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Wagon Jumpers April 30-May 6, 2012 (1 waiting slot free)

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Welcome to the Wagon Jumpers weekly thread! We are a group of CC members who have identified that one of our main challenges with achieving our weight loss, maintenance or general health goals is consistency.

This thread is designed to encourage long term commitment to our goals by publicly declaring them and asking the other members of this thread to hold us accountable. The primary focus of Wagon Jumpers is not how much weight you have lost, or need to lose, but what you need to do on a daily basis to meet your long term goals.

The idea of Wagon Jumpers was to create a close community where participants could get to know each other, creating a virtual support network as they attempt long term weight management.

This is impossible with an 'always open' group as there would be too many people coming and going. For this reason we have capped group membership numbers to 20 participants.

If you would like to be a member of this group please contact our wait list managerSarah_ann_artist

There are two rules for Wagon Jumpers:

1. All members must post once per week between Monday and Sunday.

2. All members must check the thread for members who have not posted by Saturday (a short list is posted at the end of the week) or are on the MIA list on Sunday and send them a polite and positive message to stay involved in the group and on track with their goals.

Wagon Jumpers Participants: 19

12 Week CONSISTENCY GOALS - April 2 - June 25:

  • beccaanic - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Bleedtoblue (Blue) - Maintenance:  Exercise 3/week for 9 of 12 weeks.
  • Claire314 (Claire, Co-Moderator) - New: Log food 4/7 days a week. Maintenance: Exercise 1000 mins/month.
  • Defrog3 (Denise) - MaintenanceGet to my trainer 2x/week, and go to the gym 1x/week on my own.  Working out 3x/week will also be success.
  • Feljones (Debbie) - Maintenance: Log a calorie deficit 4 days/week. New: Eat an all-veggie dinner 3 times/week.
  • Figurethefat (Laura) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • hoggy509 (Cindy) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Islandscribe (Val, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Exercising the equivalent of 5 days/week - catch up or double-up days count towards goal.  Maintenance: Log meals 4 days/week.
  • kenright1008 (Kathy) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Kyashiis (Kathy) - New:  Log a deficit of 2,500 calories a week for 11 of 12 weeks. Maintenance: Do 10 - 30 minutes of yoga four days a week for 12 weeks.
  • marmlac - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • mhNYC (Mari) - Maintenance: Complete all of my Calorie Camp goals for 12 weeks.
  • nekko_cat (Linda) - New: Keep a food log four days/week for 9 of 12 weeks. Maintenance:  Exercise 750 minutes/month for 12 weeks.
  • Ranchobernardo (John) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Sarah_ann_artist (Sarah, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Workout 1000 minutes/month for the next 12 weeks. New: Log 4 days/week for 12 weeks.
  • the_dragon (Hilary, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Log food 5 days/week. New: Exercise five minutes three times/week for 12 weeks.
  • tiegurl (Tierra) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • travs_girl (Ashley) - New: Jog six miles/week for 12 weeks.
  • twindaze (Jenny)Not participating in this round of goals.

MIA one week:

MIA two weeks:

  • none :)

MIA three weeks:

Missing in action three weeks  & will be removed from the list if there is no contact by the end of this week:

Wagon Jumpers on Hiatus:

Waiting List

Wagon Jumper threads now have a separate host for each week, as listed below:

  • 1st Sunday in month: Sarah_Ann_Artist (Sarah)
  • 2nd Monday in month: Sarah_Ann_Artist (Sarah)
  • 3rd Monday in month: Claire314
  • 4th Monday in month: Islandscribe (Val)
  • 5th Monday in month: the_dragon (Hilary)
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Nekko, Your post made me think of something I read the other day on NPR's health blog. I had been thinking it would be funny to post in the fitness forum just to see the furor that would probably ensue but honestly, I don't want to be the one to start it. ;)

Lighter Weights article

Lorea- Welcome to the group! It's never to late to get in shape. You are still young! My Mom is now on this healthy journey with me. She has started using a treadmill and I'm teaching her to count calories. She has severe asthma and has to take an inhaler almost everyday so she is starting out really slow as far as exercising but she's still pushing through. You can do it!

