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Wagon Jumpers - July 6 to 19th, 2008 (another, two week special!)

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Welcome (Sorry we're closed to new members until the group is smaller)

Edited for Week 2: July 13 - 19

Welcome to the Wagon Jumpers weekly thread. We are a group of CC members who have identified that one of our main challenges with achieving our weight loss, maintenance or general health goals is consistency. 

This thread is designed to encourage long term commitment to our goals by publicly declaring them and asking the other members of this thread to hold us accountable.

Each member on this thread (listed below) has agreed to check into the thread at least once per week. If any member does not check in by the end of the week, we ask all members to politely and positively PM that member and encourage them to make a post and stay on track (or get back on track).

If you would like to be a member of this thread please see the guidelines below and send me a PM if you are still interested (there may be a waiting list). 

Managing Motivation

The original idea of Wagon Jumpers was to create a close community where participants could get to know each other and hopefully form virtual-life and perhaps even physical-life bonds to create a support network as they attempted long term weight loss. 

The good news is the idea caught quickly. The bad news is that it became more of a list group and less of a community. 

With one organizer and many posters, I felt overwhelmed trying to send out so many reminders, and; members felt overwhelmed trying to read so many posts, no one was really getting to know each other so the purpose of the group was lost. 

I was hoping that some extra hands could help manage the first problem, but now I realize that doesn't address the second problem of members staring down a 100+ post thread that they feel too tired to read... and really... that's not motivating. 

New Structure - July 7th, 2008

Effective this week I am reducing the "official" participation in Wagon Jumpers to 30 people. I was stretched at 50 people and I think 30 will be a good number. I think this will also encourage people to think though why they want to be part of this group, what they hope to get from the group and give to the group and for us all to learn these things about each other. 

No one will be deleted now unless they have requested that I do that. The scary numbers have gone. I will still keep an MIA list for 3 weeks (as we all need forgiveness) and I will keep a waiting list. Once the group drops below 30 members I will ask people on the waiting list if they are still interested in joining the group.

General Guidelines for Joining

1. Are you a wagon jumper?

Do you know how to loose weight, you often have success but then you find yourself loosing interest in your plan, or sabotaging your plan. It's not the "how" to loose weight that is the problem, it's the "how" to stay motivated. 

2. Do you have a long way to go?

This group is designed so that members can get to know each other and support each other. Ideally you are planning to be a CC member and part of this forum for at least 6 months or more to achieve your goals and hopefully stay in motivation for a further 6 months or more.

Yes. This is, a long term plan. 

Still interested? Send Supersized a PM. 

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Current Membership: 42

Current Waiting List: 3


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New Format

This post was originally a plea for some volunteers on this thread, in case the three last week were unread. Then we had two members say the group was just too much for them this week and it's getting too much for me. 

When I started Wagon Jumpers the key was to keep it a motivating, positive space, and that can't happen if I feel overwhelmed and you feel overwhelmed.

So while my democratic tendencies lead me to try to get the group to choose a direction, with two drop outs, me being tired, and a clarity that suggests many more than the two drop outs are finding it challenging to read though this thread I made an executive decision.

Everyone here at wagon jumpers has taught me a lot about re-tooling, re-adjusting and re-working plans as opposed to just scrapping them. 

So, we're getting back to the basic idea of forming a community of like-minded individuals with similar weight-loss challenges (that being consistency). I am not going to accept any new "official" members on the thread until the group is under 30 people. 

Ideally this will mean that the people who are here today are the ones you get to know. We will likely have some move on, or out in the next few weeks but hopefully we will distill into a supportive community of people who know each other and can support each other. 

Suggestions are always welcome. 


Two Week Thread (Again!)

Okay folks I promise last one of these for awhile. I'm off white water rafting the weekend of July 11 - 13, 2008 so I won't be able to post the weekly thread on Sunday as I'll be getting back very late and then will have all unpacking / washing etc... to do. So we've got another two week thread. 

Reminder: all participants (unless traveling) must post one time per week, that is one time before July 12 and one time between July 13 and July 19

This is the last one of these that will happen for awhile, there may be another two week thread towards the end of August. 


Canada and the United States both had our long weekends in the last week and the wagon has taken some heavy casualties this week so lets go back to talking about consistency planning. 

What is your consistency plan to be on the wagon in 1 month?

NOTE: Planning for weight loss and planning for consistency are different things.

Your weight loss plan may be something like: I am going to eat _____ cal/day and exercise for ______ min ______ days per week. 

