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I want to feel better! And I can't seem to get the motivation to start

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I hate my body, I want to lose weight, feel better, quit being so depressed, get motivation. Actually have an accomplishment under my belt for myself. What would you suggest to help me get started and STAY on task?
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Do one good thing for yourself that you havent done before..   it doesnt have to be food related..  it doesnt have to cost money..  just something that you enjoy...  do one good thing like that ..  and post tomorrow, tell us what you did, and we'll give you the next tip..
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Set an easy [but not overly easy] target for yourself. Some thing you can build on.

Find something you enjoy. Some thing you'll want to do not because it's good for you but because you enjoy it.

Find healthy foods you enjoy. Really this goes back to the second part. You aren't in this to punish yourself.

If you only do things or eat things because you have to then the moment you don't you'll fall off the wagon. Instead if you do what you like you'll stick with it.

Like to read? Walk to the libary or bookstore. Like nature? Take up hiking. Even if it's only short walks in the local park.

But the key thing is to find things you enjoy.
Start a journal/log/diary or whatever you want to call it :)
Begins with your current stat, date it, and then write your ULTIMATE goal... dun dun dun ....*psyched-up*
Then, set MINI goals - you can do daily tasks goal, or/and weekly goals. Personally, I like Weekly Goal. It is easier to set your mind to and not too long of a period span, and less tedious to keep track. ;p
What to put in goals? ANYTHING :D Food you going to eat, or people you want to meet (or avoid), or things you want to do or not do (example: this week I will work on the pile of dirty laundry ....hey, I had that on mine at one point ^^ )
Everyday, log in what you eat, or do (exercise). Start simple and short. You don't have to get into specific (you could if you want to and have the patience for it).

Why i suggested journal/log? (Not for you to ultimately get obsessed about it, mind you). I am sharing this with you because, it works for me in regulating my thoughts (training your mind) while adjusting my lifestyle into the one I want.
Second, it keeps you accountable. You will be able to see what you do right what you do wrong, what you can do to improve or change things. It is like a snowball effect, once you get the ball rolling, it gets easier and easier. When you can see what you do right, you will get more eager to keep doing it. You see something not right, you just can't wait to change it and improve your log.
I started mine after reading other people's diary here:
It has been 18 days since I started mine, and I have never felt better. Hope it will be an inspiration for you too, and keep posting here of your progress :)
By the way, may I ask WHAT is your current stat (like height and weight), and your issues about your body? Unless you give us more information, what we say can only be as much helpful. Plus, we don't want to provide you with wrong directions. We are here afterall, to support a healthy living. :)
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I totally agree with setting some MINI goals. I have been depressed too - trying to console myself with food. Just like you, I felt the need to change. I started running again - only 1 minute running and 2 walking at first but it has made a huge difference in my life. I signed up for a 10 k run (which made me keep running three times a week). I don't know what it is about exercise but it has changed my life. So take small steps but keep taking them - they will lead to big changes. 
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There are a few things you need to buy.  A journal, a 32 ounce cup and an MP3 player.  Take your current weight muliply by 7 this is the max calories you can have in a day.  As you lose your calorie intake goes down but never below 1000.  Now in your journal set your first week goals.  If you are not used to drinking 64 oz of ICE water per day.  Maybe set your goal each day for the first week to drink 16 oz.  Go on line and find the negative calorie foods.  Make a list of the ones you like.  Read about these foods, how they work etc.  Put this list in your journal.  Set your goal to eat (1) negative food per day.  Along with your water in take and calorie limits.  Now exercise.  If you work set your goal to walk 2 times per day for 15 minutes while at work.  Set your goal to walk 15 minutes after you get home.  Use the MP3 player if you dont have a buddy.  It is very important to keep a journal.  I dont know why but it works.  Dont lie in your journal.  If you didnt meet your daily goal.  Then write down what you really did.  At the bottom of the journal mark your mood for the day.  Bad day at work, kids drove you nuts, fight with hubby, time of the month etc.  If you look back in a month or so you will see a pattern.  This will PRE-PARE you for what is coming up.  Say for example you craved chocolate (like a lot of us do) during your cycle, you will know next month that you will probably do the same thing.  So be PRE-PARED buy some Low fat, low calorie chocolate brownies, ice cream etc.  Fill the craving but you are in control.  If you eat because you had a bad day at work help yourself find another out.  Seeing these patterns helps you take more control.  I guess you figured by now I am an emotional eater.
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This might sound crazy but I went on line and found a picture of somebody who was very overweight and lost a lot of weight.  I printed the picture, taped it on the refrig and put under the picture "I am thin".  Everyday I said, I am thin to myself.  I pictured myself thin.  I had always pictured myself fat before.  Now I see myself thin, lean, slinder and active.  You will do it!!!!!!!
God you sound like me.

I picked out a nice dress a few sizes smaller. ( not tooo much smaller)
I'v hung it in my room so I see it every day.
I need new Before pictures cuz it will make my after pictures much nicer to look at.
That's what I'm trying.
I walk much more now, even if it is with my kids slowing me down. Cuz' when we reach the park we will RUN!!!
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