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I just got back from a nutritionist today, which I was not expecting having an RD, nutritionist and doctor sit in all at the same time during this appointment. Tell you what, I was nervous. I came in to discuss if I'm 'doing things right' in regard to my meal planning for my family with emphasis on my CIC diagnosis and my husband's high triglyceride issue that runs in his family.

After presenting what I prepare on weekends, what we eat daily (I printed weeks of food log from CC to make it easier), and proving how much I/we all enjoy clean, healthy, low sodium, preservative-free home cooking - they were all speechless. I was told that I'm doing such an excellent job in meal preparation, choosing the right food and taking care of my family's nutritional needs.

The best part was they asked if I can be invited to the hospital's weight management group to share my story and help motivate individuals and families who are dealing with weight and eating crisis.

... And I was thinking that there might be something else I need to do to make things better. :)

Thanks, CC and thanks to all of you, CC folks, who has and is continuously helping me on this lifelong journey. I invite all of you to spread the word, use your knowledge and help those who are in need.


EDIT (03/20/12):

We had my husband's cholesterol checked on Sunday. It's done quarterly. The doctor took him off of his cholesterol pills. Yey! (I was all teary-eyed LOL) Calorie count is such a blessing.

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