Val- I'm so excited for you! I can tell that this is something really important to you and you've done it so long that's it's became a huge part of your life. I think you did the right thing by getting another performance dog so that you can do what you enjoy. Plus Shade will have a buddy to play with. :) 

Claire- I LOVE the link. It's very interesting. I have to say I'm on the fence with the whole thing. This study could really change things. I hope they do more research. I've always wanted to lift weights. Everything I've read says it wont do any good unless you keep adding and lift heavy. So I'm always scared to start it. :)

Checking in:  I'm doing abominably this week.  I haven't been keeping track of my cals, so I don't know what my deficit is (I think I am on target for a 2,500 cal deficit though).  I have been exercising  the minimum, but it is not the yoga workouts I want to do.  sighhhh

I recently was sick about two weeks ago.  Most of the time, I just soldier on and drink lots of fluids, take vitamin drinks and drink drinks with lots of finely minced fresh ginger and lemon juice.  Ginger is a natural antiseptic for the body.  It works slower than modern medicine, but it works really well.  (This is well-known in natural Chinese medicine.)  I have recovered now, but I was pretty sick with no appetite (a miracle!) and a need to sleep long hours every day for about ten days.  I am still kind of tired out, so I think my body really needed the rest.  My hubby had the same thing, and it lasted about a month of him being so tired (but he is always weaker than I am when he succumbs.)

Val - I am so happy for you.  Great going on making the decision to buy a new dog.  I know how much it means to you to do the showings both for health and the social aspects.  I hope your other dog enjoys his retirement and doesn't have more seizures - poor guy...

Welcome Lorea.  I just had my 61st birthday last week.  I also am dedicated to having good health later in life.  Walking and hiking is the thing that has helped me get down to an acceptable weight.  Yesterday I was going through old files of papers and found a diary entry dated from May of 2000.  I weighed 80 kilos (176 lbs) on a 5-foot frame.  Now, I am within one lb of being at my correct BMI for my height at 59 kilos (129.8 lbs).  I want to weigh less to get down into the middle range of a healthy BMI, and I am making steady gains.  Wagon Jumpers has helped a lot with this as I try out different strategies for 12 weeks at a time.  I have learned to NOT be too enthusiastic in my goals.  

Slow and steady goals (read do-able) really does win the race.

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Islandscribe – I’m not struggling with the decision, my husband is. My dog
has kidney failure and some type of MS that has attacked her back legs. Last
week she was running after birds, this week she has no interest. She is off her
food except the cheapest crappiest dog food you can buy. (Even my dog likes junk
food). I nagged at hubby today. He asked for Saturday to make the decision. On a
lighter note she also did agility and I definitely got a workout. She’s a border
collie and she was super fast until about 11 years. She’s 13 now. I am also
thrilled for you on your new addition Crumpit. How very exciting. I will live
vicariously through you.

Claire -  a goal of 1000 minutes, I might have to steal that one if you
don’t mind. Good for you. As for the article, if lighter weights is what gets
people moving I think it’s all good. I know with my in-laws they are 82 and the
difference in their sleep and appetite are different when they walk in the good

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Topic – I rarely get sick but if I do it always develops in to a lung
infection and I definitely modify my workouts, no huge amounts of cardio I just
go in to maintenance mode until I feel better. Every three months I take a few
days off of thinking about what I weigh, what I eat and how much exercise I have
to get in. I personally think that helps me. I do suffer from migraines and am
very lucky that if I do cardio right as soon as I get them it usually goes away.
Better than the 32 dollar pill if I don’t. My gosh I’m chatty today so I will
sign off. Have a great Friday everyone.


Sorry I'm so late this week - I was at a WONDERFUL conference and came back to solid finals. I'm still in the midst of grading, and am taking a break to touch base with all you lovely people.

Welcome, Lorea. The consistency of reporting in here really helps one keep on track. I just read "The Power of Habit", and one of the elements of building a solid habit is to do so in a community.

John, once again, I'm with you. I live in denial of any illness until I either just power through it, or collapse into full-blown, lie-in-bed illness. Val, congratulations on the new dog! I'm so happy you are able to restart your agility competitions!

Claire: thanks for the article on lighter weights. I'm not interested in a PX90 body, I just want to be healthy. Lighter weights serve this purpose. Thanks!

Find myself avoiding work and remembered: Ooo! I have to do the MIA list. Very important! ;)  So here we go:

MIA this week:

MIA 3 weeks and we'll be saying goodbye to if doesn't post this week:


BTW Lorea, if you're interested I'm also one of many managers of the Roll Call thread that tracks mins for month.

