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Teen weight loss group?

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I couldn't find any groups that specifically included teens who want to lose weight, so I wanted to see if there was anyone else interested. I'm 16, about 140 and I want to get down to at least 120. Anyone else in the same boat?
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Me! I'll be 17 in a month and i'm 129 pounds, but i'm 5'1 sooo I am chubby.
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heyy... i wouldn't normally do this but i thought some support would be nice. i'm 5'4 and 145 and 17 and I want to get down to 128. Its hard when my friends tell me I am not fat and they roll their eyes when I try to eat healthy. I have a hard time going out to eat with them and staying to my diet. I am doing this because I want to lose weight and keep it off, not just crash diet for a week then gain it back, etc. its hard not having friends support, litterally i would die if they saw i was writing on this but its nice to know i'm not alone
Hey, I'm 17, I'm 5'2" and currently 134lbs and my goal is around 110lbs. I lost 41lbs on Weight Watchers when I was 14 and got down to 117, and I'd like to be a bit less than that =) My goal is August 8th!
Hey im 16 too i am 5'4 and im 118 but want to get to 110 :D
I guess I'm old! I'm 19, and in college... well I'm currently at 166 at 5'7. You guys might think this sounds like a lot, but I started at 210 so I'm improving! I want to get to 160 by May 11th (last day of school) and then work towards 150. I seem to set my goals in 10 lb increments. It seems to work though. ;)
I'm 18, 5'0" and 155 down from 159. :) Appldinger, we can be old together. *grin* My goal is 115-120 by August. I've been wanting to lose weight for the past few years, and I guess I'm finally ready to make a change.

-Julie :)
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Hi... Im 4'11 and I am about 120lbs I want to get down to 100 for the summer. Because I am a short person people think that I am thin, I am not really thin just small. Since most of you are also in the 5foot-5.5foot range I think you know what I am talking about, hight vs. weight wise.
Heyy :] I'm 16 :]

I'm 5"2! Started off at 154 pounds (which is huge because I only have a small frame) and I am now hovering around 133pounds.

I would like to get down to about 120 for the summer and then about 110 after that :]
hey, i'm turning 15 in 7 days. I weigh about 110 and are 5'2". I'm not really here for weightloss, more to just maintain the weight, eat healthy, and tone up.

Because last year when I was only 5'1" I weighed around 135 lbs. I didn't really pay attention to it at first. But then one day I realized I wasn't healthy and I wasn't happy with myself. So I decided to make a change and take control of my life. I began eating healthier and exercising more. I managed to lose about 24 lbs. That summer, I debuted a bikini for the first time and everyone was pretty much like "Woah, where did that come from?" haha. it fluctuated, but through sports I lost a few more.

good luck to everybody!
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hey, im 17, 5'7, 155 lbs. im hoping to get to 135 or 130 by the end of June and lose more or just maintain that throughout the summer. mostly i just want to get to 140 for grad at the beginning of June so i can feel confidant and have a good time!

:) good luck
I'm 17, 5'3.5" and I weigh 141. I used to be 165, but I have lost 24 lbs since January. My goal weight is 125, but I might stop earlier. I would really like to get into a 6 and I am now at a 10. We had prom Thursday and I got to show off my new HOT body in a killer dress. Yeah, just kidding but I did get a lot compliments about how good I looked so it is some good motivation. I wish you guys the best of luck and I know ya'll are gonna do awesome.
I'm 14, 5' 11", male, and I weight 155 lbs. I used to be 165 but I lost these pounds during a crash diet I went on while deseperate which diet to choose. It was a good motivation to see my friends and family notice it, I never had a noticable overweight, but a belly, and I want to get it flattened. BTW: Am I the only guy here?

heyy im 15 and 5'3" i weigh 154.5 lbs i hate my weight right now because i am so limited when it comes to physical activites. i need to slim down to at least 120 before june 3 because im going on a trip to the beach. i have always had troubles with my weight and have gone on many crash diets that work until summer rolls around and b/c im out of school i eat ALOT. i kno that in order to get down to 120 by june i will have to work really hard but i need to loose some weight for my health also. thanks

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yeah im 15, 5'8" and about 160. i hate it. i want to lose some more of this baby fat! my goal is 140 asap. but i want to be more toned and confident in a bathing suit this summer! less than 2 more months! is anyone else trying the special k diet? i really like it. and i just realized that fruits arent as low in calories as i always thought! good luck everyone!


Hey!  I'm 16, 5'4, well, almost :) and 140 lbs down from 146.  I'm taking it slow, one pound per week, but it's gone perfectly since the beginning of March.  Slow is perfect for me, because I can always reach my goal so I don't get frustrated and quit!
141 pounds, my goal weight is about 125-130 range

But I have sososo much trouble keeping up with my diet on the weekends, even if they are full with plans.
Okay, nowhere close to a teen...b/c i'll be the big 4-0 this year, but I just wanted to pop in and say I am soooo proud of y'all for starting this post!  Y'all will be great motivation for each other!

Have a great day!
ok I'm a girl about to turn 15, i'm 5'2, and i'm at 135 right now. Just 6 months ago i was at 118, and happy with everything, but now i'm back up to this weight and i can't fit into any of my clothes anymore. I was in wrestling from december to feb. and after that i gained all of the weight i lost back, and plus more. I'm so anxious to lose it all in one week, but i understand it's going to take awhile to get back to where i was. I want to wrestle at 110 next year, so I want to get back on track and be healthy & happy again. I need tips!!
yeah, i am 16 and 105-107 lbs, 5'6". i guess i sound skinny but i am not that fit so i look like i weigh more. i really just want to be fit and hard, not flubby like i feel now! anyone else feeling unmotivated???
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