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i need to sstop drinking wine, not b/c i am an alcoholic by any means but b/c i tend to have two glasses and than i over eat. i have 2 great kids, one 16 months and another 4.5 and i have been trying to lose the last 8-10 lbs but haven't been able to b/c of the extra calories in the wine and in the food i consume late at night when the kids are in bed.

So i need some motivation to make me understand that alcohol = fat!!! At least for me it does. Anyway, any advice to keep me strong.Laughing

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Hopefully the inability to lose is motivation enough.   :-)   One thing to consider (that helped me) is the fact that all of the food we eat is broken down and the calories are either burned or converted to fat for burning later on.   Alcohol cannot be absorbed by your body & MUST be burned first (processed thru the liver).  When alcohol is present in your system, your body essentially has to shift gears to burn the alcohol first, subsequently putting any fat-burning that was occurring on hold for the time being.  

If you're eating at a slight deficit, we all burn fat calories...even when at rest.  If you're drinking, that's not really happening until the booze is gone.  As yo mentioned...the decreased judgement ability and munchies don't help either.   LOL.

Good luck!

i suggest that you try it for a predetermined period of time, say 2 or 4 weeks. you'll be less likely to cave in if you know it's temporary, but it's long enough to see results and keep you motivated.

and for what it's worth, it's always worked for me.

I can relate! This is my third week without wine Sunday-Thursday. I am letting myself have it on Fri and Sat nights. So far so good!

I like wine but I don't drink it much, I'm more of a liquor girl. One of the biggest helpers in my weight loss was when I gave up (most) of my drinking. I still let myself have 1-2 drinks on the weekend. I've since upped that number and let myself have 1 unrestricted drinking night/week. But I'm pretty good about the whole not-eating-when-drinking thing. It helped immensely to save all those extra empty calories.

I've also read that your body metabolizes alcohol differently than carbs/fats/protein. From what I read, if you drink some alcohol, your liver will process that first and store anything else it was supposed to be processing, since it can't store the alcohol calories. Just knowing that that is maybe somewhat true keeps me from eating while I drink!!

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Good for you! I've started a new drinking on weekdays and on weekends no binging :P! LIke you, im not stopping cause im an alcoholic but because of the high calorie intake. I used to have it in my head for some reason that wine was a healthy option to beer and is ok..and it is in small quanties...unfourntly for me i like more than 1 glass and i tend to get super hungry after drinking. Im just kinda keeping in mind to keep it down to one glass if i *must* have one glass...drink slowly and remember that the first glass is usually the best and to savor it


Well last night was my first night abstaining. I've always had wine with dinner and while i make dinner. I have a very stressful job so when I get home i have that to look forward to. Work will always be a stressor I think if I stay in this job. Anyhow I haven't been able to lose any weight whatsoever by exercising with drinking. It really affects calories too and I when I found out how many calories I was imbibing its no wonder I can't lose. So I'm starting on the same journey. We'll see how it goes.

a LOT of sugar goes into making alcohol too. I know there is hot debate over whether sugar is a bad or good thing, but I think you will see a difference if you abstain for a couple of weeks like PG said.

However, if this is something you only do once a month it may not really matter. I think I drank about  4 bottles of wine in the past year. I'm not a drinker but sometimes I just want some wine so I buy a small bottle. It makes no difference in my weight loss or maintenance.

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