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Welcome to the Wagon Jumpers weekly thread! We are a group of CC members who have identified that one of our main challenges with achieving our weight loss, maintenance or general health goals is consistency.

This thread is designed to encourage long term commitment to our goals by publicly declaring them and asking the other members of this thread to hold us accountable. The primary focus of Wagon Jumpers is not how much weight you have lost, or need to lose, but what you need to do on a daily basis to meet your long term goals.

The idea of Wagon Jumpers was to create a close community where participants could get to know each other, creating a virtual support network as they attempt long term weight management.

This is impossible with an 'always open' group as there would be too many people coming and going. For this reason we have capped group membership numbers to 20 participants.

If you would like to be a member of this group please contact our wait list managerSarah_ann_artist

There are two rules for Wagon Jumpers:

1. All members must post once per week between Monday and Sunday.

2. All members must check the thread for members who have not posted by Saturday (a short list is posted at the end of the week) or are on the MIA list on Sunday and send them a polite and positive message to stay involved in the group and on track with their goals.

Wagon Jumpers Participants: 19

12 Week CONSISTENCY GOALS - April 2 - June 25:

  • Bleedtoblue (Blue) - Maintenance:  Exercise 3/week for 9 of 12 weeks.
  • Claire314 (Claire, Co-Moderator) - New: Log food 4/7 days a week. Maintenance: Exercise 1000 mins/month.
  • Defrog3 (Denise) - MaintenanceGet to my trainer 2x/week, and go to the gym 1x/week on my own.  Working out 3x/week will also be success.
  • Feljones (Debbie) - Maintenance: Log a calorie deficit 4 days/week. New: Eat an all-veggie dinner 3 times/week.
  • Figurethefat (Laura) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • hoggy509 (Cindy) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Islandscribe (Val, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Exercising the equivalent of 5 days/week - catch up or double-up days count towards goal.  Maintenance: Log meals 4 days/week.
  • kenright1008 (Kathy) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Kyashiis (Kathy) - New:  Log a deficit of 2,500 calories a week for 11 of 12 weeks. Maintenance: Do 10 - 30 minutes of yoga four days a week for 12 weeks.
  • libbymae6 (Libby Mae) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • marmlac - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • mhNYC (Mari) - Maintenance: Complete all of my Calorie Camp goals for 12 weeks.
  • nekko_cat (Linda) - New: Keep a food log four days/week for 9 of 12 weeks. Maintenance:  Exercise 750 minutes/month for 12 weeks.
  • Ranchobernardo (John) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • Sarah_ann_artist (Sarah, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Workout 1000 minutes/month for the next 12 weeks. New: Log 4 days/week for 12 weeks.
  • the_dragon (Hilary, Co-Moderator) - Maintenance: Log food 5 days/week. New: Exercise five minutes three times/week for 12 weeks.
  • tiegurl (Tierra) - Not participating in this round of goals.
  • travs_girl (Ashley) - New: Jog six miles/week for 12 weeks.
  • twindaze (Jenny) - Not participating in this round of goals.

Missing in action one week: 

Missing in action two weeks: 

Missing in action three weeks & will be removed from the list if there is no contact by the end of this week: 

Wagon Jumpers on Hiatus:

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SORRY I am posting this so late in the day.  I woke up with a terrible headache (migraine-like).  I couldn't get out of bed until almost 5pm!  I had nausea which won :( and I had to painfully (it hurt my head to hear my own voice) call my cousin to watch my daughter while I slept all day.  It was terrible!  Thankfully, I only get one like this about once a year, tops.

Anyhoo, I am feeling about 90% better after a coffee and some food. 

Topic: Motivation

How do you get it and keep it?

Goals: How's the first week going?

New Members: I will be sending invites out to the next two on the list.  They are:

Make sure you give them a nice welcome if and when they post/confirm interest.



I am making progress, but am in need of more. Typically, I think about how great I am feeling and starting to look and this keeps me going.  When I slip, though, I have a hard time getting it back.  Thankfully, like I said, I feel myself making a come back after this last month and a half or so of nonsense.


Logged my 4 days!

Didn't work out, so not great, but my goal is in minutes for the month, so I have hope that I will get moving on that!

Hm, I guess I was too late to participate in the goals this round.  Posted last week that I would like to participate.  Never mind, it might be beyond me to have a go. 

I've got a job!  So I should be able to check in much more regularly.  Hm, today's topic of motivation is interesting.  As usual it remains elusive for me to be able to maintain motivation.  Something that helps get me started would be having to see someone I haven't seen for a while, or go to some kind of event where I want to look my best. 