Your consistency plan is how you are going to be following your weight loss, health or maintenance plan long term, it may be something like: I am setting 2 week goals, every time I am on track for two week's I ________.

hello. i am in. hope i will be able to post more often. at least this week (i have 2 weeks off, the first one i will be in my hometown, the second one i will do some travelling).

am back on track after some days of eating too much, and feel well again, my energy and good mood are back.


regarding your question:

What is your consistency plan to be on the wagon in 1 month?

First and foremost, i have to plan my meals better. This means 1) shopping either daily or every other day for fresh fruit and vegetables (this is a good time for it as the summer brings many tasty fruits and vegs), 2) keep having healthy snack at work )after i return from my holiday), 3) for travelling, ALWAYS carry healthy portable snacks that do not require preparation - i am really not sure how readily available healthy food will be in the places where i go, and do not want to make compromises.

actually, today i did a bit of shopping for my holiday, and apart from a nail file and a hand sanitizer i bought also some healthy portable stuff. for me, planning is very important.

I know that some people find it better not to diet while on holiday, but for me, it is not the best idea-the feeling i have when i eat healthy is something i desire to have even on my holiday. yes, i might indulge in a frappuccino or something, i wil not be absilutely ascetic for 2 weeks, BUT in general i want to stick to my calories.

Regarding calories: i want to eat between 1200 and 1500. 1200 is for non active days and 1500 is for the days when i will spend several hours walking. i know i might lose even or 1800 cals, but this limit of 1500 i find better. (i am not doing anything more active than walking, so i do not really need more-i am not a marathon runner or an avid cyclist).


Weekly Check In

This week has been rough, the calories were completely off, first because although I did well for the first part of camping (last week) I did not do well on the second part of camping (this week). Secondly, I've been sick with a nasty cold for the remainder of the week, which has meant the boy has been feeding me (nice, but high cal) and I constantly have sucky candies in my mouth because my throat is so sore. 

I also only achieved 44% of my life balance goals this week, which is also understandable due to trip and then cold. 

Nothing to beat myself up over. I'm still not feeling 100% but I am definitely on the mend and hope to be better mid-week so that I do feel like white water rafting at the end of the week and hope that I don't get sick again!

My goals for this week are to eat a daily average of 1800 cal and to get to the gym for 4 days for 2 hours per day. Four more weeks to go until Phase I complete!

Answer: This Week's Topic

Well many of you have seen this one before from me. My plan currently is all about developing consistency and done in three phases. I am currently in phase I.

Phase I

Get my eating under control by working my way down from an average of 3000 cal/day to an average of 1500 cal/day. I am doing this by lowering my cal/day by 100 each week and calculating my calories on a weekly average. If I miss a goal one week I repeat it. This is week 20 of trying to get my calories to 1500.

Increase my exercise from nothing, to 4 days per week 2 hours per day. I have achieved this goal. I started by exercising once per week for 30 min, and then adding a day each week until I reached 4 days per week. Then each week I added more time until I reached 4 days per week 2 hours per day.

I am not allowed to look at the scale during this phase.

Reward: Retail Therapy

Phase II

Stay consistent for 12 consecutive weeks of eating a weekly average of 1500 cal/day and working our 4 times per week for 2 hours per day. If I miss a week, then I need to deduct half the weeks already achieved. 

I am not allowed to look at the scale during this phase.

Reward: Get to look at the scale.

Phase III

Stay consistent weighing myself only 1x per week, while keeping my calories at a weekly average of 1500 cal/day and working out 4 days per week for 2 hours per day. If I miss a week, then I need to deduct half the weeks already achieved. My weekly average cal/day cannot go below 1200 and I cannot add more than 7 days/week 2 hrs/day exercise. I can track the progress on weight loss to determine if I want to adjust the program at the end of the 12 weeks if I am not satisfied with my progress.

Reward: TBD.

