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Tempting Commercials

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I was just wondering how other people deal with the whole mouthwatering juicy vivid commercials that are actually DESIGNED to make you want to EAT like RIGHT NOW.

I can sometimes rationalize my way out of wanting whatever food they advertize, like if it's something that isn't portrayed as a guilty pleasure. I guess the main problems are the fatty foods which I have largely cut out of my diet (like lots of chocolate/candy, ice cream, and cheeses).

BUT then sometimes it gets so hard and I just wanna order food (I am a college student) and gorge with reckless abandon! I HATE ADS!! Other than the obvious option of watching less TV (which I want to do anyway) what are some suggestions that have worked for you?
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well, like you said, less t.v. is probably the best solution. but if you got up and jogged in place and didn't face the t.v. during commercials, you'd be getting twice the benefits. a little exercise, and no temptations. can't say it's worked for me, since i hardly ever watch t.v. so it's probably no help. i think it's terrible that we want people in our country to get lean and healthy and keep pushing fast food at everyone. i wouldn't be surprised if food commercials go the way of alcohol and cigarette commercials some day. you never see anyone advertising fresh vegetables and whole grains on t.v., do you? no, just the junk food.
For me, advertising has lost much of its power. I KNOW that the ad was designed to get a response from me so that the company can sell a product. Somehow the knowlege that I'm being subtly manipulated and programmed just makes me more stubborn. It's how I feel about make up and "age defying" cosmetic ads too. Sometimes you just have to think yourself out of a situation- it's like sticking up for yourself while a big advertising company is using every trick and skill it has to make you feel like you NEED something that you don't.
oh- another thing. I don't watch TV anymore, but back when I did, I had a rule that during the ad breaks I would step on my mini stepper until they were over. It really helped and I got my exercise in too. You could try this.
That is what DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are for.  I watch a lot of recorded programs then fast forward through the commercials. 

Even when i watch a program live there are very few commercials that get a response out of me.
Despite now limiting my caloric intake, eating is still a favorite activity of mine.  I actually don't watch too much TV, but I actually like being advertised to.  In fact, I'm looking forward to the future where advertisments are tailored to my tastes (I don't care if they get their hands on my purchase history -- just not my credit card).  To me, that means that food commercials will be adjusted towards my taste so that I'll hopefully have fewer irrelevant commercials to suffer through (some of the food commercials nowadays make me sick to my stomach; the food just doesn't look appetizing).

Bring it on!

Right on - TiVO rocks!

My husband and I were at his parents place (don't have TiVO), and the kids were watching something - on (gasp) LIVE TV.  We've gotten so used to it, it was downright disturbing.
thanks everyone!! that's so helpful. i like the excercising during commercials idea. i think i'll try it. 
You know what saddens me about those food commercials...all the poor people who live on very little.  You have a cuboard full of boxed mac and cheese and lots of cheap carbs and there is a commercial with a mouthwatering steak or something.  That can cause some real frustration.  A lot of us can count ourselves real lucky.  We can make choices, others don't even have the income for a splurge.
Try turning on the mute during commercials. Food commercials always look sillier with no sound for some reason.
I try not to listen to them... I think I gain weight just watching them!!!!!

Some turn me off now... others make me slobber but thankfully because I'm way out in the stiks.. I just slobber and don't entertain heading into town! And I won't go near the kitchen either!
I'm canceling my tv altogether. Even though I don't immediately jump up and grab a burger when I see a commercial, I think it still influences me b/c when I drive by a fast food place I see those images in my head and really crave the junk.

I think, No tv = less unnecessary messages = more healthy food and life in general!
Its not the Commertials that do it to me... its the smell.. you ever notice when you pass a pizza place and you have been avoiding that kind of food it smells like they are pumping the sent right onto the street.  Or Even when M&M's does their BBQ I can smell it for a good block... it attracts me....
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