Keeping it going never seems to happen but I suppose it's better to have been motivated and stopped than never have been motivated at all.  I just get tired of doing the healthy thing I suppose or look to food as some kind of comforting vice, better than alcohol or drugs.

Sarah, sorry about the migrane.  Well done on getting the thread up and running!

Hi friends,

I ran a half marathon on Saturday and it went pretty well.  But I couldn't help but realize that I could have done it just as fast with less effort, or faster with no more effort, if I lost the pounds I've put back on.

So, I'm working on doing just that now.


Topic- My motivation comes in random spurts. Sometimes I will go weeks without caring what I eat or how much I exercise. I have always struggled with finding motivation within myself. In the beginning of February of this year my husband bought me a treadmill for our anniversary. I started the Couch to 5K program and I'm now on week 9, the last week. I can jog 30 minutes without a break. This program has been a huge motivator for me. I think it's because I've worked so hard to get to the end that I'm afraid if I slack I will have to start over. So that keeps me in check on my exercise. As far as my calories go..well after working my tail off on the treadmill I really don't want to over eat. So exercising, in turn, motivates me to make healthier food choices.

Goals- I jogged 5 of the 6 miles for the goal I set. So I slacked a little but I'm already back on track. :)

I signed up for my first 5K race. It's on May 5th. I'm super excited but also nervous. I have to train really hard this month so that I can be ready.

Thanks for getting the thread up in spite of your migraine-like headache, Sarah! Those can be devastating.

Goal: I did 100% of the Calorie Camp for the 5 days I posted. But, damn, the two days off? Saturday and Sunday? Complete blowout. Old school pig-out. Not sure what's up with me.... which leads to the....

Topic: Honestly, i'm not sure what keeps me motivated. I'm not sure where it comes from or where it goes. I'm in WJ because I lack consistency. I hate how I feel (I've regained 10 pounds!!!!), but that feeling is somehow not enough to keep me going. My job has been hellish for 2 years, it looks like its turning around, but I think the key will be getting out of here!

John: Congratulations on the half-marathon. I can't run (knee and back injuries), and I really admire people who do run. Laura: Congratulations on the job!

My motivation is in the toilet these days. ;) In the past, I've often had luck with my "stick with 1 small thing" rule and build on it. So I make little rules like "I will not steal my children's Easter candy today." and make that the only thing I'm responsible for. Then I stick to that rule for a few days or a week and add a new one when I feel like I've got it under control. I see it as slowly building up my willpower.

Since I've almost finished the Power of Habit book I mentioned last week I'm thinking about this a lot. He has a lot of analysis and recommendations about how to change your habits but then he points out that no matter how many tricks and tips you get on how to do this, the key to the whole process is your belief in your ability to change. Without the belief, when you fall off the wagon you more easily return to your old habits. I feel that his description of belief in the process is what we refer to as motivation. So that's my 2 cents for this week. I'm hosting next week and planning to base my topic on what I've been reading in this book. :)

Goals: I logged 5/7 days last week and even posted my horrible eating habits to the work on the Camp for everyone to see. ;) I'm already behind on exercising though. Have plenty of time to catch up but I need to focus on that.

Sarah, sorry to hear about the migraine! I've been in sick household mode for the past week. My daughter finally went back to school today. Yay!

Congrats on the job Laura! I too might be taking a new job soon. Had an interview on Saturday and I'm thinking my options over. Mari: My logging for the week wasn't great calorie wise but I was with you on the weekend. I ate everything in site and was up 2 lbs on Monday morning. I know it's not real weight (down a lb this morning). Just feeling like I can't get my act together!

Hello all!! My name is Cindy. I'm 35, married with two children, 9 years and 14 months and work full time. My invite to this group came at the perfect time. I have been struggling to keep any of my goals...guess that's why we're all here.

My motivation to choose a healthier lifestyle is my family. I want to be sexy to my husband and a role model to my children.

Goals - 64oz water, log food and exercise at least 30 mins a day. All 4 out of 7 days.

Let's that it? Let me know if I missed anything. Might modify the goals as I go along, is that ok??

Hi Cindy. Welcome to the group.

Our goals are set up in 12 week periods, which has already begun, BUT definitely keep your goal as a personal goal and let us know as we do goal update how you are doing. Since you're not "officially" participating this round you can definitely modify it as you go along. That will give you a chance to get the hang of it and be ready to set a goal once the next round starts.

Again, welcome to wagon jumpers!  I'll update the member list to include you :)

Welcome to the group, Cindy!

I don't know what motivates me or why I lose my motivation. Sometimes it seems like life gets too complicated to fit in exercising although it's easier to eat right even if I am busy. I haven't felt very motivated last week or this week. Last week I only exercised twice and this week I've done it once and don't really want to get to the gym. I need to find my motivation again.

