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If you're out there I need some motivation! I'm 17 and looking to lose 67.5 Lbs. So far I've only seen teens on the site with between 5 and 15 pounds to lose!
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hey aussiebear- according to my inputs on the site I have 15 lbs to lose to reach my goal, but that doesn't tell the whole story: my total weight loss at the end will be 58 lbs.  It's taken me a little over a year to get to this point (I lost a lot last summer and maintained over the school year), and it feels GREAT. It can be done! I'm 19, 165 and 5'9".
Hey there I'm 19 so still just about a teenager, And I have around 50 to loose.

It is a bit disheartening when alot of young people on this site are all only looking to get from say 120 to 110, and its seems like its a bit duanting for people like us with lots to loose!
Hi! Thank you for creating ths group, Aussiebear. I am also in need for some motivation. I am 18, 5'5" and need to lose 50 pounds. it kinda pisses me off a bit when I click on the forums that read "Help! I need to lose weight!" and when I open it, it is about a 13 year old that needs to lose like 8 pounds in order to fit into a dress. I don't want to hate on younger or thinner people because they wanna lose weight 'cause hey, that's why we are all here. Anyway, side rant ignored, keep it up guys and one day we will all be posting on that "I am on my last 5 pounds til I reach my goal" thread!! 
Oh thank goodness! I was starting to think all the teens on her typed 'lyke dis1!!' and all wanted to go from size zero to negative one. Erghh, ridiculous. Kind of makes me be irritated with my own age group. ANYWAY.

Hi ya'll! (Hold up, I'm not Southern, I'm Canadian. What's goin' on eh?)

I'm 17 with 59.7 pounds to go!! (As of yesterday.=D) And I might lose more after that, but getting down there would be just amazing for me!

It's a real pleasure to meet you all!
Oh gosh...I know what all of you mean. I'm always looking for teens who are wanting to lose weight, but all of them seem to be skinny already. Kinda upseting.

I'm not looking to lose 50+ pounds but pretty close to that (I hope it's okay I'm here anyways). I'm 4'11 (or 5'0??) and currently 150 pounds. Doctor tells me I need to be around 100 (WTF?) but I want to be more around 120 or something. I'm 17 too!

I was originally 155 then went down to 147, but recently lost a very close family member and gained three pounds in about two weeks! I felt so discouraged. But I'm trying to get back in the game now.

how is everyone doing. I am trying to lose about 30 pounds because my highest was 190 and now im 180 and for my height i need to be 150 actually 130 but im a thick girl and i don't wanna be stick skinny i want to be 150. so i think this thread is good for people like us you kno. if anyone wants to contact me personally and maybe we can keep pushing each other my email is or look for me on myspace at a good day everyone and stay motivated.
Its great to know you're all out there! I lost 8 Lbs this week and i'm motivated again! Wahey, Good Luck to you all!
=D Awesome job!! I've lost 5 pounds so far in 7 days! I just think it's because I'm just starting out, but I was still ecstatic to learn about it... It really keeps you keep soldiering on.

Just throwing a random question out here... but what does everyone's families think about their new change in eating habits?
(I don't like the word 'diet'. >_>)
I hate the word 'diet' too. My mom's always telling me what I should eat and what I shouldn't. But then she's always the one to ask me if I want ice cream. She kinda contradicts herself. haha.

My family hasn't really mentioned anything. Right now my family is..erm...chaotic. Everyone's just trying to get back on track (since my cousin's death). As am I. I haven't really broadcast my 'diet' since I kinda don't want everyone to know. It's weird. Since almost everyone in my family has mentioned my need to go on a diet, the 'teenage rebellion side' of me doesn't really want to give them the pleasure of knowing I now am. Yes, I know it's me being silly, but I can't help it. lol.

On another note: I lost a lot of weight the first week after I changed my diet (I think it was five pounds), which is probably normally. I probably lost a lot of water weight.  But it's average  that after that you should be losing about 1 or 2 pounds a week.

Question aussiebear: How did you lose eight pounds so quickly??
I totally get the teenage rebellion thing! My mom always used to try and force me to go to the gym. And every day without fail we'd fight over it... and I wanted to go to the gym and exercise. We wanted the same thing but I refused to let her know that because of the 'teenage rebellion thing'.

