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I know the counting calories really helps, but sometimes I just get so tired of logging everything, especially if I'm cooking. I love to cook and tend to be a "throw things together" cook. I may use a recipe as a guide, but I'm always throwing in stuff. And then I never really know how many servings are in what I make. I still try to eat healthy/make good choices if I'm not counting but it is the counting that makes me accountable in the end. Anyone else feel this way?
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counting is like a hobby of mine now. kind of sad but if i just can't sleep if i dont' know around how many calories i ate that day. i'll just lay there and try to add it all up in my head. yeah i understand your frustration with the cooking thing however.
I find the "logging" process itself to be much more tedious than the counting/measuring. I have a nutrition book at home and sometimes just look up caloric values there, and add in my head or on paper. It's better for me to avoid logging all the time, otherwise I'd be on CC literally every few hours (which I have been for the last few days, because I've been logging here. Must get back to paper now).

I do need to buy measuring scoops and more measuring spoons. My measuring cups are getting too much use: scoops are better and easier (lift the flour out with them rather than pouring the flour in the cup, f'r'instance).

I imagine it would be harder if I cooked more (I'm a packaged-food person - but healthy packaged food, nowadays).
i dont log mine on line but i do have a book i keep and write it all down there. mine tends to be more easy b/c i eat the same thing all most everyday so i know my cals. and if i eat something different i usually make sure it is around the same cals i am replacing with something i usually eat. just easy for me.
when I first started doing this I logged everything and found it really frusturating and sometimes innacurate, as I am also a "trow together cook.  What I ended up doing was logging during the day, giving myself a set number of calories for breakfast and lunch "(for me 600) and then I h ave 600+ excersize to blow at dinner.  I don't really log the second half of the day.

I just make sure I give myself plenty of room.  And most of the time I don't go over.  and I'm losing!
I think I'm like vmcbutterfly. I find the counting and logging in to be quite addictive. I do work at a computer all day, so it's quite easy to access, and my laptop is always handy at home. That said, my husband was going to count calories with me, but he hasn't logged in again since the first day.... obviously not the way to go for him.
If I don't count, it's bad news.
At first I found the logging in tedious but I set up tags and have come to enjoy the analysis at the end of the day. It makes it worth if for me. I log in my activity too.

I am a throw together cook, and if I make something really good I can't always remember exactly what went in. Now I use the recipe analyzer as I go along, and adjust if necessary. At first I stumbled with the 'servings' but then I realised I can always go back and change the number. I think it's great to be making up recipes and having them read like something out of a cookbook at the end.

I'm lucky I have a laptop and can use it in the kitchen while cooking.
What I do is keep a sheet of paper and a calculator on the fridge, so everything that I take from there is more likely to be logged.

When I'm cooking, I make mental notes of what I add to each dish, and while it's doing its thing in/on the stove, I write it all down and calculate it while I wait. I total up everything for the full dish, then divide it by how many portions I think there should be. If the number is too high, then I keep dividing until I come to a calorie intake that I think is a perfect balance between satiating my hunger and satiating my daily caloric intake.

If you have trouble making mental notes of what you throw into the dish, then keep a sheet of paper and a pen next to you and just jot it down really quick. It's a pain, sometimes, and slows the cooking process, but in the end, isn't it worth it?
I sort of feel this way.  When I started, I counted everything down to the last calorie.  However, once you get to know which foods have what calorie content, I've been able to estimate pretty well (at least, according to the weight I've lost).  So, instead of logging 48 cals for something, 89 cals for something else, I end up just rounding things off based on experience.

It gets easier.
The logging is tedious, I think im more looking towards portion control cause lets face it if i do get down to goal weight am i really going to keep logging everyting for the rest of my life? very doubtful. Im with dnrothx I just kinda round things off keep a mental note to a point and im losing weight...........without all the long drawn out logs.
I've been logging my food and activity (basically) every day for almost a year now.  This week I am taking "a break".  I've tried breaks before, but I give in at the end of the day and log just to be sure.  I feel like I've done enough reading, I have enough experience, and I generally know what my body needs for fuel.  I can tell when I am hungry or just bored, thirsty, emotional, etc.  I tend to obsess and stress out over the numbers, so I'm taking a break from it for a while (but obviously still checking in with everyone) to see how I can manage on my own.  I'm young, I just want to get this all figured out so I can let go and live.  I've learned an unimaginable amount about so much here since I've joined that I think I know what to do in many cases.  I used to get sick of counting, but I'd keep it up for fear I'd screw up if I didn't count.  Do whatever works for you.  Sometimes a short break is needed, and then just come back if it doesn't work or if you just "miss it", like I did.  And best of luck!
i also have set amoutn of calories i eat at each meal. like at dinner as i cook i have my little note book and calculator and write it down as i go.
I like to cook that way too.  But I've been handling it pretty well by using my scale & measuring cups & spoons, and a pad and pencil.  I weigh or measure each thing before I throw it in and write it down. 

Afterwards, I figure out how many servings I'll get out of whatever it is.  I put the whole thing into the recipe analyzer and that gives me the correct item to log.  Sometimes I delete these "recipes" because I'm not going to duplicate them, ever.
Thanks for all the replies and motivation. I love the pencil & paper idea by the stove as I'm cooking. I do that sometimes as I throw together my lunch too and write the grams on the baggies/containers I put fruits & veggies in so I can log them later. I just findi t hard to log in the evening sometimes as I have 2 toddlers & an infant to keep me otherwise occupied :)

But I will hang in there and I have already noticed that i'm getting a 'feel" for some foods for their calories adn portion sizes.
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