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I am so tired I need some energy tips

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Hey there,  I'm sitting at my desk and there is not many calls coming in so I'm actually finding my eyes becoming heavy and I want to go to sleep.

I've just started a new diet, and this is where I always lose my motivation, because I'd rather go out and get a mega calorie caffinated beverage to keep me up,  I have lots of water here but the more I drink the fuller I feel which gives me the "Just had turkey dinner" feeling.

I'm so tired,  any thoughts as to what I can do to wake up I have 3 more hours to go till I can go home!

This is what happens,  I'll go home and just go to bed instead of doing something healthy,  and this happens all the time because my body wins and I just give in and go to bed.
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Mmmm Caffeine!!! Grab a Diet Green Tea :)
Chewing some sugar-free gum might help.  ;)  Good luck, I hope you make it!  I know being tired at work can be torture.
How bout working coffee into your calories for the day?
although it seems counterintuitive, exercise will give you more energy. so in the evenings stop telling yourself "i'm too tired to exercise". instead, make it, "i'm tired, i need to get moving & get my heart rate up!"

go walk up & down the stairs a few times at work to get an energy boost. at your desk, if you can't leave, do squats instead of just sitting; or do leg lifts; or just stand up and do some light stretching or yoga moves and deep breathing exercises.

just do it!
Make sure you get enough sleep.  And I mean real sleep because going to bed at 11 pm and waking up at 7 isn't 8 hours of sleep if you toss and turn for a couple hours.  (Yup, speaking from experience.)

Carrihound already pointed out the paradoxical light exercise thing.  It really does work!
AWESOME!! Thanks for the help :)
I just wanna add something. Are you getting enough calories? since you are working hard and I am assuming you work out too, then you need extra calories to give you more energy.

I had the same problem and was losing energy but my personal trainer advised me to up my calories so my body can function well and lose weight.

Hope that helps and good luck
This sounds weird, but I swear its a yoga thing, I do it in the morning when I really really don't want to get up and you can do it at work!

Sit strait up, put your arms out to your sides, stretch them back as far as you can go and sqeeze your shoulder blades together.

apparently it not only increases oxygen flow to the lungs but stimulates the nerve endings in the spine(or some such.... not sure of the medical explination) which wake you up.

regardless, It works for me, its a good stretch and I definatly feel more awake after just a quick bit. (and it doesn't involve calories! )

good luck!
Is there a place you can go to do 100 jumping jacks?? I sneak into the server room at my office and do this when I'm literally falling asleep at my computer screen. It's hard to convince my brain that what I need is jumping jacks, but after I do them I feel fantastic!
My secret weapon: DIET ENERGY DRINK! I drink one every day before a busy night at the restaurant and it really helps me move and focus. Now, there is the inevitable crash after 3 or 4 hours...So if you have an 8 hour work day that could just be bad, you could drink 2 a day, but that gets really really costly....I've been looking into getting sugar-free redbull wholesale! And it's not for everyone, some people get jittery from it and overdoing it can be very very bad for you but it is some powerful stuff!!

Just a thought here...I am always tired because I have iron-deficiency--iron creates the blood cells that carry oxygen to your brain--a lack of it causes tiredness! A good indication of this would be your nails. If you notice ridges in your nails, this is a sign that you are not taking in enough iron. I started taking iron supplements (you can get these at any pharmacy/health store and they are usually enriched with other vitamins such as vitamin C) a month ago and I have stopped falling asleep on my desk revising!

Worth a shot, but best to talk to your doctor first!

Good luck!
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I always get the mid-day crash. It's really true that as soon as I get up and start moving around, it changes.
Also, if you're doing less calories, try breaking them up throughout the day into 5 or 6 smaller meals. This way you can have a little nibble at that time, drink some water and move around. You should be good to go.
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