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Today is my sad day

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for all of you that know about me having to have my dog put to sleep, well its happening today. Its so hard! The kids are fine, we have talked about he is going to be happy and will feel so much better and will be able to go to the bathroom wherever he wants! (he has lost control of his bladder and the kids get so upset with him) They told me its ok, we have pictures! Hubby is taking the day off and mom in law is coming to watch the kids, so him and I can both go. Father in Law is finding out about it today and sounds weird but he will take it hard, we all love the dog! Its at 1pm today and I know its going to be hard. I was fine yesterday compared to today, just having a hard time knowing I have to get rid of the dog food, dog bed, toys. We are going to take the kids to see a movie and go out for pizza when its all over so we dont have to come back home immediately and we can just focus on them. Christins told me I needed to release this and you guys are always here for me. Thanks everyone!
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sorry to hear about your loss, it sounds like you are doing the best for the kids, remember to take care of yourselve
I'm here for you slappy. Take a deep breath and I think the pizza and a movie for the kids is a good idea. It will help you as well.
Keeping you in my thoughts today!
thanks guys! they have been waitiing to go to this movie so its going to be a big surprise!
My prayers are with you and your family.
Sorry Slappy I know this will be a really difficult day for you. But I think you have come to terms with the fact that you are doing the right thing.... it's just hard that the right thing involves loosing him... stay strong, you will make it through this. We are all here for you.
thanks. It will be hard but we know this is whats best for him.
hi slappy and family...sorry about today. It is hard and it is okay to feel it! Animals are part of the family..they are so there when matter I send you all and great big huge hug from Norway. (((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))).
So I think tonight is a great night to all be together and do what yo had planned.....I had a cat last year I had to put down for the same reasons..bladder stuff and she was MY cat. I loved her and it was not fun and hurt like mad....but hey, in turn that is a good feeling ot have for your pet...YOU LOVED YOUR DOG!! It would be terrible not to have any feel and talk and be together.....nice to have family near to hug and have that shoulder to cry on.
My thoughts are with you and yor family slappy......I am thinking about you..sue
thanks sue! That was a big hug to come all the way from Norway! everyone here is so supportive, I appreciate you all.
Oh I'm so sad for you :'( I do not look forward to that part of my dog's lives.
In my thoughts and prayers...Angel Hugs...Pam
My thoughts are with you! I'm sorry to hear what you have to go through. I know how hard it is. It's amazing how resilient kids can be. You have a strong family.
they are a trip! They are playing so nice with him and telling him he will be ok. I just hope they are ok when they really realize he isnt coming back home. So let me ask you guys a question- what do I do with all of his stuff?
Slappy, I am so sorry I am grieving with you. I dread the day I lose my Peanut.
Slappy I am so sad for you. I love that you are doing the movies as a family, people now a days forget that familys should be together in the good and the bad.

As for the items you need to remove from your home, would an animal shelter take them? Just a thought to help the others animals out there.
There must be an animal shelter that you can donate them. Maybe have the kids pick one toy each to save?

So sorry to hear about your pet Slappy... Its all for the best.. You and your family are in my thoughts...

Stay up baby!!!

if you can't bring yourself to remove the items from your home just yet box them up and put them in the basement or attic. Then in time when things are little easier you can take them and donate them or give them to someone.
thanks guys. I had thought about checking into donating to shelter.
Slappy I am so sorry about your dog. Hearing about the poor guy really touches my heart. Reminds me of my Buffy.
Steph told me to tell you that I have to put my li'l sister to sleep today, so I empathize with you. Not really, but she could tell I was getting sad n wanted me to laugh.
Great idea with the movie and pizza, by the way. Keeping busy is key, but brace yourself when you get home afterward ... that's when it'll hit.
I really am very sorry about your dog, and I know it'll be hard, but we'll all be here for you, along with your family over there.
I am just tearing up hearing this.... I am so sorry Slappy. Much love to you and your family.
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