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I want to get below 200!

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My highest weight was 267. I am at 219.6 right now and I have been dancing around this weight for 5 or so years. I was really close once 206. It is just a number but for some reason it is a psychological block for me. Any advice would be welcome. The other side of 200 is going to be sweet.
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Good Morning,

Well I am back on my way back down at 228.8 this morning.  I hope not to hit 230 ever again like I did this past week.  I don't know how I am going to do it, but last week really put a knot in my chain as I wanted to be down to 219 by Memorial Day.  Looks like I am not going to make it but don't count me out.  I am visualizing.  I am visualizing it


I must say that misery really do love company because I am feeling pretty good right now knowing that others are feeling exactly the same as me.Laughing

Selkie....How are you doing today?  I was in an all-day training seminar yesterday and was really concerned about eating right/healthy, but I did okay and also because I was so mentally tired from the training, I fell asleep without eating my usual night-time snacks.  I thought being "good" yesterday would mean that the scale would have moved downward, but it stayed the same. Oh well, today's another opportunity to make it happen. 

Jay....we are exactly the same age.  Don't I wish those crackers were fat-free, although if I'm extremely honest, some of them were (FF) and were whole wheat crackers, but unfortunately for me the peanut butter and cheese were not. I also like lots of cream with my coffee, really I should say that I like a little coffee with my cream, but it is fat-free, but as much as I use, it really doesn't matter.  My plan was to not buy any more coffee-mate creamer after I consumed what I have in the refrigerator, but I have already put it on my shopping list.  I' m so weak.

I was reading the other day about how our body seems to sometime have a "set point" when it comes to our body's weight and I can believe that because I remained in the 230's for almost 5 years and once I finally pushed myself by walking every day and being very vigilant in my caloric intake, I did start to lose, but I couldn't maintain that was so unlike me, I am just not that disciplined. I went from daily walks to not walking at all in less than a month.  It was even a shorter timeframe for me to stop counting those calories. 

LeeBop we are the same age and about the same weight and it's not often that you get into the beginning of forum posts, so that you can really develop online friendships.  I hope I wasn't too hard on you about the cracker et al.  My worst time is in the night also, so I didn't bother to adjust for b'fast, I adjusted to my eating habits and times and no I am not pushing or advocating for anyone else to do this and I know most research says not to eat close to or right at bed time, but there is literature that also says that it doesn't matter.  For me, I just choose to start my day at lunch or first meal and if I weigh myself the same time everyday, eventually that should fall in with the rythm of my eating clock.  And if I get bored with this I will tweak it and if necessary change to a known weight loss plan.

But anyway, LeeBop, I do feel you.  My big thing was 2 gigantic spoons of peanut butter sans crackers usually when I am not watching what I eat and oh since it is the healthful kind, that makes it all right, lol.  And oh, I don't know why this reminded me of it but has anyone heard of Arctic Ice ice cream.  It is a little dear (expensive0 as my great aunt used to say and the only place I have found that has it is at about $6 a pop for a pint and they come in multiples, but for the whole pint they are 150 cals and for a serving, heh, heh a whole one half cup, it is 37 cals.  They have chocolate peanut butter or mint, cookies and cream, vanilla maple, strawberry, coffee, regular chocolate and I am sure I missed one or two, but to me they taste very good.  Now they won't knock Breyer's or any of the other ice creams out of the park, but they do taste very good and I like mine almost all the way melted in the micro; it seems sweeter that way and I can taste the subtle flavors better that way.  Supposedly Walmart here sells them but when I called it was a duh and what are you referring to.  The first time I ordered the large multi-pack and it wasn't a mistake; it just lasted forever but it gave me a chance to see which ones I like better than the others.  To give you an idea for a 40 pack, I think it contains, is $240, but you have to envision all those 150 calorie pints and that, for me, is my serving with not guilt or qualms about it.  If anyone googles it and finds it for cheaper, please let me know and I think they make popsicles to and I can't find them.  As for the cost, I think I had mine for about three or four months and I still have a few left.

Just had to drop a quick note.  I am still on the way back down and maybe, just maybe I can turn what was a catastrophe into a weight loss yet for this week.

Still headed back down 225.6 which is about where I started the week.  It's a beautiful day outside.

Have a nice day.

Good stuff! Stay with it.

