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The thread formerly known a skinnier by summer time

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The thread formerly known a skinnier by summer time!

Following on from the previous thread a few of us got hooked yon ( and got some pretty nice results and great support from) Same idea as the last one..... So, weigh in every Tuesday. ANYTIME anyone is having an urge to binge or eat more than allowed, we can vent about it here.

Okay, I'll start!

CW: 154 ( but jiggly :-))

GW: 147 or super legs and booty by September 1st 2012

Looking forward to hearing from all the regulars! Strawberryblonde, Ajassman, Bfronny and Skinnyj!

Right off spinning chat on Tues! Xxx
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May I join in your thread?  I wasn't originally in TTFKASBS but definitely have some goals to achieve by September.

CW: 152

GW: 125 but 140 by September 1st (super legs, booty and belly would also be welcomed with open (non-bingo-winged) arms, but also possibly too much to wish for by Sept)

Other relevant info: I'm 5'3" and 28 and sick to death of being generally wobbly all over!

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I am also 5'3 and started at 155lbs back in January (6 weeks post baby). You can do it for sure. :)
Wo hoo! Ladies we are off! hey ajassman!

Soph1984 welcome! All welcome to join! Don't know how to block/ close anyway!

Let's keep this healthy though! have seen some threads get bombarded by crazy folk looking to become skeletors half sister! Our aim (I'm pretty sure) is to get less wiggle in our jiggles. Spinning was great tonight but coming back is so so tough after hols !
just posting so i dont lose the thread ! I will post an update later today!
Hey Bfronny!
Definitely up for healthy weight loss only. My September goal is based on a loss of 1lb per week. Here's to a skinnier summer! X

I like the idea of skinnier by even more the idea of healthy weight loss and exercise to get there.  I am not one of those folks who thinks I need to be concerned with whether I (omg!) accidentally ingested a carb or (horrors!) a fat calorie.  Can't stand fads and not very patient with folks who want to know if the latest internet craze will really help them to achieve their weight loss goals of 8 lbs/week.  I just want to scream,  "JUST STOP THE CRAZY AND START BEING MORE KIND TO YOUR BODY!"

I am 5'3" and last December I started noticing I was, quite frankly, getting fat...job change, quit smoking, and the wonderful freakin' world of menopause all going on at the same time for me.  I am 52 and have always been relatively healthy, but I had let my weight creep up to 153, and was I feeling overwhelmed!  I had quit working out and I was wearing a ravine in my couch.  I finally got on the stick in March of this year and decided to take control of my body and health.

Now down to 142 and exercising regularly - 5 days per week.  I am trying very hard to eat less commercially processed foods, more veggies and fruits and lean proteins and not be a deprivation wing nut.  I have, for the most part said bye, bye to white pasta and most breads.  I am shooting for 130-132 and would like to be there by just past the end of summer.  And I can use all of the encouragement and success stories I can get. I also have some advice and a lot of encouragement to give...Cheers to us!

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Skelator! Lol dearladylala.  We must be close to the same age. :)

Well, since this is the first, I'm making it my first official day of keeping track for this stretch!


I weighed in at 158 this morning.  (That's on the low side--When I work all weekend, I don't eat much, so I expect it'll go up to 160 by Thursday.)

As much as I'd like to lost ten pounds by September first, I don't know if that's reasonable for me.  My goal is going to be 150.

I failed at not having Starbucks last week, so that's my goal again this week--no Starbucks!  Also, I want to start doing weight training--that scares me.  All the machines are so big!

Hi! I'm new to this too btw if y'all don't mind.

Height: 5'2

PW: 161

CW: 141

GW: 121 not to be skinny but fit!

I'm dedicated and motivated, but I have a slip every now and then. I'm not proud of it, but I am trying to learn from it.

How's everyone doing so far this week?


I am slowly improving my mile time-- I still can't run a whole mile straight, but I'll get there eventually! 

I checked out New Rules of Lifting for Women from the library and am considering the plan.  I'm still just afraid of the weight room!

Hey ladies!! LW: 154

CW: 154

GW: 147 or super legs and booty by September 1st 2012

So not much moving and shaking this week but a lovely week all in! Got to ye gym and had some super spinning classes and have started some heavier weights- can def see something happening on the thigh front!!!

So here's to our first week! Goal this week is to carry on regardless of whatever that hormonal scale says! Xxxxx see you next week and ladies we can do this! Xxxx
Bfronny don't be scared of the weight room! It's our friend!!! Totally doesn't look like it but pinkie swear! X

Okay - so I know I have been so very good for the past week.  But the scale...that change this week.  I worked out with a combo of cardio/weights 6 days and kept it to 1400 calories/day or less for all but one day.  Had some movie popcorn one day but still stayed under 1500 calories for the day.  All reasonable and good stuff all week - ate roasted veggies, no-fat greek yogurt, all veggie salads (with low fat yogurt dressings), fresh fruits, homemade lentil soup, lean grilled chicken and fish.  I know that being over 50 makes it tougher - but I am going to run over my scale with the car next week if it shows me that same sorry-ass 142 number.  Just sayin' - scales beware!

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I am waiting to see what the scale says tomorrow. We had a long weekend here and had bacon and eggs for breakfast yesterday so I don't want to record the salt induced water weight. I have been slacking in the workouts as I now have a cold/sinus thing and have been busy with the kids. I should be having a regular eating and working out day tomorrow though. :)
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Not much to report for this week. My weight stayed the same despite having no appetite due to a cold. However it turns out it is my ToM so hopefully I am going to see a drop next week. First ToM in a very long time (for those of you who are not familiar with me, I have a 7 month old baby not an ED) so I am really not sure what my body will do weight wise.

Have a good weekend everyone, we are headed out of town so it will be a challenge for me!
Have a great weekend Ajassman! And everyone else!
Original Post by bfronny:

How's everyone doing so far this week?


I am slowly improving my mile time-- I still can't run a whole mile straight, but I'll get there eventually! 

I checked out New Rules of Lifting for Women from the library and am considering the plan.  I'm still just afraid of the weight room!

I started NROFW back in Jan and am almost done with stage 6, really loving my results!!  Don't be afraid to give it a go :)

! LW: 154

CW: 152

GW: 147 or super legs and booty by September 1st 2012

Okay so the 2 pound loss- down to vomiting bug- the whole family has it!!!

Next week I'll be back to myself! How is the weight lifting going?

Have a good week ladies!!! Xxx

Okay...still dangerously close to that 142 mark.  But I am down a pound to 141!  Woohoo!  That came after a week when I was mildly discouraged because I had seemed stuck at 142 for 2-3 weeks.  So - I ate a little more last week, deciding I had been depriving myself so severely that I was developing some pretty strong cravings.  I did keep up the cardio and circuit training, though.  Very pleased to be down a pound after eating a bit more!  Fingers crossed for next week - and this week I am encouraged to do well!  There is no shortcut to this and I just need to remind myself to be kind to my body, eat in a way that is sustainable and keep up the cardio regularly - like I make my bed, brush my teeth and get dressed daily.

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