About the whole quick weight thing, it probably was water weight but I'm alright with that. If this weight loss thing was easy, this community might not exist! :)

Sorry about the death of your cousin, that has to be tough.
Hello! I'm 17 and I have 80 POUNDS to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sucks..wish we would never have snacks in our house, that would make it alot easier. I use to only have 70 pounds to lose but I just lost a cousin in June who was a teen. It was very hard on everyone and I gained 10 pounds. I'm now trying to get back to dieting but just yesterday I had another family friend die in a car accident. 2 car accidents in 2 months. It's crazy! I'm still trying to keep motivated but it's hard sometimes. I know that I need to lose weight to feel better about myself. I think if we motivate eachother we can get through this!

God Bless you all!

P.S. jmduran-I am sorry for your loss! I know what you are going through as well because I lost a teen cousin in a car accident! God does these things for a reason! Although we may not know why but I think he works misteriously. It's like my friend says "God broke our hearts to prove he only takes the best!".
ribear: Thanks. It is tough, but one thing I've learned is that life is short and I don't want to spend it being fat.

The teenage rebellion thing is probably what stopped me from eating healthier in the first place. Every time my mom told me 'not to eat that' I would eat it anyways, just to displease her. It's quite childish in my part but I hate when people tell me what to do. Even now she'll tell me not to eat something when I'm already trying so hard to stick to healthy food. But I've learned to ignore it.

manz0890: I know what you mean about the snack things. I find that if it's not around you don't want to eat it. That's why I'm always telling my mom not to buy soda. She's doesn't now. It's much easier to avoid things. One thing you can do though is everytime you find yourself in the kitchen (because of a craving) drink a glass of water. Then walk away. Or keep a healthy snack in your room. That way if you have a craving you have easier access to healthier food. You tend to go for things closer to you. haha.

I lost my cousin to a car accident too. He was 18 years old. I can relate to your weight gain because of a family death. The day I found out I went straight to the kitchen. Food is my comfort. But I know it's important to focus on living life. Healthy.
There are some upsides to not being rebellious though... or more like...conforming on your own terms...;D (I've made it clear that this is /my/ routine and it's on my terms... and my parents will just have to deal with that.)

But as a result, my mom has definitely been cooking low fat food which of course, is not only good for me, but for everyone. (Especially my dad...who was a pudgy kid who also lost weight in his teens and is pretty big again.)
Hi everyone. Im 17, and I have 28lb to go [according to calorie-count]. Im 5'6'' and 158. I want to be 120-130, I have a pretty small frame. I know its not that much weight to lose, but I've been "slightly overweight" my whole life. Slowly I've been losing weight, and I've just found this amazing website. I've never been much of a calorie counter, but Im getting addicted to it now. Everyone here inspires me so much because youre all so ecstatic and EXCITED to lose the weight. 
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Hi im 17 and i lost a totaly of 67 pounds!!! I was 210 pounds! So if i could do it you teens can!!!
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hey im 18, 5"3

I started college this year and was sick of being the 'fat girl'. Now im the 'very chubby girl'- but im getting there. I used to weigh 176 pounds (about 6 months ago). I am now 152 (through walking, and eating what i want but in moderation).

Thanks so much for this post. I hear you girls, i get really put of by these skinny things who are 5"7 complaining about being 135! Even being really short - 135 would be a dream! I completely understand the family thing! Its sooooo hurtful when my dad would look me up and down in disgust and tell me to loose weight . Thanks dad, Its not like it helps! Being a teen, and overweight sucks. Im young, i want to be lean and confident- im ready to take control of my life. Wish me luck!

oh and some advice: keep photos of yourself or take some of you now. I didnt think i had lost anything (or that it showed, since my grandma said i still looked fat) but looking at the photos really motivated me and i saw a huge difference- its really helped me keep in check how far ive come when it all seems overwhelming and hopeless.
i'm a teen too! i'm nearly 16 and 5ft5.

I started at 186 pounds, and currently at 166 pounds. My first goal is in another 12 pounds, 154pounds.

I hope after i reach my goal of 154 pounds i can loose another 7 pounds to reach the goal of 147 pounds, and then hopefully another 7 pounds to reach my final goal of 140 pounds.

i have roughly another 26 pounds to loose, for a total weight loss of 46 pounds.

good luck everyone!

Welcome to the club, both of you! It's encouraging to see that we're not alone in our problem. (I hate watching news reports that are like 'studies show the x percentage of teenagers are obese' and then going to school and feeling like the only one. ARGH impossible.)

Is anyone up for an August challenge type thing? Just to keep us all motivated?!
I'm up for it. 
I think we should start it here instead of going through the trouble of making a new thread? But I'm not in charge. So...what does everyone else think?
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