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SOO stuffed but i want to eat! :(

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I am already at (or slightly over) my calorie limit for the day and it's almost 7:30 my time and I ate fairly sensibly today. I haven't been super good this week but I'm hoping to get back on track. But all I wanted to do right now is have something chocolate or SOMETHING...i'm craving something so badly even though i'm stuffed. and i'm drinking water and getting even more full but that's not making the craving go away. what should i do :(
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Go for a walk, call a friend, drink more water, have some juice or a Popsicle if have to.  Tell yourself "NO!  I didn't do good today just to blow it on some chocolate!!"  Remind yourself how totally lousy you will feel if you give in.  This will pass.  You will feel so proud you didn't give in when it does.   Good luck!  You can get through this.  It isn't an impossible obstacle! 

I hear you, girl!  I am in the same boat today!  I finally broke down and ate 6 hershey kisses, which did the trick!  However, now it's heading toward dinner, and I want EVERYTHING!  My kids did not want what I planned to eat, so now I'm faced with tatot tots in the oven and only eating one serving...oy.  I can do can do it.  The only difference between failure and success is making it through these moments.  HANG ON TIGHT!!!  Write in your journal instead of eating, okay?  Just download all your feelings or anything you can keep it private, but I find it helps me to just off load all the crud because it's usually that crud that makes me want to eat.

 KEEP GOING!!! HANG ON....get through today, and you'll feel so proud you did tha tomorrow you'll have a boost of confidence! Smile

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-diet soda (1)

-sugar free gum (2.5 per piece)

-sugar free hard candy (caramel, peppermint, chocolate I'm sure!) (5 to 10 per piece)

-small banana (80)

-tea with splenda (0)


Good luck 

i sit firmly in the have-a-damn-piece-of-chocolate camp.  with the caveat that a piece of chocolate means just that.  learning to eat in moderation is really crucial to this whole thing.  you should be able to eat a little of something good without it turning into a calorie disaster.

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Feb 05 2008 18:31 I have a problem of craving sweets after every meal I eat- sometimes I curb it by having a Diet Dr. Pepper- not the best for you, but also zero calories.

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Feb 05 2008 18:36 ha ha, I hate it when I get really bad cravings...

you just have to tell yourself to stay away... don't let yourself eat it, no matter how bad you want it, just turn and walk away... its that easy...

once that's over, turn on the radio ultra loud and dance like a crazy spazzing monkey and sing your heart out xD

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Feb 05 2008 18:37 there's those great 100 calorie snack bags with like hershey kisses and reeses pieces in them if youre really needing something sweet 3

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Have a swiss miss hot chocolate.  Only 50 calories--it always fixes my chocolate cravings at night
I agree with the hot chocolate, i have options belgian chocolate only 37 cals per drink and it fixes my chocolate cravings perfectly
I would recommend the Fiber One Chocolatey Bars, they are high in fiber and vitamins but taste like they are some very fatty chocolate dessert. Only 140 calories too and filling!!

i bought the sweet freedom chocolate pops last night. they only have 35 calories and satisfies my need for chocolate! good luck!


Trader Joe's sells packs of 100-calorie dark chocolate bars. They also have milk chocolate too. I prefer the dark chocolate because it is better for you and you still get a chocolate fix.
Its all about self control. Its a super hard concept for some to grasp, especially me coming from an anorexic bulimic background, but you just have to learn to practice it.

I'm pretty new here and this is my first post.  I'm reading Kim Lyons' book and in the back there is a chocolate fix that would help for another situation like this.  Take 1 container of sugar-free chocolate jello (60 cal) and dip in either cherries or strawberries.  What a fun treat!

Good luck, I know you will all be there when I get my cravings. Wink

Have you tried the 100 calorie packs by nabiso... that always helps me with my cravings for something sweet.
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