Down to 224.4 today and thanks for the encouragement.  It doesn't look like I will weigh 219 by tomorrow, a weight that I had gotten down to before Christmas, but I am showing a loss from last weeks weigh-in thusfar and recovered from the three or four pound up I had early in the week.  There will be a sound off that you might hear when I hit that mini goal and then when I cross 200, watch out; there will be only 55 pounds more to go then out of 148 or so.  Before I would concentrate on pounds lost and now I am concentrating on the smaller weight of pounds to go.  It seems to work better for me as I don't start to feel complacent at my current weight and the amount that has already been lost.  I have to keep in mind that I still have so many to go and yes it is nice to wear a smaller size, but want to continue approaching my old weight and size.  It might be a bunch of self rhetoric but it keeps me focused.

I didn't get up until quite late so my first meal is going to be lunch and Freaky Eaters happens to be on while I am waiting for it to be finished and it bewilders me how with what they only eat, rarely are they overweight.  The subject or patient this week eats only french fries at over a hundred and fifty potatos worth a month and her seven or eight year old daughter is following suit.

Continuing downward with working toward 200lbs and it is also significant because normally at my heght, when I get there, I would just be overweight, I think.  Still have not incorporating exercise.  The subconscious mantra that is going on in my head is when I do kick it in, it will help keep the weight loss stoked and not being honest with myself that if I did it now, the pounds would come off more right now, so I am being dishonest with myself.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and enjoy the remembrance holiday tomorrow.  I had written my sister that this is the first spring/summer holiday that I won't have ribs on hand in the freezer in case I wanted to fix them.  It didn't even occur to me to get them, so I am counting that as a good thing in changing my train of thought and the way I see holidays and food.

Time to get my four ounces of steak and veggies.

Good for you! It is great that you are coming down in weight. Do you walk at all?

Thanks, I just got out of my wheelchair due to a callous on my leg and simultaneously breaking in new legs, so I am walking for regular daily tasks and don't have to plan my trips to consolidate walking, but I have yet--and it is laziness with a little fear of how bad I will do at maybe five minutes--to do any of my Leslie Sasone dvd's and what's worse, I have a stationary bike I can ride; although my feet do fly off periodically.  It's another Monday coming up and I am planning, yet again to initiate exercising.  I got on the bike once this year and lasted for the quarter mile lap but it took me sooooooo long, I was greatly disappointed.

I think I need a little more information: "callous on my leg and simultaneously breaking in new legs" - are these prosthetics? We have a friend who has one below the knee amputation due to diabetes. He went through all kinds if issues with this prosthesis. He's in good shape now though.

Yes, they are.  I am a bilateral bka, commonly known as a double amputee not to diabetes, however.  As high as I let my weight get in 2005, it is a wonder that I didn't acquire, diabetes, high bp or cholesterol or any of the other host of health conditions that come with morbid obesity.  I was up to 293.5; however I am or was 6'"1."  But technically if I had legs, I would have been in the vicinity of at least 310 or 320 or so or at least appeared to be.

This last fitting was my worst, I think.  I, in addition to the callous, developed open areas where the fit wasn't quite right and the liner that goes inside was too small, so that even when I relaxed by removing them, the liners would still be on my residuals and it was compressing them too much.  It's nice to know that my prosthetist thought I could fit into a smaller size, lol.  I had been outsourced from the VA and usually, except for one time, the last time before this, I had no problem putting on new ones and walking right away without an aid or even the parallel bars.  The previous time to this fitting they were too tight at the top and one leg had a gouge in it, so I was hesitant to go back and returned to the VA.  The prosthetist there just had to refamiliarize himself with me and I with him as far as conveying what is right or wrong with a fit.  They fit fine now; however I was out of commission for almost a year for this reason or that, so I have to build up my stamina and strength again.

I am glad that your friend gets around well.  I know when I can't wear my legs, I feel disabled only then and I hope I am not offending anyone.  There is just so much more that I can do and get done with working prosthetics and unless told, most people don't know that I am an amputee.  Let me take some of that back; when I fall, it is not a pretty sight watching me get up, lol.

I'm smiling just imagining that.

Our friend, Norman, had just had his leg amputated, was just brought home by ambulance. Another friend stopped by, and by chance. Robert and I were separately on our way to him. Phil telephoned to say that Norman had fallen off the bed, while trying to reach the phone, and had fallen onto his stump!!!!! WHAT A MESS. We all hurried to him, I phoned for an ambulance and then he had to wait several days as I recall waiting in ER for OR space/time to undo/redo his stump.

That was the last significant crisis I remember and it is now several years ago. 

I remember being grateful we no longer needed to wheel him around that hot summer in a wheel chair. He was larger/heavier than I was at that time and in hot humid weather the slightest incline was just awful. Good exercise though. I'm not sure I appreciated that at the time.

