if you need advice, or motivation, or need to vent some frustration. 

Good luck!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the support.  I find it difficult just to see 135 on the scale.  My downfall is snacking.  For example today, I had a 1/2 banana after my 30 minute jog, Quaker Instant Oatmeal for breakfast, 16 oz chocolate milk for a snack, Ham & cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with only 15 pringles (the alloted amount for 150 calories).  But then during the kids naptime, I sat down to Tostitos chips and con queso.  Now I am kicking myself.
khatch, Get those chips and pringles out of the house! Willpower is soo overrated. You can't snack on what you don't have.
I pretty much had to rid my house of anything I didn't think I should be eating.  Especially anything I know I can't control myself with. more tostitos!!!!  It's too easy to eat too many.

I started buying as many fruits and vegetables as I think I can handle.  If they are here, I'm far more likely to eat them.  If you don't buy the healthy stuff, you can't eat it.

Good luck and get rid of the tostitos!!! :)
Grab fresh fruits and veggies for snacks and drink lots of water.   Eight 8oz glasses of water every day minimum!  Keep the chips as far from the house as you can!  You can do it!
I was exactly where you are about 2 months ago. If you want to lose weight quickly (the right way) you have to do as everyone above has stated, but you also have to exercise. The most effective exercise is circuit training. I do a circuit training video every other day. I was also one of those eliptical/treadmill/jogging people and I NEVER saw the results I wanted. I use a tape at home and the tape is about 48-55 minutes, depending on which one I do. Circuit training is where you do aerobics for 4 minutes and then weight lifting for 2 minutes...or along those lines. This is the most effective exercise not only because you are doing cardio, but also because you are building muscle mass. Muscles burn more calories than does fat. I've lost 15lbs. in 7 weeks doing this and eating right. I swear that this is the most effective exercise and this is coming from a girl that has been all over the spectrum of weight...from 192lbs. to 109lbs.
I certainly appreciate all of the comments.  As far as water, I drink anywhere from 80 to 100 oz a day.  My body craves water.  I do need to do more strength training.  I do lunges up and down my hall and squats with my excercise ball. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support. 

Kimanne421, what law school are you attending.  My husband is one semester away from his undergrad and then we're onto law school.
Justagirl1, what excercise tape do you use for circuit training?  I did super circuit in high school and college and was able to maintain 110 to 115 in my weight.  It sounds like you have had a lot of success as well.  15 pounds in 7 weeks?  That would put me at my goal weight by January 1.
I'm in almost the exact same place. 5'6", started at 140, now 134. The highlight has been comfortably fitting into size 6 jeans. I'd be happy to stay at this size because I know I'm not overweight and look good, but it's completely a mindgame with those numbers. I want to see 125 on the scale, even though I know I look good right now.

I can relate to this! I am 5'6 and also weigh 140-I want to weigh in the 120 even though my hubby says I look good now. I guess it is all about perspective.  Keep up the good work :)

I will support you :)
It's all in the mind.  I am convinced of that.  It's amazing how much differently we feel about ourselves when we drop below that "dead weight."  For me I think I would have a whole new motivation if I could just get from 142 - 143 to 139.  That would be huge for me.  Then I would keep working at it until 129 became my goal.  But then I ask myself, when is enough enough?  When will I just be content.  People say I look good now, but it is all in my mind and in the numbers.

I support all of you! 
I know I recently posted but I want everyone to see this article I found a couple months back on Prevention's website.,5778,s1-4-88-103-6788-1, ml  Pass this one onto all of your friends who want to know how guys do it.  You know, cut out soda for a week and drop 10 pounds!
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I'm 5 6 and weigh 142 as well! (I'm actually 147 but i gained about 5 pounds of muscle in 4 months or something!)

I am so motivated as well to be 130 (so 125 like you). I was 127 last year and I felt so confident! I pretty much almost had a completely flat stomach! I let myself gain so much weight this year between breakups and boredom snacking...

I will be your partner in your weight loss journey! The 3-week-diet works very well if you can stick to it (I did the first week and lost 10 pounds but I just cheated twice over the weekend so I've gained a bit back but if you can stick to it it reallyy works!). Also just cutting out carbs works miraculously. I lost 10 pounds in 10 days on the Atkins diet! I keep jo-jo dieting though..I'm trying not to...this time I'm super motivated!

I am 53  5'6" and last year got to 155lb and a size 4 from an 8- 

Weight lift and ignore and throw out your scale. ll-is-important-not-the-scale/


ETA- you are also starving at only 1400 - 1600 calories.  EAt!  I eat about 2000 cal a day and only lift weights 3 times a week for an hour.  

Keep posting what's been/not been working. I'm like most of u, at 135, 36 years old, 5'5 and feel my best at 128. Weird number, I know, but 125 is so hard for me to maintain, but look the best at! 128 is doable. I don't like being 130 because I feel as though I'll just keep going up and up from there and be at 14" before I know it. My energy is at optimal at 128 and clothes fit great!! I feel very confident at that weight. I am having a very difficult time losing the weight. I've been on 1200 calories/day and I'm gaining instead of losing and jogging my brains out along with athletic training with weights. I've decided that I've been in starvation mode and my body is holding on to fat and my metabolism has almost stopped. in upping my cals to 1450 per day to see if that makes a difference! I'd live to hear how u all r doing!
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Can anyone give advice on night time craving that's what's kicking my butt right now.
I bought these chocolate calcium chews from Costco with only 20 calories in each one. I pop a few of those when I feel cravings coming on. Also the cereal, cinnamon toast crunch, is good to satisfy sweet cravings. I'll pop a small handful in. Keep a bowl of carrots and grapes in fridge so that u can chomp on those at night instead of high carbs or sweets. I'd love to hear more ideas on this too

For me I can't seem to control how much I eat!  I eat about 2500 calories per day, I can't stop it.  I am 5'6" and 144lbs, would like to drop down to 135lbs and 18% body fat.  But the scale and body fat isn't moving.  When I get hungry, I can't help but eat.  But getting rid of the bad stuff is a good idea.  If I have to eat 2500 calories a day, I bet it makes a big difference if those calories come from bananas instead of donuts. 

I do exercise a lot.  I run about 15 miles per week on the treadmill (at a 2% incline).  I also weight lift 5 days a week.  It is my routine now.  I get up early, weight lift 20 minutes, run 45 minutes, then shower and usually eat a big breakfast. 

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