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There's a box full of chocolate brownies down stairs and I can hear them calling me.  They're saying 'Jenny, Jenny, eat me, eat me...'  It's torture!!!  Somebody convince me that trufully I don't really want one.  Sealed

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I just think of all the guilt I'd feel later and convince myself it's not worth it ;)

On the other hand...I would cut me like 1/4 of a piece JUST to savor the taste and tell myself to be satisfied with that :P

the have organic brownies at better health stores (like gnc) that are huge and really resonable in calories and they are awsome....if you have a better health near you i would try it....i think i can hear your brownies too!!!  lol

but these are georgous homemade brownies... Sealed

You at first said box of brownies so I was thinking store bought loaded with chemicals. But now you say homemade. Yup that would be hard to resist however ask yourself this. Will it fill you up? It's probably like 350 calories right? Or more.

I'm guessing you would rather spend that large amount of calories on foods that you can eat more of then just one little brownie that wont do anything but tickle your taste buds for another one. :)

An extra hour or so on the treadmill isn't worth it. Matter of fact go chug some water try 16oz to start.

In the past when this has happened to me I have tried to eat something healthy in place of the brownie.  However, through experience I have learned that eating other things doesn't necessarilymake my brownie craving go away.  In fact, I have eaten the other things and then eaten the brownie to boot!

So, I would just eat the brownie and work it into my calorie intake for the day.  Occasional indulgences are alright as long as it is a small, infrequent one.  BTW, if you do decide to eat it, make sure you enjoy every single bite!

I know how you feel so here is my advice to you. First don't feel terrible that you want it. It's normal and if you do eat it, just pull yourself up and keep going on with your weight loss. It usually works that your not really hungry if you only want one single thing, like the Brownie. If you were really hungry you would want any food. Try having a glass of water to see if that helps. It sometimes helps me. The best bet if you don't want to eat them would be to give them away, this might sound horrible....thrown them out if you have to. Or try imagining they look like dog poo or something along those lines. Also remember that if you eat the brownie...that's an extra amount of time until you reach your goal, or more exercise. So good luck. I'll be thinking about you!

I had this issue at a superbowl party. Just remember you want to be fit more than you want that stupid brownie (and geeze the oil and junk in those things). Instead, think of slipping into a new outfit a few sizes smaller. And drink some water - it'll help make you feel full.

My pig of a mum and sister had polished them off when I went back to get one. Laughing  Fed my smoothy addiction instead.

i put all my junk food that didn't need to be refrigerated and put them in a brown paper bag and wrote "FAT FOOD" on the outside.  Then i put it in a place that was hard to get to.  this way you think hard about if you REALLY want it or not before you reach in and eat it.  if you get chocolate cravings as bad as i do, try and get things like the slim fast brownie meal bars, sugar free jello, or the 100 calorie snack packs.  they satisfy my chocolate cravings and don't have as many calories as a 300 cal brownie.

Candy that's a good idea.

Jenny:If you are craving for that adjust rest of your calorie intake and take 1/4 of it. Taking a Single piece means additional hour in Treadmill just ask urself are u ready for it.

my boyfriend always has a box or 2 of cosim brownies laying around and they are so hard to pass up!! Little debbie makes these new 100 calorie borwnie type things that are so wonderful! They totally cure the brownie craving! I like to take one and top it w/ 1/2 bryers sugar free vanilla and 2 tbps of sugar free hershey's syrup you get an insanly amazing brownie sunday for 195 cal which is okay in my book lol!!

If there is some one else around you can split one. Half the calories right?

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