Yes, I imagine that was terribly painful by falling on it when it was freshly done.  I have walked out of mine, again and only in retrospect, lol, while in the midst of a step because one or both locking mechanisms have finally broken.  The problem is in the past I never had two sets like I will be getting this time, but I have had adjustable heel so I can where up to two inch heels and the ones I hope to get as the second pair this time adjust to 2.5 and if I can sneak them by Martin, my prosthetist I have bought some walking shoes that have about an inch heel over thte front sole that I hope to have them initially adjusted to so I am thinking that I may be able to wear up to 3.5 inch heels.  And since he talked me into, after all these years at still being 6'1" almost, he talked me into dropping an inch so I have to make it up somehow, lol.  One good thing from the disability, my feet had flattened to a size 12 with flat arches.  I had worn a 10.5 or 11 and I now wear a ten and Martin said that the size of my prosthetic is actually a 9.5, but it works for me and I am a shoe horse and won't mention how many shoes I have and when I could wear heals, it got worse--affordable as I am not into designer shoes, but worse.

But enough about my disability and I do appreciate your interest.  I find my weight, well not so much now, but in the past to be much more debilitating to my debilitation.  I am still 224.6 today, but it didn't help that I stayed up until five and had three cups of coffee around three and didn't eat dinner until around nine or ten which consisted of two oranges.  I have been trying to get back in the swing of things with getting my house together.  I had a house cleaner come once a month, who was my daughter's friend; however, she has been visiting her sister--they weren't raised together--in MS and now isn't going to return until Oct/Nov.  I liked the way she did it which was similar to the way I would do or anyone would do his or her home and not just cosmetic.  I had considered obtaining a cleaning business as she has been gone since November and I was minimally maintaining mostly from my chair because of the prosthetics but I decided against it and have just alloted an hour to begin with, then upping it and so on and so forth until I get it done.  It will save me a hundred fifty a cleaning which was about the average of the offers that I received and when she gets back, if she still wants to do it, I will probably continue with her.  

But anyway, I was up thinking about how to plant a raised bed that is 12 ft in diameter and I have long arms but not that long and I have no qualms with using my wheelchair to garden.  The first year I ground planted and used my outdoor walker--duh, where was the thought in that and not to mention my back when I was through.  I have divided my first two beds and I am going to ask my handiman who will be coming over tomorrow to plant the divided plants as pleasantly directed around the burning bush that is the center of it and after one or two rows I will be able to complete it with the two small beds and one large long bed he will be putting up and painting.

So I was up thinking of what plan of attack I was going to have on my bathroom, remaining plants on my back deck to be planted and started, etc and their will be no BBQíng here today, but there will be remembrance as I am a vet and my parents, my brother (navy vet) and my older sister as well as many beloved pets have departed this earth.  There is just my second older sister and I left. 

12 years ago I was 289lbs. I hated myself. I remember I couldn't breath it was hard to walk. I even remember sitting and being able to balance a glass of coke on my stomach. I knew something had to change. I stopped eating carbs. Only drinking wAter and after one month I saw I lost 30lbs I was so motivated I started walking for an hr on the treadmill everyday. In 7 months I was down to 150lbs. So for the past 11 years I was between 140 to 150. I hated carbs. I didn't exercise but I was very active cleaning my home and working. I hardly sat down all day. It was always in the back of my mind that one day I'm going to gain the weight back. After getting pregnant for the first time in 2010 my fear came true. I gained quickly and by the time I gave birth in April 2011 I was up to 209 by the time he was 8 months old I was 215. I was really depressed. I didn't take care of myself because first of all the baby had some medical problems and second I was so unhappy with the way I felt that I didn't even want to wash my face. Well around April 15 2012 I was 209 and I kept saying the same thing u are saying " just wana be out of the 200s". To date I lost 15 lbs. I now weigh 194. I didn't stArt exercising yet but I just stopped eating carbs like bread pasta cookies. I eat a lot of egg whites with cheese n ketchup or turkey burgers with cheese n ketchup no bread! I'm so excited but what motivated me to start eating healthy again was that I got up and started taking care of myself like teeth whiting n taking care off skin 2 times a day. So mentally it just changed my thinking automatically. So as soon as my apartment renovation is completed ( any day now) I will slowly start elliptical machine again. I have really fat legs do elliptical was always my best friend. My cravings for cookies go away with a small Carmel ice latte from dunkin donuts or a large ice tea with 4 splendas and a lot of lemon juice. For some reason I never gain weight if I drink 1 of each a day. I think be side that's the only bad carbs I have a day and I'm always cleaning my house or doing something. I was never able to just sit and watch tv. It's in my blood to move even when I was 289. But it all depends on how much carbs I take daily. I wish all luck including myself to reach ur goal. If u have any questions that I can help with please ask. I'm new to this app. I just down loaded it 2 days ago and love it. I know this will help me keep track of what I'm eating I used to write it down and that was annoying. I'm still learning how to use it. Good luck!

