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Wagon Jumpers May 21-27, 2012

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Welcome to the Wagon Jumpers weekly thread! We are a group of CC members who have identified that one of our main challenges with achieving our weight loss, maintenance or general health goals is consistency.

This thread is designed to encourage long term commitment to our goals by publicly declaring them and asking the other members of this thread to hold us accountable. The primary focus of Wagon Jumpers is not how much weight you have lost, or need to lose, but what you need to do on a daily basis to meet your long term goals.

The idea of Wagon Jumpers was to create a close community where participants could get to know each other, creating a virtual support network as they attempt long term weight management.

This is impossible with an 'always open' group as there would be too many people coming and going. For this reason we have capped group membership numbers to 20 participants.

If you would like to be a member of this group please contact our wait list managerSarah_ann_artist

There are two rules for Wagon Jumpers:

1. All members must post once per week between Monday and Sunday.

2. All members must check the thread for members who have not posted by Saturday (a short list is posted at the end of the week) or are on the MIA list on Sunday and send them a polite and positive message to stay involved in the group and on track with their goals.

Wagon Jumpers Participants: 20

12 Week CONSISTENCY GOALS - April 2 - June 25:

  • beccaanic - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Bleedtoblue (Blue) - Maintenance:  Exercise 3/week for 9 of 12 weeks.
  • Claire314 (Claire, Co-Moderator) - New: Log food 4/7 days a week. Maintenance: Exercise 1000 mins/month.
  • crazigerl (Lorea) - Not participating in this round.
  • Defrog3 (Denise) - MaintenanceGet to my trainer 2x/week, and go to the gym 1x/week on my own.  Working out 3x/week will also be success.
  • ezrod - Not participating in this round.
  • Feljones (Debbie) - Maintenance: Log a calorie deficit 4 days/week. New: Eat an all-veggie dinner 3 times/week.
  • Figurethefat (Laura) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • hoggy509 (Cindy) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Islandscribe (Val, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Exercising the equivalent of 5 days/week - catch up or double-up days count towards goal.  Maintenance: Log meals 4 days/week.
  • kenright1008 (Kathy) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Kyashiis (Kathy) - New:  Log a deficit of 2,500 calories a week for 11 of 12 weeks. Maintenance: Do 10 - 30 minutes of yoga four days a week for 12 weeks.
  • mhNYC (Mari) - Maintenance: Complete all of my Calorie Camp goals for 12 weeks.
  • nekko_cat (Linda) - New: Keep a food log four days/week for 9 of 12 weeks. Maintenance:  Exercise 750 minutes/month for 12 weeks.
  • Ranchobernardo (John) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Sarah_ann_artist (Sarah, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Workout 1000 minutes/month for the next 12 weeks. New: Log 4 days/week for 12 weeks.
  • the_dragon (Hilary, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Log food 5 days/week. New: Exercise five minutes three times/week for 12 weeks.
  • tiegurl (Tierra) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • travs_girl (Ashley) - New: Jog six miles/week for 12 weeks.
  • twindaze (Jenny) - Not participating in this round of goals.

MIA one week:

MIA two weeks:

  • None

MIA three weeks & will be removed from the list if there is no contact by the end of this week: 

  • None

Wagon Jumpers on Hiatus:

  • None

Waiting List

Wagon Jumper threads now have a separate host for each week, as listed below:

  • 1st Sunday in month: Sarah_Ann_Artist (Sarah)
  • 2nd Monday in month: Sarah_Ann_Artist (Sarah)
  • 3rd Monday in month: Claire314
  • 4th Monday in month: Islandscribe (Val)
  • 5th Monday in month: the_dragon (Hilary)
  • Mid-Week Reminders: Claire314
  • Waitlist Management: Sarah_Ann_Artist
  • Thread Issues: If there are any issues with a thread, first contact should be the thread host for that week. 

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Thanks for doing the MIA list Sarah Ann! I just got back from Cape Cod and didn't realize until Sat afternoon that I'd forgotten it and had no easy internet access. Going through all my emails now. We had a beautiful weekend here. Hope everyone else did too!

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The new thread is posted here.


Congrats on the new addition to your family, Val!

I am in complete agreement with you on prescreening would-be parents Wink


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