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Just Keep Swimming...

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Hi All - I'm still realtively new, but I wanted to share my bio and gain motivation from others, and hopefully motivate people in return.  -Best, Bel


I have been a member of Calorie Count for about a month now, and this place is as magical as Disney World!!  I just had a baby, born on Valentine's day, and I have one other child that will soon be five.  While I was preggo with baby #2, I decided that once I had him, that was it.  I was going to stop making excuses and lose weight.  I am 5'3 and as of today 153.  I have lost all my baby weight (I gained 20 with pregnancy), so this is all me.  I have no one to blame now, and anyway it's not time for the blame game with my weight.  My goal overall is to eat healthy and be proud of who I am.  I came from a long line of unheathly binge eaters, so I am now re-training myself on how to eat. 

I recently attended a work meeting where we had a motivational speaker.  This woman only had one leg since age 7, and decided that she wasn't going to let only one leg be an EXCUSE not to do things in life.  She taught herself (with a prosthetic leg) to not only run, but also swim and bike.  It doesn't stop there, because she eventually (after 2 years, failing the first year) COMPLETED THE IRON MAN.  Do you hear me?  This lady completed the iron man with 1 leg (and one prosthetic), and do so in excellent time! 

After hearing that story, I decided that if she could do all of that...then I with 2 legs can drop my weight, eat healthier and stop using post-pregnancy as an excuse. 

I have stopped drinking pop (midwest in the house! Laughing) and occasionally miss it, but it's ok.  In the grand scheme of things, a can of pop isn't really all that great.  I want to be there for my kids.  I want them to pick up healthy eating habits so they don't run into the food trap like I did.  I want to feel good about myself like I did before the kids.  And YES, when I walk into the room I want ALL EYES ON ME!!!  And I'm not afriad to admit that. Wink

So, if you feel the way I feel, join me on this fantastic voyage to living better.  I've got a long way to go, but with the help of this Godsend of a website and a positive attitude (just keep swimming; for all of you Finding Nemo/Dory fans out there) I know I can do it, and so can you!!

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What a great attitude! Changing long standing habits is so hard. I was also a pop lover for the first 49 years of my life. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and during chemo, I was told to drink 10(!) glasses of water each day - pop didn't count. That was almost 2 years ago and what at first was absolute torture ( I HATED drinking water) eventually became a natural part of my life. I am now healthy, feeling great, and still drinking water every day.

you go , 1l1e!! 

You rock girl!  Keep posting your energy and positive words!



thanks for sharing!

You can do it :D I love your attitude and I hope that everything works out for you!  The soda(West coast represent!) addiction will slowly fade.  I stopped drinking soda around Febuary 1st 2011 and I haven't missed it since.  Just google what it does to you and think of that every time you want to stop for one in the car or at the store.  It only took me two or three months before I had zero desire to EVER drink one again; my goal was to just see if I could quit for one year.  I made it(one minor slip up in March because someone didn't understand what constituted as a soda and it was a nice gesture...but I passed that mark to). After that year I've had one soda(a cherry limeade from Sonic) because that person was trying to be nice again(*sigh*).  After drinking it I regretted it, I had a headache for the rest of the day.  So I don't even think about soda anymore.

Besides there are yummier things to drink like fresh juice if you can get your hands on a juicer(my big sis gave me her old one because she never used it, maybe someone you know has one laying around?).  Smoothies are also a great treat ^_^.  I just use fresh fruit and water.  Plus you can throw as much spinach in that blender as you want and you will not taste it.  I fill about a third of the blender almost with spinach, then I usually add one banana, 1/2 cup of strawberries and 1/4 cup of water and I've never tasted the spinach(but it has a pretty green color!).  So that's a great way to get more greens in your diet and enjoy a treat.  I like to drink smoothies after I workout.

Just keep going! You're going to reach your goals. ^_^

Hi! I was drawn to your post because of the title! I am a finding nemo fan! I love the saying "just keep swimming"!!! I have done my fair share of drowning, but after the birth of my second and last little one 7weeks ago I am ready to swim to health!!! I was wondering if we could check in with one another at least once per week and be accountability partners. I really need someone to help me stay motivated. I will also help u stay motivated as well. My first realistic goal is 5lbs by June 15th.
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Everyone, thanks much for the replies and the stories and tips!! The support here is so great and really does help!! Here's to continued success for all of us

4meanmyboys12 - i LOVE the name! let's definitely support each other. I'll send u a message. Let's check in and lose this weight!! So great to have another motivated recent mama!! My son is 3 months now and I want him to grow with even better eating habits than my first son! --bel
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