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"Soon it will be Christmas & lots of FUN & lots of FOOD!"

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"Soon it will be Christmas & lots of FUN & lots of FOOD!"

We can learn so much from other!  Please everyone come on in and let everyone here at C.C. hear your personal stories that only you can tell.  Those same stories that you share with all of us could very well help someone.  Tell us about the things you have learned from first hand experience.  Have you discovered a more simplified way to deal with food and dieting?  How about that hard job of resisting all those temptations that are coming up with the holidays approaching soon?  I love the holidays and all those family get togethers!  It means a lot to finally see a few extra faces in the crowd of my family members that come to town only at Christmas time.  How we all miss each other so much all year long!  I can't wait to have them arrive and join us all in the fun and festivities.  Yes, I think Christmas is my favorite holiday of the entire year for sure.  But the holidays do bring on some hard to resist temptations.  With lots of holiday eating and the wonderful fun get togethers, I  find myself always facing my biggest challenge of the year!  It's been decided that Christmas time is the time of the year when most people gain extra weight, including the people that do not have a weight problem. The average weight gain for the holiday season is in the range of 4-7 pounds.  That is frightening to me ... how about you?  I don't need another 4 pounds much less another (maybe) 7 pounds!  I sure hope that everyone will be joining us right here at C.C. as often as daily throughout this holiday season! When at all possible!  We all need to stay closely in touch and get from each other as much support as we can.  Stay closely in touch with all your friends here at C.C. and share those weak times here with all of us.  We are all trying to achieve the same goals, so we all understand what you are going through when things get tough and you could crash a full week of hard dieting for one "huge eating attact."  It is so not worth it!  Try hard and with help from us here on C.C. maybe you and I can get through his holiday with no weight gain or as little as one pound!  Not a pound more, if that! 

Please lets all join together and help one another throughout the Christmas holiday season and make this Christmas a very merry one for us all. 


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Merry Christmas to you!.  Fill your mouth with conversation rather than food.  Enjoy  :) 
There are lots of food all around us everyday.  Don't think of Christmas as any other day of eating to maintain your body.
YAY for Christmas!  Lots and lots of really great tasting food & even more wonderful people you haven't seen in ages!  My mission this year is...MODERATION.  I'm gonna allow myself some of those once-a-year goodies.  But I'm gonna limit how much of them I eat.  And I'll be working to sweat it off as hard or harder than I have been.  I don't think that the holidays should be a time of panic, worry, or stress.  They're supposed to be relaxing.  So just stay aware of what you're putting in your mouth and enjoy the time spent with family, the catching-up, and focus on conversation rather than food, like songchild said.  And gifts!  These are treats, too.  And they're not gonna put or keep that pudge we've been working to rid ourselves of :P  Best wishes to all, and good luck!!

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! :)
Hi songchild:

Thanks!  Lol...laughing out loud!  Hey, that sure is some good advice you have there my friend!  I will try to do that and you too!  ((SMILES))

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

And a very Merry Christmas too!


Thanks, you do have some sensible good advice here.  I will try to think of these holidays as just another day with lots of food again to deal with.  Do as I usually do ... calculate!  I will keep that in mind I promise you.  Happy Thanksgiving Day!


Yes, indeed you said it all right here!  ((CHEERS!))  This is the right way to look at  the Christmas holidays, fun, friends, family, gift giving, happiness, really making some great memories for the future and even some great foods in moderation!  A time to celebrate and be enjoyful ... thanks for your post!  Have a nice Thanksgiving Day too! 


You said it Jules!  That's right ... the bird should be SUFFED not US! Lol...laughing out loud!  Thanks for the humor ... love it, love it!

Hey now ...  "Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!" ... And that goes for EVERYONE at C.C!


I think songchild said it I like that. I'm going to use and try that.

Yes, I agree!  Have a wonderful and fun Thanksgiving Day! 

Your friend at C.C.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you ¡¡¡¡

an advice and thats what is working for me, Do not eat things like cheese or Sugar I dont know, avoid them but eat nutritious and drink water not soda ¡ and combine it with some excercise, like walking.

Best Wishes.

Thanks for this good advice & welcome to my new friend! 

Have a good day!

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