It's nice to hear from you Viktor and I am just taking a mid afternoon lunch break myself.  I have never been into carbs that much but unfortunately fruit either; although I love vegetables I have to make myself eat fruit besides the usual orange, when in the mood a bannana or apple.  I just had a personal watermellon a few days ago on two days and loved it, so I will have to delve into fruits a little bit more;although I knew I liked other mellons, but they tend to go to waste. 

It was nice hearing your story and at different stages, I have been there or am still going through.  When I was in the military I went up to and over 200 lbs with both of my bio kids, but was back down to about 170 lbs in the time to return to work and shortly after down to my normal weight of 160-165 which at 6'1" is about average but when I lost weight the quick way by amputations and the ability to exercise and not wanting or caring to walk and divorce--a whole 'nother story--weighing oneself was difficult and determining caloric intake was hard and there is little information available on it, even now.  I computed at 230, I was eating about 2300 calories if I were maintaining it and that is just my best guess after research and in order to lose, as I am coming off an injury, I am keeping it at about 1000 and I know the guru's say 1200 should be the least, but I have to take into account the loss from my body and I don't ever go above 1500.  When and as I ease into exercising, I will up my tally for the day. 

Your story is encouraging as because of my injury I wasn't at a point where I was completely down but at the point where I would get to it eventually, well recently has been eventually since I am finally mended.  I just have to get my stamina back and I can sit and watch TV, but it is not cool in a disastrous house, but I am a stickler.  I am trying to work up to a normal household day and I am slowly but surely getting there.  I just came in from planting the last third of sixty something plant starts on my deck and am taking a break from the dreaded thorough bathroom cleaning.  I had started out when I was still on the mend just going to do a cosmetic clean but I like floorboards and all done, so I am working in one room until it is done.

I do hope that you attain your goals, as with everyone, and all your endeavors.

My grandmother's mother used to say "never leave anything that has to be done for the next day because if ur no linger on this earth your leaving the work for someone else". Ok... My family came from Europe and to eat the next day they had to finish the current days work on the farm...but still my grandmother n mother used to say that saying constantly. It's been stuck in my head since I was a child. At a young age I couldn't imagine leaving my toys for my mother to clean lol if I didn't wAke up in the morning. So now at 32 I'm the same way. Toilets,floors etc has to be done everyday because I don't what's going to happen the next day. I know this issue sounds like I need to see a it works to keep busy and burn calories all day long lol. No matter what injury or illness a person has,if u have the will there is a way. My aunt has a bone disease and she is overweight and unable to walk but how that lady has the will to push herself daily is amazing. She does all the house work and as much pain as she is in she never says it. You can do anything u want as long as ur brain is strong enough!

I agree to some extent and there was no mop to be used when I was growning up either--a bucket, brush and old rag and if one of my friends accidentally left a toy out, I put it away, so they could come back.  I didn't have a problem keeping my locker straight in basic because I kept a well organized closet growing up.  Had to, to vary my wardrobe more, not that I was deprived but I do feel that todays children might some be indulged too much.

I am very satisfied with myself today.  I planted for a couple hours and took over four hours to do my bathroom and I'll be back at it tomorrow.  I've just come off a significant injury that probably wouldn't be incurred by most people, but after today the endorphins feel like I ran ten miles, it was just that satisfying to be back at it and each day gets better.

Well I was feeling good this weekend.  I had an appt with my prosthetist and he actually exclaimed the fact that I wan't still using the walker and he commented on how well I was walking--fast, I think he put it.  Now keep in mind my legs have not been up to par or working correctly for months and my initial fitting made open wounds on my left residual, so to hear that from him put me in an over the mood of happiness, so I celebrated with food all weekend to the tune of about eight pounds.  I am back on the wagon now and am especially proud of the fact that I could analyze why I ate and I didn't binge until the food was sitting up high, nor did I overeat.  I tended to graze, but I did for the first tme in awhile eat over my daily and the food was expressively salty; however I am getting back on the 200 lb aspiration wagon.

Hope everyone is doing OK.

Definitely headed back down south in the weight area, but I am having troubles exiting the 220's on the downside.

One pound closer--224.

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