Ka2007 I think you have a good and sensible plan to eat well even when on holiday, and a good calorie range. I think you missed the point of the question though. Now that you have a solid plan in place for what you need to do to loose the weight, how are you going to keep yourself motivated to do that? Why are you going to keep buying healthy food and planning for snacks? What will keep you motivated to do so in the long run. 

aha. i thought "What is your consistency plan to be on the wagon in 1 month?"meant "what do you plan to do", not "how to motivate oneself". oh, the joys of not being a native speaker:-))

so, to answer the question better, ie what will keep me motivated, and what my rewards are, etc.

the whole process is actually generating pretty much motivating things i was not aware of before i have started. all the compliments and extra energy and stamina tell me to go on. i especially like new clothes and cosmetics and such, so i buy things for goals accomplished, and sometimes also buy clothes a bit small to fit me in weeks or months. when i am at 85 kilos i will drink a mini bottle of champagne i have bought, and so on. 

what i have tried to use as motivation before and plan to do in the future is also looking at beautiful pictures of thin women. i have kept an airplane magazine with a pic of Emmanuelle Beart (a french actress who is in her 40s and has a beautiful figure - i am a relist and know my body will not be like hers, but that photo-she is wearing elegant wooly black pants and a black jumper which looks very elegant) and i look at it ocassionally to remind me that elegance is so... pretty.

as for "Why are you going to keep buying healthy food and planning for snacks?" - apart from this, i have a trip with a friend in mind. she is now living abroad and i do not know when we will see each other, probably next summer, but anyways-she is hiking a lot and i would like to go with her on one of her hiking trips to the mountains. also some of my other friends are hikers, and although there is not rip planned, i want to BE ABLE to take part, being fit enough.

there is more. in general, there are several main reasons (being fit, being beautiful, staying healthy) and several ways i motivate myself (buying clothes as rewards and as motivators, buying cosmetics as rewards, setting mini goals, playing with plans what to do after losing more weight etc). this also keeps changing. 


i do hope i got the point:-))

Here's my weekly check in.  I had a tough time hitting my caloric goal of 1800.  I either over or undershot the mark almost every day last week, which concerns me.  Thus far I haven't really been planning out my meals, I just had a few familiar elements that I worked with loosely to meet my goals as closely as possible.  If I continue to miss my goal I'll have to start planning them out.

For the next month, I will eat 1800 calories a day, except for one designated cheat-day each week, where I will record, but not restrict my calories.  In order to earn my cheat day I need to work out three times each week, two workouts must include 30 minutes of cardio, and the third must include at least 1 hour of vigorous exercise including calisthenics, cardio, and strength training (this one is usually a personal training session).  I will take my measurements and body fat percentage on the first Sunday of every month, and once each month I will adjust my caloric goal to accommodate my weight loss.

Your weight loss plan may be something like: I am going to eat __1500-1800__(depending on type of exercise)_ cal/day and exercise for ____45__ min __60____ days per week.

Your consistency plan is how you are going to be following your weight loss, health or maintenance plan long term, it may be something like: I am setting 2 week goals, every time I am on track for two week's I __get a gift but nothing food related. Maybe something like a DVD, CD, or something______.

I am willing to help you out but I can't do this a lone. You are going to have to get another volunteer as it is really hard for me now because I am taking a night class and working 40hrs a week. August the class goes away but in the fall I become a full time student again and I'll be working 15 hrs in a week.

My goals for this week is to eat between 1500-1800 calories, exercise 45 minutes and get my running shoes so I can start my running plan next week.

Edit: To answer the question

After being a wagon jumper for 1 month I hope to be eating no more than 1800 calories. I want these calories to include healthy food. I want to follow this plan on the weekend too. If I can do this, I will have a better chance at loosing my weight and reaching my goal.

For my exercise plan I hope to be back at 60 minutes of cardio exercise. I want to add light weight training back into the mix. By then I should have different ways of exercising added to my plan because it is good to switch things up.

To keep myself motivated I will buy me something new like DVDs, CDs, visit a local place I've never been, continue putting stars and smiley face on my calendar for each goal accomplished for the day. Smiley faces are for food and stars are for exercising. I have been getting my stars but not the smilies. I am working on that. I can achieve them during the week but not weekend.

Supersized you are right about not beating yourself up over not eating good. It sucks that you got sick during your trip. I hope you are all better for the white water rafting trip. I wish I could do that but I have issues with rapid flowing water.

Your plan is so in depth. I really like it. So, during phase 2 you can't look at it the scale but after it you will? You should plan something really nice of the end of phase III. I have no suggestions though because I'm not good with goal planning.


Ka2007 I like your plan. It is good. Extra energy and good comments are definitely good motivation points to keep you going especially on a bad day. Buying yourself stuff is fun too especially things that you enjoy. I am using your picture idea now. I have pictures of Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie hanging around. I don't want to be their size as they are too small for my body type but they are my motivation for days when I'm not feeling up to the challenge. When I get down to idea body size, I can give these ladies a run for their money. The trip is a good way to stay focus too. I think you got the point.


