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Do you do it? Do you walk with your head down? The theory behind this is because....


NO!!!!! Because your self esteem is low... you don't want to be recognized..... YES!!!

Ihave lifted my head.... people say HI more.. you feel better!!!!

TRY IT!!! Remember... we all have the same ULTIMATE goal here.. Be healthy (well)... Wellness comes in being happy too!!!! Smile.. Pat yourself on the back... YOU DESERVE IT!

Just wanted to make ya smile today! Happy Health!
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Never bow your head, son, unless you are praying or working...
I walk with my head down so I don't HAVE to communicate with the idiots walking by me.
the idiots.... thats hilarious.. I have many around me too... but ya know.. there are only so many lines on the ground... and gravel on the road to stare at!! The world around is is gorgoeus if we just look up!!!!
I totally agree with this!!

And anyway, look those idiots right in the face and let 'em know how is boss.

Always walk with head held high.
I used to walk with my head down (mostly to make sure I didn't trip on anything - let's face it, I'm lucky if I can walk and chew gum at the same time) but since I found this place - I've noticed that I walk with my head held high and look those idiots right in the eyes and dare them to say something to me. :):)
I definatley walk with my head up these days.  I think you get back from others what you give for the most part.  If you are open and give off friendly vibes you will get the same in return.  Of course there are always exceptions to this and those people just suck anyway!
I didnt really meanabout looking at people in general.. but you will notice as you pass people... you say HI more... you gain friends... and co-horts in the "BIG" picture though.. I just meant look around..... you look funny walking with your head down all the time.... BE PROUD OF YOU! samile, say HI.. Its an entirely different world!
Plus, when you stand tall, your stomach is pulled more in.  This makes you look slimmer!
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People can see your roots better if you walk with your head down. 

 Chin up, gang, chin up!

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I walk with my head up.  Mainly because of work.  They tell us to always walk with our heads up and acknowledge customers as you walk past, smiling or say hi.  I get so fed up with the miserable buggers who won't even look me in the eye or smile back.   I'm that used to doing it now that I do it all the time when I'm out and about.
I do keep my head up but some ppl dont talk :(
I use to have this same problem and would look down when I walked by people.  I also had a hard time looking people in the eye.  But I must say, time has changed and I feel better about myself.  I no longer worry about what people say about me or how they feel about me.  I walk with my head up and I can now look anyone in the eye.  Thank God for giving me my self esteem back.

Self Esteem goes a long way
OH!!  And best of all... if you're looking up... it reduces double chin!!  LOL  I'm all for it!  You see more, you smile more, and you look better!
What's wrong with walking with your head down?  It's a good way to spot lost change! ;0)
beach walker~~ that wasa humorous.. as was most of these!!! I hope you all get the point here.. But I like the humor... Makes it a great read!!
Not only am I walking with my head high, I stopped slouching and walk with my back straight. It helps with posture and self esteem. So.. I try to do it. (: Maybe I will get higher self esteem.

-Lemon Jello
i was always told that people that are walking with their head down are looking for pennies
A friend of mine always made fun of me for walking with my head down. The funny thing is that I never noticed until he mentioned it. Once he mentioned that he drove by me while I was walking and waved (he claimed he was 'half way out the window') but I never noticed because my eyes were glued to the floor. haha. ((It didn't help matters that I also listen to my ipod)) I'm pretty much in my own world when i walk.

Oh, and is it sad that I never find change??
Never thought of it that way. I thought it was my body's self defense mechanism (I have a habit of falling flat on my face and twisting my ankle on tiny stones).

Will give it a go.

I love the humorous stuff here. Goodness, did someone see my roots???Yikes, and can I really get rid of the double chin just by looking up??? LMAO, but it sure feels good to laugh at ourselves sometimes, doesn't it? This whole weight loss/exercise/healthy living thing can get just too damn serious sometimes!

Hold your head up and Smile everyone!

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