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Walking Off the Weight 2

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Hello all!

I credit my taking up walking, in conjuction with the awesome cc, with my weight loss success thus far this summer..... I know there are many others out there, walking away the pounds, the stress, the stuff in life that needs to be sweated out, so join us here! We had discussions in WOTW1 from where we liked to walk to how to improve the walking work out after it had gotten too easy, blisters and bras, to how to get the SO to come along with you, so if it's related to walking, it can go here! ( :

Just FYI, but I think I am offically a "wogger" now -- I almost can't say that word without laughing (credit Jess who found it). So let's say walkers, wanna be walkers who need encouragement, woggers, even joggers if they promise not to make fun! =P Hope to see allmy old friends here + and a lot of new ones too!

So---Rock on with your walkin', girls and boys!    --Olivia
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Good Morning!! Tempest, welcome to our walking group!  I find the dark chocolate works to satisfy my desire with smaller portions.  I do go out of my way to really slow down and savor it, rather than simply wolfing it down (which is what I used to do).

The weather is pretty nice here in south east Mich too.  The thermometer read 59 degrees when I left to walk, but once the sun came out it felt much warmer!  Got a good sweat in again, which I like because it makes me feel like I am doing a good job.  Walked the bleachers for the third day in a row and am very proud of myself for that.  Also realized today that although I still have plenty of extra belly, it doesn't feel as jiggly when I wakt at a really brisk pace!  I just LOVE the changes in my body!!  Definitely cannot only use the scale as a measurement of progress.  Even my husband commented on how well I look...and I know he is loving the extra energy!  

Sue, what a great way to burn calories!!  Wink

Sue - LMAO, must have been the morning for "extra" exercise!!!!!

gotta run, work is calling.   No walk last night, helped my parents install a new door, didn't get home until have 10 last night. oh well.     Weekend is busy with a friend coming to Ohio from NY, we are sight seeing tomorrow, so will get in some walking - but not the "extreme" kind.  but at least something.

Have a good weekend!

hey, what are those of you who use music to walk by listening to?  I am working on a new playlist and am really interested in what keeps you moving at a good pace.

I have been listening to:

Madonna Ray of Light, Vogue, Papa Don't Preach, Like a Virgin, I Love New York, Into the Groove

B 52's Dance this Mess Around, Mesopotamia

Bow wow wow I Like Candy

Cranberries Dreams

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Eminem Lose Yourself

George Michael Faith

Foghat Slow Ride

Golden  Earring Radar Love

Grand Funk We're an American Band

Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl, What are you waiting for?

No Doubt Just a Girl

Heart Magic Man

Prince U Got the Look

U2 Vertigo, Mysterious Ways

ZZ Top  La Grange, Arrested While Driving Blind



Sunny and in the 90's here in Montana, with a light breeze.  Three 35 minute walks in so far today.  :)  I'm up to about 40 songs now on my new  Ipod, mostly country.  I love the classics, as well as lots of the new country.    Lately I haven't taken along the Ipod, so much to think about while I'm walking!  I love my walks for all the thinking and dreaming I can do.  :)  I seem to walk faster, without the music?! 

 The scale is still being a stinker, stuck at 113 when I was 110 a week ago.  *Sigh* I have been getting too much sodium, and not drinking enough water, so I imagine that's what is going on.  Oh well, I'm doing good on the calories again, and it looks like I'll get my ten miles in today too. :)  I'm headed out the door right now for my 4th walk.  I just may get 6 walks in today, because I got started early this morning.  The smoke from the Idaho fires has cleared out, and the light breeze helps with the 90 degree heat.  I'm not complaining about the heat, no siree.  Because by November it is going to be downright nippy here.  Am I ever dreading the cold and snow.  :(


Down came the rain, before I could even get my shoes laced up.  :  It did stop however by evening, and I managed to get my 4th walk in.  So eight miles today, I'll take it I guess, lol.  We needed the rain, so I'm not going to complain.  I'm looking for the" Walking Off The Weight"  original thread, but can't find it.  Would one of you girls post the link?  I'd like to go back and read it!  Thanks,


WOO_HOO!!! I did 57 mins this AM (was hoping for an hour)! And what a positive attitude adjustment I got as a result! I'd been worried about how to handle the food today (I'll worry about tomorrow then) and was able to formulate a plan!

I Love what walking does for me!!

Rachel--here is the link you are looking for. 

I won't be walking today, since weekends are husband time for me.  I'm bummed though because I forgot to put my pedometer in my pocket this morning and I have been doing quite a bit of casual walking this morning that won't be registered.  Darn!

Have a terrific weekend!!


You ladies are doing me proud!!!

I did pretty well this week, despite starting work and having to to my walking/wogging at 4:30 in the PM. I did something every day except Thursday (dinner with the bf's parents night). See my journal for a hilarious, small dog + big lake story!  ( :

I am so glad I found this place----you girls lift me up when I feel down and give me something to look forward to!

The link doesn't work, darn!  What is the name of the thread?  Just heading out the door for my second 35 minute walk.  Cloudy here today, looks like it's going to rain any second, so I'd better hurry!  Have a great weekend everyone!  Edited to say I was able to open the link after all!


Rachel--hmmm...don't know why the link doesn't work, sorry!  Here is the url: 85.html

Also, I found it by doing a forum search "walking off the weight"--be sure to put the quotation marks around the phrase.