The_vitamin_dominatrix working towards a cheat day is good. I like that idea.

What is your consistency plan to be on the wagon in 1 month?

I have to stay consistent with my working out. When I don't work out I tend to over eat. I don't exactly know why I do. But I DO know that when I work out I don't want to mess up with my eating bc then I think "Why work out if I'm gonna go ahead and eat whatever". I don't want to feel like I work out for nothing.

Last week I only made it to the gym once and I overate quite a bit, but the week before I went 5 days and did really well with my eating. So even if I go and do alittle workout it keeps me on track.

I want to lose at least 6 lbs by the 21st. I go to my pain mgt dr then. I go every 3 months to be reevaluated and refills....  They have an old picture of me on their computer to make sure they have the right person and the last time I went they were all so shocked at the amount of weight I had lost. So in April when I was there I weighed 192 bs and I now weigh around 177 lbs. So that's about 15 lbs in 3 months. That's about 5 lbs a month, that's not too bad, is it?

My last "gift" to myself was a haircut. Every 10 lbs I give myself something. So far I've given myself a manicures, massages, new clothes, and a haircut. I'm going for hair color on Friday! :D 

Well, I've rambled on and on!  I will definitely check back in tomorrow! Love reading everyones posts. Keeps me going! :D


I think one of my problems is that I don't have a long-term consistancy plan. I make plans, I work towards them, but they seem to quit working for me after a few weeks. I've gotten some great ideas around here, but I'm still working through them to find something that sticks.

This week I'm just trying to maintain and figure out how to get enough calories in a healthy manner, I may have some big news in the next few days that takes dieting completely off the table for a while.  

I am happy to check in and report that I have been SO on the wagon this week!  I have amazed myself, even with the holiday weekend. 

My goals this week will be to:

-- continue journaling all food -- it helps me realize I am not off the wagon . . . I tend to beat myself up over the slightest indulgence without realizing it can be worked in; journaling consistently has helped greatly with this.

-- stay on the wagon, eating-wise.

-- exercise at least three times this week, 30 minutes per session.  This is a return to regular exercise after a 4 week hiatus due to a sprained ankle.  (Yes, I know I could have taken up pilates or increased weight work, but . . . sigh.)


I have not been a member here long enough to really help with the workload, but will resolve to participate regularly so as not to cause anyone any work on my behalf . . . how's that?


Gotta go get my brood out of the house this morning . . . I'll be back.


Let's have a good week, all!


Your weight loss plan may be something like: I am going to eat healthful foods like veggies, lean meats and low fat dairy each day for the next 2 weeks (South Beach) and exercise for 60 minutes 5 days per week following a bootcamp plan that one of my friends gave me.


I am setting 2 week goals, every time I am on track for two week's I get a gift but nothing food related. Maybe something like a DVD, CD, or a pedicure.

Motivation, I need this on the weekends. I am GREAT during the week but I totally fell off the wagon on Saturday (really Saturday evening) and Sunday afternoon and evening.  I know I need to plan out my meals and I didn't have any snacks in the house that were healthy that I wanted to eat so I ate food that I shouldn't have and I had 3 beers on Saturday.

BUT, instead of feeling worthless this morning, I got up with the dog, took him walking as I do every morning and I will endeavor to do better from now on. I need to have something with me at all times that I can look to for motivation so I don't cave again this weekend. Ideas?

Ka2007 Are you first language French? I'm guessing French because of the reference to Emmanuelle Beart. I'm first language French, but I was raised in a bi-lingual schools until I went to highschool and then I went english only. I use the friends I haven't seen in awhile and being able to do physical stuff with them as a motivating point as well. This white water rafting trip does not see me as fit as I'd like to be, but better than I was back in February when I started. 

The Vitamin Dominatrix It's not necessarily a bad thing to not hit the same calorie number every day. That can often lead to a plateau. This is one reason I use a daily caloric average. For example I'm aiming for 1800 cal/day averaged across this week. Obviously I don't want to hit extremes of eating over 2500 cal, or under 1200 but if I have 2000 one day and 1600 another I find it works out. 

I wasn't sure if you were answering the weekly topic or not, you seem to have a detailed plan on what you need to do to loose the weight you want to loose, but I didn't see anything about how you are going to keep yourself motivated to stay on that plan. 

tiegurl I agree that more volunteers are better than less, Peera suggested awhile ago that we have weekly captains, which would be ideal, but I don't think we have enough people in a position to do that. I think having 1 volunteer per 3 or 4 week groups (which once the groups are above the 12 week mark, I think will mean 1 volunteer for no more than 10 people) should be a manageable time commitment of no more than 2 hours per week for each volunteer. 

