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How to stop at my calorie level, instead of eating more and more.

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Ok, I am in need of some, motivation, and suggestions.

Heres the deal, I have been doing awesome at keeping my calories low.  Resulting in a huge deficit at the end of the day.. usually 1000 or more calories, however, I know that is to much so I will have a snack, usually a bowl of cereal, that bumps me up 150 calories or so, then I will have something else kinda healthy, a light yogurt or something, next thing I know, I have eaten, like 500 -600 calories over,, junk food, last night it was ice cream, (really small portion) 2 oatmeal cream pies, a 100 cal pack of popcorn.  (OH yeah , I might add, my husband and children are complete junk food junkies,lol)

I need some suggestions on how to let my deficit be... without thinking I have to eat, and eat, and eat some more..

I will also say I am not gainging as a result of this, yet... I just don't want it to catch up to me...


30 years old


129 lbs

I don't feel the need to lose anymore weight, I just don't want to gain any.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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Original Post by dispatchn:

I don't feel the need to lose anymore weight, I just don't want to gain any.

if you don't want to lose any weight why do you have any deficit? especially a 1000 cal def! maybe you need to eat slightly more calories at each "meal".


Eat more earlier in the day, so that you don't have such a large deficit to make up at the end of the day.  If you're trying to maintain your weight you shouldn't be aiming for a deficit, and your body is encouraging you to eat so much at night because you've been depriving it throughout the day.

As the previous posters said, if you're trying to maintain (which sounds good, you're at a great weight!), why are you trying to create such a large deficit? You should be eating at maintenence, and definitely shouldn't be coming to the end of the day with a 1000 calorie deficit.

Spread more snacks and bigger meals throughout your day, while still saving some calories for an end-of-the-day snack. :-)

I think I understand.  Whenever I have a large deficit planned I seem to know subconsciously that I have "wiggle" room and then I end up eating all sorts of extras (more than I realized) and wiping my deficit out altogether. 

What helped a lot is now I log exactly my BMR in the morning  - I keep adding healthy foods and snacks until I reach my BMR.  This way as I go about my day I know that there are no "extra" calories hanging around - this seems to help.

Since you are not trying to lose weight, I suggest logging all your food and exercise planned in the morning - keep adding healthy snacks or raising portions until your deficit is close to zero.  This should help you spread your calories throughout the day, instead of just loading up on junk food after dinner.

Thanks, I really appreciate all the helpful suggestions, I think I am doing better today, so far.

 I might also add Yesterday was an extreme case... I was super super busy @ work and didn't get to eat like I normally do..

(I am an emergency dispatcher and we had the grass fires from hell yesterday.)

Hi, I know exactly where you are coming from.  I do need to lose but nontheless if I do not stop eating at a certain time then I am like a crack addict!  Its either all or non for me.  i have of late been using 7pm for my cut off time.  One night I decided to have a few crackers with my glass of wine before bed and bammmmmm!  ate the entire sleeve!  That shames me but again proves I need to be firm.  I guess it could be called obsessive/compulsive.  Good luck and remember if you don't do something you wont' weigh 125 forever!

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