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Vacation = terrible eating!

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Went home to visit the family last week,  and ate out - A LOT. I'm a little bit scared to step on the scale and see what I gained back.  On top of that my hormones were going all wacky and I couldn't seem to stay away from chocolate to save my life!

Whose had one of these weeks recently? This is frustrating as all hell as I am SO close to my goal! I need to know I can recover from it - hopefully sooner rather than later!

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Treat it as a learning opportunity....  To misquote the late great John Lennon'life is what happens to you while you're busy trying to be on a diet'.   If it's not eating out with the family it'll be a wedding reception, or Christmas or a summer holiday, or a party, or a business trip .... if you want to maintain that goal weight you've worked so hard to get to you need to have a way of managing them all successfully... for the rest of your life.  Get to your goal and then have a big greedy blow-out or a choc-fest every time you feel hormonal or there's a bit more food on the table and you'll be right back where you started... you'll have achieved nothing.

So go back to your regular eating habits and whatever you do for exercise.  And then work out how you could have handled the weekend better in preparation for the inevitable next time.   Finally, a quote from spanish philosopher George Santayana  "those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it"

gotta agree with gi-jane about the planning. I have the same problem when I'm with my folks. Somehow I too find it harder when I'm at theirs to be healthy. Plus, no real working out opportunities there .. Guess we have to learn how to deal with that!

I don't know whether this is an option for you, but if I had such a day (or several) I just don't weigh myself for a week or so to save myself the frustration of the number that shows on the scale. And in the meantime go back to the healthy routine and maybe work out extra hard. Then I step on the scales again, a week later, and see where that leaves me.

Don't worry too much about it.  Everyone's alowed to fall off the wagon once and a while.  what you have to learn to do is do it in moderation.  if I know I'm going to have a big naughty meal I have something painfully healthy for lunch and don't snack through the day.  The only exception to that rule will be my birthday in a couple of weeks although I've got the anoying feeling my boyfriend's going to be controling what  I eat to an extent.  Probs limit me to my bit of chocolate cake and few vods and coke with my pizza. 

Well, as someone who SEVERELY fell off the wagon a couple weeks ago, I am here to say, don't beat yourself up over it! My husband and I took a very last minute (booked 15 hrs before takeoff) trip to Cuba at a beautiful all inclusive (calories too ;o) resort. So there was very little pre-planning when it came to my caloric intake, and even though there was a gym there, the only exercise I did was walking back and forth to the bar, pool and washrooms. .. Well it turns out that my favorite drink is an Alexander (whole milk, rum & chocolate liquor, YIKES!) and I have to say, I had my share and everyone elses. lol Also, I find that when I drink, I eat, although I did try to make 1/2 my plate veggies of some sort. So I guess some of this CC stuff has sunk in. Laughing

When I got home, I was up 5.5 lbs!!!! But I stepped on the scale knowing that the only water that had entered my system in the last week, must have seeped in thru my pores. ;o) But I got right back on that horse and eliptical, and a week later, I was down .5 lbs from before we left. So I know that a LOT of that weight was water.

I was almost upset at first, and a couple times while I was away, I did find myself making smarter choices to avoid feeling guilty when I got back, but all in all, I just resolved to get right back into, and it's just a 2 week hiccup in my overall journey.

Hang in there!

Thanks for the advice and encouragement guys :) Its actually not so much the eating with family thats the problem - they are all quite healthy! Its I guess more going out with friends.  I think I'm going to avoid the scale for a while, get myself back on track, and see where I land. 


On the upside I definitely made healthier choices most of the time I was out, so thats an improvement.


oh, and that drink..the "Alexander" - sounds absolutely delicious.   Might have to try it with skim milk as a desert drink one day!

I want to tell you that I go on vacation all the time..., and of course I'm scared to weigh-in too. 

However, I learned that your body needs a "shock".  That shock allows you to loose more..the following week. 

But get ready because the week right after you returned from vacation you may just gain 1-2 pounds max, but get ready for the next week you will loose double!!  Trust me, it happened to me.  I now shock my body every week, meaning I eat whatever just for one day of course. 

My weigh-in is on Wednesdays, so I eat what I crave on either Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I'm really strict on myself.   This strategy has worked for me. 

I've lost 38 pounds since 10/1/08 -- and the diet has been so easy!! I think the hardest part is parting from my fave jeans, because I look like a slob, because they are too big.  LOL


Me too.  We vacation all the time too.  What I do, is eat perfect for about 2 weeks prior, exercise like a fiend, and have fun when we go.  And no matter what I do, I always come home about 5 lbs heavier.  I've learned to not even weigh myself when I come home.  It's too upsetting.  What I do though is immediately get back on track.  I take 10 days to 2 weeks without a cheat day.  I lose it all back again.  Counterproductive?  Maybe.  But, I go on vacation to have fun.  No stress.  I'm not going to stress out about counting calories.  I do that 24/7 when I'm not on vacation.  I love life, and I want to look good livin' it.  Oh, and I love food.  I love cocktails!  I've never counted calories on vacation, I don't go to the gym, but I do try and do active things, like swimming, dancing, walking on the beach, or walk everywhere!  

Don't stress about it too much. There's no use in beating yourself up over it. Just go back to your routine of working out and eating well and chalk it up to an 'oops' moment.  I go through the same thing everytime I stay at my Mom's house over the holidays or for any kind of event. We pretty much eat out for every meal...and I do little to no working out at all.  Honestly, you'd really have to go crazy to GAIN a bunch of weight.  And then stressing out about it afterwards makes losing any weight you may have gained even worse.  When I know I'm going home for an extended amount of time I try to increase my calorie deficit the week prior and then do that for the week after and then I'm usually back on track.

So - no worries love.  Keep doing what you're doing and it'll be fine. Cool

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