Welcome, Cindy!

Motivation for me has been just feeling stronger and healthier.  I have more "get up and go" now that I'm exercising regularly and eating better.  I'm still waiting to get my cholesterol tested again (I'm a little nervous about it), because my GP really wants to put me on a statin.  I DO NOT want to do that, for so many reasons!!

Update:  This week has been challenging for me b/c I've been at home, and I've been eating too much bread and even had a few desserts.  Today I'm back at work and am readjusting back to the primal eating method that I've been following since the beginning of the year.  Loving it.

Maintaining my workout goal w/my trainer & on my own.  This weekend my husband and I set up a decent weight lifting area in the basement, although I want to redo the floor so that I can drop iron w/o it echoing off my ears.

Well done those of you running and welcome Cindy Laughing

My motivation is to get better health (although it was nice today to have the doctor say she could see I had lost weight!), some times it savers but I seem able to pick back up again fairly easily

Not the best week. Sabotaged by the holiday weekend that I'm having trouble shaking. Searching for motivation.

My motivations is very bad.  I need to get it back.  How should I do that?  What do you all do when your motivation is shot?

Hello, Cindy, and welcome to the group! motivation has been lagging lately, too.  I started out logging with Calorie Camp for a few days and then just totally slacked off on logging as well as exercising. 

Checking in:  I am on target for my two goals.  These goals have led to weight loss and a fit body in the past, and I am sure I can get down to my goal weight for this round of 55 - 58 kilos.  That would put me back to the weight I was at last September. 

That brings me to motivation.  I always feel a little extra motivation at the start of a new round of goals.  "Hope springs eternal" is one of my mantras.  

I do give up and fall off the wagon pretty often, but I just start over the next day.  Wagon Jumpers helps motivate me as I cull others' ideas and try them out in my own weight loss / health gain journey.  

This is slow progression ... much slower than I would have ever thought.  I HAVE lost 55 lbs (maybe more as I never weighed at my upper weight), and that is a lot for a 5 ft tall person.  One of the things that motivates me is just knowing that I am on a downward trend.

I also am motivated by challenges with others.  At the moment, I have

  • Wagon Jumpers challenge which is a 12-week, renewable- with-tweaks challenge,
  • two challenges on another CC thread - one is just to post my weight, and the other is to fulfill personal challenges only one of which is related to weight
  • another ongoing three challenges with my daughter in which I have to pay if I don't follow through for the week (and get paid if my daughter doesn't follow through). The challenges are 1. lose weight, 2. eat nothing after 10 pm, 3. exercise 5 days a week

The challenges need to be posted to on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  I weigh on Tuesdays and Fridays.  

Before getting all these challenges, I only weighed on Friday, so I slacked off on my goals (at least for eating) on Saturdays and Sundays.  Now, I have to weigh on Tuesday, so I am not slacking on the weekend anymore.  And, Friday is just around the corner from Tuesday, so I am not slacking after the Tuesday weigh-in either.

This is really good, and I have asked myself if I shouldn't be weighing every day of the week.  No, because the constant ups and downs on the scale numbers demoralizes me.  

Exercise also motivates me when I can get myself up and doing - hence the yoga practice in my WJ goals.

New recipes sometimes motivate me although it is hard to get the variety of foods available in the States to make some recipes.

Last but not least, having my home and work place organized and not messy is extremely motivating for me.  I highly recommend people who are having a hard time staying motivated to do some cleaning and organizing for 15 minutes a day.  It really energizes most people.  When all else fails in motivating myself, I declutter.

Welcome Cindy.  I wish you much success on your journey to health and look forward to learning your thoughts.

Hello, can you take one more? I don't really have to lose too much but I am having some difficulty.  My sons eat a tremendous amount of carbs and I can't help but eat some of them. I'd like to lose 10 lbs by rowing and by controlling my carb consumption.

Welcome, Cindy!

Lawrence, in the first post of the thread there's a short waiting list.  But if you get onto the list, you'll get a chance to jump on as soon as there's some turnover. In the meantime, if you'd like someone to interact with feel free to send me inbox messages - I'm online most days now.

Thanks Rancho. Man, we've been in a lot of groups together. I'm happy to wait for my name to come up and look forward to being in a group with you again.

Hi everyone, I just got home from a difficult visit with my newly-widowed mother. She lives in FL and I'm in Baltimore so it's always disruptive to go. There is no internet access from her house so I couldn't follow WJ while I was gone.

Since I left Monday, I have been completely off the wagon. Couldn't exercise, couldn't log food and I ate everything that wasn't nailed down. And none of it was healthy.

Tomorrow is another day. Will think about the topic and post on it over the weekend.

Welcome, Cindy.

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