Hello Everyone,

I hope you don't mind me joining your group, it sounds like a great bunch here.  :) I started walking in July and have lost 16 pounds so far. I  have lost the weight before by walking and will do it again. I usally walk at home to my leslie Sanstone(sp) videos being that I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids its just easier but when the two older ones start school the lil one and I will get outside and walk. I'm glad I found this forum.

welcome to sarah! ( ;

All the girls here are so awesome and keep me motivated and laughing!
Welcome Sarah!
Hello, everyone. I'm back from vacation. I haven't weighed myself yet, but I'm thinking I should have maintained or even lost weight. We ate very sensibly -- tons of fresh fruit -- and I spent the week chasing the kids and my nieces and nephew around the beach, swimming, walking and bike riding. We had a glorious time!

Mom -- I hope that your back is feeling better.

Welcome Tempest and Sarah!

Olivia -- I hope your first week back to school was a good one! My hubby is a teacher and he starts on Monday -- 4th grade. So do my kids. My oldest daughter is going into 3rd grade and my son is starting kindergarten. Good thing I still have a 2-year-old at home or I might feel a little weepy. As it is, I may have a little back to school celebration for the moms at my house after pick-up! ;) LOL

Wendy -- Isn't it great to FEEL the changes in your body. I love the satisfaction of feeling the muscles in my legs and watching the extra fat melt off especially around my knees and at the tops of my thighs near my tush. I have a definite behind now instead of a blob sliding down my legs toward my feet! hahaha

Rachel -- I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Just start a new day. You can't undo any days that have past so put them behind you and look forward.

Kris -- Woo hoo and your 57 minutes!

So, now, my bad news. My foot is killing me again. I go back to the doctor on Friday. At the moment, I am wearing drug store orthotic inserts but the doc suspected that my high arches would require the prescription kind, custom made for my foot. They are about $300 so I was hoping to avoid them, but I have to walk so we'll have to come up with the cash. Riding my bike is fun, but not the same as walking for me.
hey ladies,

I've missed you all! Welcome to all the newbies. I have limited access to my internet at work due to my coworker who IM's her boyfriend all day and is looking for her soulmate on So I had a lot of catching up to do. I enjoyed reading all your post and wish everyone the best! I have my son's party  finally today  at Chuck e Cheese, I can already smell the pizza and hope I can stick to the salad. I have about 20 kids coming so I am sure I will burn sime calories today chasing after them. Won't be able to get my walk in this evening but lately I have been very good.

Meg my backs the same I really need to go see a chiropracter before my vacation. I hope the doctor can find a cheaper alternative for your foot. Sorry to hear its acting up again.

Olivia good to see you are back in good spirits!

talk to you guys later have a good sunday!
Wow talk about feeling welcomed! ya dont get that on all sites thanks so much! I so look forward to chatting with you all. I did really bad yesterday with my choices but today is a new day to start over and I will do just that! I usally dont walk on the weekends but after yesterday I will be walking today to make up for it. My goal is 10 lbs a mo so I need to lose 2 lbs this week and next to make it. So I gots to be good so I can make it!! walk walk walk walk walk lol heres to us walkers and woggers lol love that name!

wogger. haha, that's me so I want to join here.  Jogging too hard on knees, so walking is my new alternative.  Love just going out the front door and doing it.

My kids got me an Ipod for Christmas and I love the choices of songs which keep me moving fast.  (Altho their patience wore thin teaching me to use it).

I know I won't melt, but hoping there's a break in the rain today, so I can get out.

Happy Walking to everyone............
Hi Girls,

Welcome Ohio! :)    I went to my first professional baseball game last night.  Found out I hadn't been missing much, lol.  We had a VIP table and had dinner from the concession stands catered to us.  Just hamburgers, chips, potato salad and pop.  I gave my hamburger to my husband and ate 1/2 cup of the potato salad, a tiny bag of potato chips, and a pop.  So that wasn't too bad.  The scale is still stuck at 113.  Grrrrrrr.  But I sneaked and took my measurements earlier and I am still losing inches.  :) 

 I've got one 35 minute walk in around our property today, and I'm headed out the door to do my second.  Since I was up bright and early today, I'd love to get 13 miles in total, but that may be a bit too much.  I'll settle for 10 miles.  But I have got to be 108 by the end of September because I have a Dr appt, and I swear I won't go unless I am.  I hate getting on that scale. :(  That darn scale at athe Dr's office keeps me away, more times than not. Have a great day everyone!

Welcome Ohio, I'm new too =)

Well I got my 30 min walk in today so I'm happy and have ate well all day now just to keep it up all night =)

Have a great night all~
Hey everyone, it'a been a couple days since I've posted anything, welcome to the new girls!!!!  It's been busy the past couple days with birthday parties, my step son had a boy/girl only for teenagers party he' turned 13 in July and my daughter turned 8 yesterday and we had a swimming party, I cooked hot dogs and ate 2 of them but hopefulyy as hot as it was I sweated them off LOL!!!!  I took my daughter shopping for a couple school outfits today and then come home and just went ot the track and walked/ran 4 miles tonight in 50 minutes, I walked the first mile and the on the 2 and 3 mile I would walk the curves and run the straights and the last mile I just kept up a steady walk. I would like to start getting in 4 miles everyday this week and just keep adding. There's a half marathon in November that I'm tempted ot see about trying but I don't know if I will commit to it or not just wait and see I guess.

Have a great night, back to work tomorrow.
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