I will wait and see if we get more volunteers, otherwise I think capping group size to make it manageable will be the way to go. 

I like the motivation of going to a local place you haven't been before. That's a great one. I live in TO and each summer we try to do some touristy stuff that as local's we don't usually do. Each year we discover there's so much of TO that we don't know. So it would be doubly motivating for me.

In my (super detailed - uh, yah that's me) plan I can't see the scale from when I started (20 weeks ago) trying to reduce the food and increase the exercise until I've got the food under control and the exercise going (end of phase one) and then kept that up for 12 weeks (end of phase 2), so at this point I figure it'll be close to 36 weeks if I stay strictly on plan since I've seen a scale. I also didn't weight myself at the beginning. I find when I weight myself I freak and do stupid things like crash diet. So I'm trying to build the consistency before concentrating on weight loss results. 

momof2funykids Welcome to the Group! Sounds like you have identified exercise as a motivator for eating right that's a great step. And you've gotten the non-food reward down. I think the only comment I would make is how can you keep yourself on plan if you are not loosing. I know I know don't say it.... but it happens to all of us, the dreaded plateau.... so if you hit one and it takes you 5 months to loose 10 lbs and right now you are used to loosing 5lbs per month how will you keep yourself motivated. I don't say this to scare you, I just think pre-planning scenarios really helps, and weight loss tends to slow the more you achieve. 

Peera I know what you mean about being great at making a plan but not sticking to it. Or at least that's what I did with weight loss a lot. I'd set calorie goals, work out goals I'd be great at them for awhile but then I'd screw up scrap the plan, go off the wagon, and then I needed a whole new plan before I could start again. I think this is why this time is about focusing on consistency as that is obviously my problem instead of weight loss. I know when I eat right and exercise I do loose weight, the trouble is doing it long enough that it doesn't become another yo-yo diet. 

Jilly_Bean Congratulations on being on the wagon over the long weekend! You sound like you have good weight loss goals, what you are going to eat, how much you are going to exercise. What are you going to do to make sure that you stay motivated to achieve them long term?

Raven21 I like the two week goals, I'm big on rewarding effort rather than results (well at least in a weight loss environment). Weight loss is never a straightforward downhill journey, so I think it's important to recognize when we are and are not putting forward the effort. 

LOVE the dogs, what kind of dog do you have? What is his/her name? We have 2 dogs, Mr. Brown (Beagle) and Jenkins (Shepherd thing) and having them around kicks my butt off the couch when I'm lazy and they are so constantly happy that I can't stay in a funk too long around them. 

supersized, I'm going to hop off this wagon. I can't keep up with just reading all the posts. This thread must take a lot of time and effort on your part. Thanks for all your work and support!

Ser25 Thank you for letting me (us) know. I'm definitely (obviously) looking for ways to make it more manageable for everyone and can completely understand that it is getting away from me (and others) at this point. 

I'm also jumping off the wagon. The last 3 weeks I've come on here, wrote a quick message and left, not reading a single post. I'm afraid I just don't have time to read any of the messages.

I've also been spending minimal time on calorie-count, and it seems to be doing me well. I'm at a healthy weight now, and I think if I would just stop obsessing over the last few vanity lbs, and ending up in binge cycles because of it, I'll probably have an easier time of getting there.

Thanks for all you help and friendly reminders!

Good luck everyone!

Sarah Again Thanks for letting me know, it is very appreciated. Congratulations on reaching your healthy weight!

I'm back for hopefully another two weeks of being good. I really enjoyed the previous thread and feel like it helped me stay on track.


I was away for the weekend and did surprisingly well considering my options. Not to say that I stayed under my calorie limits, but I definitely could have done so much more damage.


for my consistency plan, I am trying to make my goal of losing around 12 pounds by the time school starts up for me in august(the 26th) I am looking back on how I have felt the past 7 months as my motivation to keep on track, as well as looking forward to fit into ALL of my shorts and pants that fit perfectly less than 10 months ago. My motivation to be more active stems from those reasons, as well as getting my body healthy. My family has some history of health related problems, so I am going to get a jump start to prevent that now.

For short term goals, I might give myself a little treat if i've done particularly well during a week or two week period. momof2funykds, I like your ideas of manicures, pedicures clothes, and things like that. I usually don't treat myself that often to those, so I think it would be pretty good motivation.


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