Claire, I do agree the article would cause quite a furor in the fitness forum!  I think that safety has to come first.  Even with building up to heavier weights, if your form is off, it is easier to hurt yourself with heavier weights, especially if you only workout at home, like I do.

Kathy, I love ginger.  Exactly how do you make your ginger drink?

Hi everyone! Sorry to have waited so long to check in and thanks to Hilary, Linda and Claire for the reminders! It's funny -- I always hesitate to remind late posters because I feel like I'm nagging. But I appreciate it when you all remind me.

Welcome, Lorea/crazigerl! I am old enough to be the grandmother of a college student but am the mom of a college student instead.

Topic: I am lucky to have a strong immune system (due to my mother's terrible housekeeping during my childhood, I firmly believe Wink). On the rare occasions that I have a fever, I'm just knocked out and it's all I can do to keep hydrated. But for the most part, my challenge is periods of mild depression, when I lose all motivation and crave carbs. And that, I know, is a vicious cycle. My best defense, when I can make myself do it, is to do whatever little exercise I can bring myself to do and eat fruits and vegetables or protein before I start on the carbs.

I'm having one of those blue periods right now. Missing my son (my only child), who is not coming home for the summer for the first time (he's staying in Boston, a 10 hr drive away), and anxious about money (have been working part time for 10 years while seeking a full time job) and work (have had two interviews for a new job and am waiting to hear if I'm still in the running). And, after having lost my father to Alzheimer's in Dec, am watching my mother rapidly deteriorating into dementia (long distance -- she's in FL). Scared to death that I'm seeing early signs of dementia in myself with some extreme memory lapses -- like doing something at work twice because I forgot that I already did it the week before.

Staying in touch with you all is very helpful. And I'm also making more of an effort to reach out to old friends and do things I enjoy, like going to theater, more often.

Claire, thanks so much for the link about lighter weights. I think you should post it in the Fitness Forum and watch the fireworks Cool. I have primarily been riding a stationary bike for my exercise, with 1 yoga class/wk (I can not bring myself to do it at home by myself) but I know I really need to get back to weight training. The article is motivating me since I tend to be all or nothing and think if I don't join a gym and do tons of weights, I might just as well not do anything. Plus I do fear the potential of injury with heavy weights. I'm going to do a little online research and work up a routine that I can do at home without special equipment. 

Val, so happy about Crumpit. Congrats! 

It's almost 3 pm here and I've managed to postpone exercising, so I'm going to hop on the bike now.

This may be a bit off topic but I think it might fit in. This week was my TOM and it is very hard for me to workout and eat well during these times! While it is not illness, I get serious cramps and am presented with some crazy bathroom issues. It is so hard to motivate myself to work hard during these times. This week I took the first day off, second day easy, and then jumped back into it! I told myself that eating healthy and enough will only HELP me and aid in my feeling better. I try to do the same when sick. When I have a cold I will convince myself that "sweating it out" will feeling good and that I will feel 10x worse if i eat nothing or unhealthy.

That reminds me of a motto I recently read. "If I eat crap, I will feel like crap. If I eat nothing, I will feel like nothing. If I eat healthy and clean, I will feel healthy and clean!"

Becca, I don't have very difficult TOMs but I agree that for many women it does feel like being ill for a few days. I had a two years when things were worse before having kids and there were a few months when I thought I was getting the flu at TOM. So for those that do have that kind of problems, I don't think it's off topic. I've read/heard many people that saying being at a healthy weight and eating healthy food can often ease if not remove many of the symptoms of TOM for them.

I so agree with the "eat crap, feel like crap." I often remember many years ago when crazy bathroom issues where rather normal for me. I remember just telling myself that it was normal thing to happen as I aged. I thought this because my mother always had many digestive problems. Then I started to eat better, more healthy food on a more consistent basis and suddenly all those problems disappeared. My mother was obese for most of my childhood and though the meals she served us were relatively healthy, she mindlessly ate a lot of crap in between meals. So now when I feel like crap, before I start thinking about how I might be getting sick, I think about what I ate that day. It's not unusual for me to realize, "Oh yeah, you at a whole bag of cheese crunchies today. Are you really surprised you feel like crap?"

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