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Totally grossed out with my measurements :(

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I finally took my measurements today and here are my findings:

chest 35.5

above navel 32

below navel 34

thigh 23

What totally grossed me out is that I have a thigh of 23 inches and there are PEOPLE with 23-24 WAISTS!! I am really mad at myself for allowing myself to get this big :(


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Don't beat yourself up over it. There are not that many people out there with 23-24 inch waists naturally. Besides, thigh and waist has no relation whatsoever. One can have 24 inch waist and 23 inch thighs as well. 

Cheer up.

I've lost 80 lbs and still have a 34" waist :(  Just tends to be where I accumulate extra fat, unfortunately.  I can't imagine having a 23" waist!  I'd be happy for 30 :)  I think my thighs are around 21" if I remember right and I consider them one of my skinny parts.  Your's don't sound bad at all!

Just look at this as a starting point and try not to be too down about it. Presumably you took measurements because you are going to use them to track progress. Measurements are not value judgments simply facts to work with.

While you might not like where you are starting from/at right now, take comfort from the fact that you are changing things. Look at this as an opportunity to see improvement.

uhh.. i have a 24 inch waist and 20 inch thighs.  so just because your thighs are the size of some people's waists doesn't make them huge- proportionately, your thighs are smaller than mine, despite the size of my waist.  also, remember that you're measuring CIRCUMFERENCE, not length/width.  legs are more round in their shape, no matter how thin they are, while stomachs are much closer to a dome shape when bigger, or a kind of rounded-off rectangle when flat. basically, your thighs may have the same measurements as a 23 inch waist but are almost definitely not actually as wide. you just can't compare

Thanks everyone for the support... 

@ Deborah - yes, this is a starting point so I have lots to look forward to :)

@whathappenedx - that makes sense and why didn't i think of that earlier!

Are you serious?? I'd DIE to have those measurements.... Below my navel is 42,FORTY TWO!!! My thigh  is  24.5. Relax. You have to realize that you are just starting out and it will take awhile for you to lose.  You sound thin anyways!!! You are basically half of me.

Think of how happy you will be when you see these measurements decreasing!!! :)

I'm confused: What the heck is wrong with your measurements?

Very, very, few people have 23-inch waists.  Supermodels, yes, and very petite women, but the majority of us . . . no way.  So get over it.  Your measurements are just fine.

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